New 5% RedCARD Discount Starts Tomorrow for All

While a great many of you let me know that your Target Stores around the country had already put this into effect earlier this week, there were some who still as of today were left out in the cold. 🙁 BUT, starting tomorrow, October 17th, the new instant 5% discount will be live in ALL stores. 🙂

Target shoppers using their REDcard (both check & credit REDcards) will get an instant discount of  5% off at check-out every day in-store.  Only the REDcard credit card will get the discount on This discount will be taken after coupons and before tax and will instantly apply as soon as you swipe your card. It is my understanding that the only exclusions are Gift Cards and prescriptions.

This new Rewards program replaces the current one where you earn a 10% Off Coupon. Today will be the last day you can earn both discounts if the Instant 5% Off is already live in your store. Even though the old Rewards Program ends today, for every 1,000 points remaining on your REDcard, you will continue to receive a 10% Off Reward Coupon monthly for up to 6 months.

If you are unfamiliar with REDcards- there are 2 different types. There is a Target Check Card which works like a Debit Card through your checking account and there is a Target Credit Card. You can go HERE to see the differences and apply for both- but you can also just apply in the store.

There will also be a change to the Pharmacy Rewards program. Starting tomorrow, guests will now receive a coupon good for 5% Off a day of shopping every time they fill five prescriptions at a Target pharmacy with a Target REDcard. When you redeem this 5% Off Pharmacy Reward, you WILL still be eligible to recieve an additional 5% Off at check out when using your REDcard. 

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  1. if i apply for target check card today, would i get 5% off my purchase today? do they issue a temporary card until the permanent card comes in the mail?
    i also would like to know if i can also sign up for the rewards for education with my check card? i would love for my kid’s school to get donations from target. i hope this is possible – encourage people to save money at target, and get money for our local schools.

  2. Does anyone know if I can apply for a Target Redcard today online and get the 10% off an entire day of shopping coupon still mailed to me? Once the 5% goes into effect, I don’t believe there will be a sign-up bonus (but I could be wrong). I meant to sign up for this card earlier in the store but kept forgetting about it.

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