The Knorr Report: A Little Different This Week

One of those mornings for me for sure! I was practically in tears from my own glitch on my Cheap Finds Page that caused it to become completely un-editable for me. I spent 3 hours this morning fixing it- and lost all my updates for the last 4 days as a result. It’s ok though and it’s fixed and yes I have to back track and re-do work already done- but the important thing is- it’s fixed.

But it got me thinking about the glitches that have yet to be fixed at Target. AND HOW ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATING IT IS! Quite frankly, I pretty much have figured out how to completely work around it all together. I know what I need to do to avoid problems when doing Gift Card Deals, but many of my readers don’t.

Instead of putting a whole big explanation on every Gift Card Deal I report- I would love to have an instructional post for people to refer to with a link- and this is it. For those of you who keep plugging away despite the coupon mine field at Target these days- I hope this helps make your deals go smoother by explaining what you can do to avoid the troubles.

This is what I have named this beast of a coupon glitch. And here’s what I know:

#1. It only applies to Gift Card Deals
while there are a couple other glitches going on- this invisible $10 only seems to affect Gift Card Deals

#2. When  items prompting a Gift Card are scanned- the register automatically applies what I believe it sees as a $10 manufacturer coupon to your transaction. This is not a good thing and by no means a $10 discount. All it does is make you have less available merchandise value available to use coupons on. It also does not seem to matter how many items you need to buy- whether it is 2, 3, 4 or more items- the glitch remains constant at $10 per deal.

#3. Target Coupons appear to scan just fine against this $10 glitch.
There are some Target coupons that behave badly on their own- this has nothing to do with the $10 glitch. When you have a pleasant, working, scannable Target Coupon, the computer SEEMS to accept it in a Gift Card deal no matter your total, which is why I believe this $10 is applied as a manufacturer’s coupon. SO USE YOUR TARGET COUPONS LAST.

#4. Total Transaction Value after the glitch must meet or exceed your actual coupon value:
If you do not have enough item value to cover your coupon value after the glitch- manufacturer coupons will not scan properly. If you are doing a gift card deal you must pretend (along with the register 🙄 ) that someone took a $10 manufacturer and scanned it already, thereby reducing how much room you have to use other manufacturer coupons.

#5. Employees cannot force your manufacturer’s coupons through:
While many times your manufacturer’s coupons can be entered in as Target Coupons and be fine. All stores are definitely not willing to do this. And as far as I know- there is nothing they can do to force your MQs through as MQs. The computer absolutely will not allow it for the sole reason that according to it- you don’t have anything left to use a coupon on.

#6. The amount of the Glitch may vary depending on the Gift Card Amount Issued:
If you are being awarded a $10 Gift Card for purchasing an item(s)- this $10 Glitch may now become a $20 glitch- so keep that in mind. The total amount of the glitch will likely be twice the amount of the Gift Card being earned.

For many of us- we don’t encounter these problems because we are doing a whole shop at Target, there are plenty of items to absorb all the coupons we want to use. Where people run into trouble is when they are only doing Gift Card Deals in their order with little or nothing else in their transaction. If you are just interested in grabbing Gift Card Deals- you can either hope that your store will push some of your coupons through as Target Coupons- OR you can apply the following formula to a deal you want to do:

Add up the total cost of the items you are buying to get a gift card deal BEFORE coupons
Now MINUS the invisible $10 and you will get your MAGIC NUMBER
This magic number is how much value in coupons you can use without problems.
If you have LESS total value in coupons than the magic number you have no worries
If you have MORE total value in coupons than the magic number, you will need to purchase other items in your transaction to absorb the remaining coupon value.


EXAMPLE #1- I want to do this deal:
giftcardsm3 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any 5 Select Glade Holiday Air Care Items*
So I decide to buy 5 Glass Candle Holders = $14.95
MINUS invisible $10 = $4.95. SO $4.95 is my magic number.
I have (5) $1/1 coupons I want to use = $5. This is more than my magic number, so I need the difference (.05 cents) in merchandise to absorb my remaining coupon value. If I don’t- then the 1st 4 coupons will scan fine, and the 5th will scan at .95 cents because that’s all the computer sees me having available to use a coupon on. So I buy a banana or whatever for at least .05 cents or more and I am fine.

EXAMPLE #2- I want to do this deal:
FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any 3 Select Dial Soap or Body Wash Items $3.99*
So I decide to buy 3 Dial Body Wash = $11.97
MINUS invisible $10 = $1.97. SO $1.97 is my magic number.
I have (3) $1/1 coupons I want to use = $3. This is more than my magic number, so I need the difference ($1.03) in merchandise to absorb my remaining coupon value. If I don’t- then the 1st coupon will scan fine, the 2nd will scan at .97 cents, and the 3rd at $0.00. So instead I buy a dozen eggs for $1.39 and all 3 coupons scan normal.

EXAMPLE #3- I want to do this deal:
giftcardsm3 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any 2 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter $12.99*
So I decide to buy 2 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter = $25.95
MINUS invisible $10 = $15.95. SO $15.95 is my magic number.
I have (2) $1/1 coupons I want to use = $2. This is LESS than my magic number, so I dont need to do anything and my coupons will scan just fine.

I also want to add in another way to look at this whole thing that may be easier for some to remember. I know I tend to be over-analytical- and perhaps the following way that Derek has of looking at it will work better for some:

Just remember that your total cannot go below 2x the amount of the gift card earned when using manufacturers coupons. So say for example you earn one $5 gift card, your total cannot go below $10 using manufacturer’s coupons. If your MQs will take you below this $10 they will either need to be pushed through as Target coupons, or you will need more items to absorb them. Use your Target coupons LAST, as these can take your total below the $10. This will apply to each deal you do- so remember- if you are earning two $5 Gift Cards, now you can’t go below $20 and so on. (-Thanks so much Derek!)

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This post really helped me FINALLY figure out exactly what the glitch is. Now I feel less nervous about going in to try and do deals because I know what to expect from the screwed-up system!

  2. You are kind of wrong.

    Your total cannot go below TWICE the amount of gift cards earned using manufacturers coupons. So if you earn one $5 gift card, your total cannot go below $10 with MQs. If you earn 2 $5 gift cards = $10 in gift cards, your total cannot go below $20 with MQs.

    TQs can still take your total below the “twice” amount, but give them AFTER MQs or else that just reduces the amount of MQs you can use.

  3. Bah, too confusing to me! Just get the system fixed, until then, I just go to the Target I know with the manager who understands what’s going on and pushes the coupons through.

  4. Is the invisible $10, like a free $10 coupon or at the end of the transaction do you pay for the $10? I see from your examples how the math works, but I don’t know what the $10 is. When I do these gift card deals I roll one gift card to the next deal to lower my out of pocket expense, so for example if I did the Glade example you have listed above, I couldn’t roll my previous $5 gift card to this one because I’d be way under the ‘magic’ number right? Or does the invisible $10 disapear after the mnfg. coupons are scanned in and then I could pay with a rolled giftcard? If the $10 disapears, then if all I bought was the Glade it would be $14.95 – invisible $10 – (5) $1 coupons + invisible $10 – $5 rolled gift card to = $4.95 oop, is this right? WOW, what a mess! Thanks for all you do!!!

  5. Hey Derek- minusing $10 is saying the same thing- it’s just a different way of saying it. and yes it applies to each deal you do. But I definitely like how you word it.

  6. Hey Lindsay- rolling Gift Cards should be fine- an already issued Gift Card is just a method of payment at that point. And no you are not paying or being charged for the $10 in the end. It’s just $10 in useable coupon value being taken away.

  7. Thank you soooo much for posting this! I had a really bad situation with a Target gift card deal a few weeks ago and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t allow me to use my coupons. Now I know why, but it still doesn’t make any sense! Let’s get it right, Target!!!

  8. Kerry, in your post, it says the glitch remains constant at $10. You should put, “per deal”.

    Also, it will also depend the value of the gift card being earned. If the Gift Card earned is $7.50, then the glitch would be $15. (of course the deals that offer >$5 GCs are few and far between and are usually on larger items, like vacuums and iPods)

  9. Thanks a lot Kerry!!!! It’s a perfect example, now I’m feeling more confident about trying deals at Target again!!!

  10. It should also be noted that Target Gift Cards do not count towards the ‘filler’ items. I tried throwing in a $25 Target GC and the MQs still show up as $0.00. So only ‘real items’ will work.

  11. This makes so much sense! Thank you for posting this.

    If you do two $5 gift card deals do you need to subtract $20 when doing the math?

  12. This is probably a stupid question, but I’m wondering if you have to use a filler that you aren’t using a coupon for? Would using another coupon even further mess you up?

  13. Hey Mandy – yes- you would double it.
    And Derek thanks so much for your input- I edited it into the post- I just want to help people understand- so the more ways of looking at how to avoid this beast the better! TY 🙂

  14. My Target store says they can no longer push the coupons thru by manually putting in the discount. The computers won’t let them.

  15. Hey Page- no stupid questions- and the answer is no it does not have to be a non-coupon filler, but only the amount after the coupon will be free to absorb. so say I bought Trash Bags for $4 to absorb my coupon value and I used a $1 MQ on them- there is still $3 left to absorb my other coupons.

  16. This would explain why I had troubles last night while doing the Curel deal. Lucky for me, my cashier just entered it in as a store coupon, but not until after I reminded her of the current coupon glitches.

    But I agree with Chel. Just get it fixed already, Target! I think they’re losing a lot of business because of this. I know I don’t shop there nearly as often as I used to.

  17. I agree that Target needs to fix their registers, but it seems they are uninterested in doing so. After many news reports about it, and many many complaints, nothing has been done. It’s very simple to revert the software back to the previous version where there were no problems, yet they haven’t done this. It’s a 2 hour procedure at most and it’s been what, 3 months, almost 4 now…

  18. Ok, so I just want to get this straight. If I buy 10 glade candles @ 2.49ea. = $24.90 (it hopes to get $10 in gift cards) but used 5 BOGO free MQs bringing my total to $12.45, then I have to factor in a $20 fake coupon to get the gift cards. So I’ll have to spend $7.55 worth of fillers to get $10 in gift cards?

  19. Actually, Derek, the manager at the Target I like to go told my mother and I that they are remodeling in April and will have the new computer system because this old one is broken. I guess they are going to wait for remodels. Still too long in my book.

  20. So does it mean we won’t get the giftcard after purchase,but in the purchase?And it doubles?If it’s $5 like the Glade deal, it will be $10?

  21. I noticed the problems starting when they put the new catalina machines in…so if they revert to the old program then we would probably lose the catalinas…Darned if they do and darned if they don’t!

  22. Something I noticed the last time I went to Target. I had the $1.00/2 meow mix selects or something, 1 was 0.51 & 1 was .49, I made sure to watch the cashier and pointed out to her that it only took off 0.51, then all she did was scan it a 2nd time and it took off the other .49. I thought that was kinda neat, so maybe if it’s a $ amount off multiple items and the first item is less than the $ amount, they scan it again so it can subtract from the 2nd (or 3rd) item. Has anyone else seen this.

  23. Shel,

    it has nothing to do with how old the computers/registers are (we call this hardware). Target updated the SOFTWARE (read: programming) on the computers. My stores have a mix of old and new registers (some with the color LCD screens, and some with the B/W CRT screens), and both have the same software and act the same way with regarding coupons and gift cards.

    The software can easily be reverted back to the Pre-June/July version and all these coupon and gift card issues would go away. Again — this has nothing to do with the hardware itself, this is a software issue 100%.

  24. UMMMMM!! Seriously. I don’t get it. If they know there is a problem why not just fix it. In my world 5 does not = 10 and a gift card deal is supossed to be a gift??? Not counted against your transaction. I am VERY perplexed.

  25. I am assuming here (this can get us all in trouble) that they can push through mfg coupons. Or what else are they doing when they have the Kraft $5/5 issue? Or does the computer not even allow them to choose vendor coupon?

  26. Hey Allison- they can push through an MQ when there is something to apply it to. but on these gift card deals it is different because once that $10 invisible MQ is applied there is sometimes nothing left or not enough in merchandise value left to get the discount off. the computer won’t let them do it no matter what if there is nothing left to apply it to. but I am pretty sure it will let them push it through as a TQ if they were willing to do so.

  27. Ahhhhh! I’m still not quite getting it. I have read this glitch thing sooooo many times. So, if we’re getting an extra $10 off isn’t it a good thing? Or do we not really get the discount? If I buy my groceries at target and get the curel deal then will the deal go through without a problem?

  28. This is just another reason why I have stopped shopping at Target! If any Target peeps are out there, please have someone figure your problems out! You are really loosing a lot of shoppers!

    Shopping should be fun, not a pain!

  29. Hey Anna- we aren’t getting an additional $10 off unfortunately- the software is somehow interpreting the $5 GIft Card as if you already used $10 in manufacturer coupons even though you didn’t actually get $10 off your order. very odd & weird I know. The answer to your question about the CUrel deal is yes- if you buiy your groceries it is likely you won’t even have this problem since you will have plenty of merchandise to absorb your coupons you want to use on the Curel deal.

  30. Sooooo! I was just at Target and was getting the deal with the Olay face wipes and this is what I was told: “You can’t use coupons with a giftcard promotion.” !!!!! That is literally what I did. Then I was told that they would do it for me this one time but not again. I would have to pay full price to get the giftcard. Blah, I’m so done with Target at this point. I called corporate and complained but it’s not worth the time or hassle to shop there. So now I don’t shop at Walmart or Target. I have to find a store to go to but darn it, I am so done.

  31. I have been having success with letting the cashier ring everything up, and when the computer gives issues I just pull items out and pay for them seperate. I did it today when I was doing the Curel deal., I also was buying a oral b rechargable toothbrush for $11.90 – $10 coupon. She took that off and it everything went through.

  32. Holy aggravation batman. You explained it wonderfully, I now understand why I was having issues the other day. Bought 2 curel, no giftcard prompt. Now that there’s signage everywhere, the price has gone up from 3.79 to 6.54. (CRAZY!) I tried to go to customer service to see if there was a way to get the gift card on my previous purchase–shot in the dark but thought, what could it hurt–and the emp told me I’d have to return then re-ring my purchase. Of course, then I’d have to pay 6.54 before qs, not 3.79. Target has started to get on my last nerve. My publix takes all of their qs as competitor qs…so I usually go there now. I can do a bogo, a manuf and target q and get stuff dirt cheap

  33. Aha! This explains why I didn’t have the problem when I did the Curel deal in the morning…I was also buying other items. But I did have the problem that afternoon, but all I was trying to do was the Curel. THANK YOU!

  34. I had the same issue yesterday as Chel…I tried doing the B1G1 glade candles. It would only take three coupons, thats when they said you cant use a coupon on gift card deals. I told them then we needed to call Customer Care which we did. That was a waste of time. The lady was extremely rude and told me that I was already getting two free( the gift cards) so I am only paying for eight. ?????? Even told me that Target doesnt give stuff away for free!!! I am so over shopping at Target. It has become such an ordeal that I’m usually freaking out by the time I leave there. lol

  35. So, if I buy 30, and use 15 BOGOs and 5 $3/3 Glade winter, then how much money in additional items do I need to have in my order and is it OK for me to use coupons on those items? I’m thinking the Oral B toothbrushes mentioned above sound like good items to throw in because I was thinking about getting some of those anyway and have 5 of the $10 off coupons. Would it be $30 extra that I would need added into my order, so like 3 of the toothbrushes?

  36. Trisha, if the candles are $2.99 at your store, then you would need $30.15 of additional items AFTER coupons. So if the toothbrushes are $20 (I’m just throwing out a number here, no idea what the real cost is, just an example figure) and you have a $10 coupon, the net amount is $10 per toothbrush, so you would need to buy 3 Toothbrushes and a 15 cent item to equal the required $30.15 of additional items.

  37. Thanks Derek. That all makes sense to me and I think I may give it a try. Quick question. If “TQs can still take your total below the “twice” amount”, then would now be a good time to use the 20 free chef michaels cat food coupons that I have. Would that essentially use up some of the extra items I need to get without actually costing me anything?

  38. Definitely Trisha!

    But make sure to give those Chef Michael TQs AFTER the MQs. Since TQs can still take your total lower than twice the gift cards earned.

    So if the Chef Michaels are $1 ea (again, an example price), and you buy 20 of them, that will count $20 towards the $30.15 of additional items. Then give all your MQs first. Then give the Chef Michael TQs and everything will sail through without a problem.

  39. Thank you for your thorough explanation. I finally understood it.
    For me, I don’t think it’s a glitch. I think Target doesn’t want us to use coupons with Gift Card deal, but they can’t really forbid us (because of their coupons policy), so they changed their system so that we must buy more stuff from them, not just the gift card deal to get stuff for free or make money.
    I think that they’re having it on trial run, and I’m hoping that they would see how this frustrates their customers so much it drives the customers away from their stores, and that’s not worth their profits, then they see that they need to change it back.
    If I hadn’t followed TotallyTarget, I would’ve given up on Target already. So thanks again Totally Target, you’re the best!

  40. I bought 16 candles and 14 sprays today and used 15 BOGO coupons and 5 $3 off 3. I also had 21 chef michaels priced at 75 cents (used 21 free TQs), 4 herschey syrups totaling $6.40 (no coupons), 4 Oral B rechargeable toothbrushes ($1.90 each after $10 coupons), and garbage bags $7.19 (no coupons). Everything would have been fine, but the cashier scanned my coupons off the bottom, so she scanned all of the chef michael’s ones first. I realize now that I should have handed her the coupons one at at time. It took all of the BOGOs, 2 of the $3/3 (rang in at $2.99, but cashier changed them to $3.00), but the 3rd $3 coupon only took off $2.14 and the 4th and 5th were 0. She handed them back to me, so I ended up paying $6.86 for the Glade stuff after the $30 in GCs, which was more than the 0 I had planned, but it was a learning experience. This can be done successfully, but you have to be willing to spend some money on other items at Target at the same time.

  41. So heres a question…..if I buy 10 candles and want to use 5 B1G1 coupons then I need to have $20 extra to absorb the invisable Q???? So If I buy a pair of jeans that are $21.99 then I’m ok???? But what happens if I want to return the jeans??? Will they only refund me $1.99???? This really works my nerves…..

  42. Trisha, that is where you went wrong. I ALWAYS hand my coupons one by one in the order I want. I don’t care if they don’t like it, they’re my coupons, which is money to me, so I will control them how I want 🙂

  43. Thanks for this post. I just wish I’d read it earlier today before I tried the Curel deal! The store was really backed up with only two lanes open and I even though I think my cashier is an assistant manager, he was getting frustrated trying to scan my mq’s. He sent me to customer service where they scanned them both and handed me $2 cash. I had 3 boys shirts for $.87 each (check clearance, there was some great stuff!) but that wasn’t enough to cover the difference. I’ll keep this in mind from now on, thanks!

  44. I have triplets and am wanting to do the diaper deal! Can I safely do this will all coupons mentioned here for the Huggies diaper deals and still be safe??? Or do I need a “filler”? Sorry, I’m new to this and am just making sure I am prepared!!!

  45. you will be fine on the Huggies- 2 big packs = $39.98 – $10 glitch = $29.98 worth of room to use coupons. If you had more than $29.98 worth of coupons to use (don’t we all wish) you would need to worry- but since I am certain that is not the case you will be fine. hth

  46. I was planning on buying 15 Glade candles. I have 6 BOGO and 3 $3/3 coupons that I would like to use. I am planning on purchasing other items to help with the glitch in the registers (Tag books, groceries, etc.). Does it matter what order my coupons are handed over? Or should I give them all my Glade candles last? Still super confused about what to do at Target to get around all the glitches. Thanks in advance for all the help.

  47. Hey Becky- it wont matter with the MQs the order- but if you have any Target coupons- hand them over last. If you are buying 15 Glade and yours are 2.99 each- = $44.85 – $30 glitch = $14.85 in Glade available to use coupons on. You have 6 b1g1 & three $1/1 (= $20.94 in glade coupons) minus the $14.85 available = $6.09 needed in merchandise. The Tag Book is $9.99 minus a $5 off coupon = $4.99 still available to absorb part of that $6.09. So $6.09 minus $4.99 = $1.10 in merchandise needed. So if you buy 15 candles, 1 Tag Book and even just one other thing for $1.10 or more you should be fine. hth

  48. what do you do if you made the mistake of not accounting the glitch and they refuse your coupons because of that? any successes on how to adjust it? i bought 20 candles today, used 10 B1G1, 2 kandoo with the $1.00 off, 2 pediasure with the $3.00… the last one only took 2.18, should have known I was in the whole right there before the $3.00 off 3 candles were handed out!! darn it!
    any advise?

  49. Has anyone tried to get a target giftcard to cover the difference? We do that at safeway all the time. Just get a $20 Target GC, paying with the $20 Target GC you got on the last transaction. yes, its a waste, but it should absorb the invisible money.

  50. (this of course is in addition to whatever items and coupons you planned on doing on a transaction)

  51. OK . Question … Isn’t the $10.00 they are taking off a mistake.. so if it is why would anyone freak about not getting their $1.00 coupon off – they get an extra $10.00 off an order that they know isn’t valid.. I realize it’s the systems glitch but to get upset when they are giving you an extra $10.00????

  52. Hi ALison- they are not “giving” you $10 off your order unfortunately. They are not taking $10 from you either. What they are doing is REDUCING your total available merchandise to USE A COUPON ON by $10. If you do a gift card deal and your total due says $15.00, the register THINKS you only have $5 worth of merchandise to use a coupon on. EVEN THOUGH your visible total due is $15. So if you have $7.00 in coupons- only $5 worth will go through and now you will still owe $10, even though if your coupons worked properly you would have only owed $8. hth and makes sense.

  53. So basically if you’re using coupons to buy a bunch of stuff and/or trying to do a gift card deal, Target wants to make sure you’re paying at least $10 of your $$ to them. It seems like a scam to make you spend more in order to save w/ coupons!

  54. I emailed Target and got a response with a case number asking me to call Guest Relations, which I will tomorrow when I have time on my hands to patiently deal with them and try to figure it out. Hopefully I will have some kind of answer to share with you all. 🙂

  55. Is this something new, the last time they had the razor deal in July and August, this problem didn’t occur, or did it elsewhere. I’m here in South Florida

    Thanks in advance.


  56. Hey Tom- the first time I can remember trying to figure out something going on was on the Schick Disposable deal back in July
    may have been even sooner and we just did not know what was happening. they changed their registers pretty much everywhere end of June beginning of July- and I can rmeember people trying to do the Sobe GC deal and none of their coupons taking. that may have been the start of it.

  57. I don’t know how anyone has the patience to shop at Target. Any idea when/if Target is fixing their coupon and gift card issues? I did the Glade $5 GC with a price match, and it was EXCRUCIATING! I had to check out at customer service because target can’t seem to figure out how to empower cashiers to do a price match. Customer service could not get the computer to accept the price match, so they had to get the manager. The Manager could not get it to work either, because once the GC was issued, the computer decided I was not entitled to match the advertised price I had. I did get a lower price, but it wasn’t a match. I had a number of other items on my order, but the system got persnickety about my coupons. The manager was wonderful, and got a number of them through, but what should have been a 10 minute checkout took 45 minutes.

  58. I discovered this when I did the Glade candle deal and also the Curel deal, and I still had over $26 owed before the coupons had not yet come off. I had told the cashier to put all my coupons on top (bc customer service goes and grabs them anytime there is a coupon issue). I went to customer service before I left the store where they fixed it, gave me the cash back for my coupons that I had an issue with and was very nice about it. I walked out with $98 in merchandise for $11 and I had $15 in target gift cards to use for later.

  59. Kerry, no I did not. Should I have added another item? This was my transaction

    5- glade candles @ 2.99 = $14.95
    – $3 wyb 3 (actually took off 2.99) 🙁
    – $1.50 wyb2
    = $10.46 + tax oop
    Got $5 GC

    Did I do this right? I’m in Seattle, so I’m not sure if we got hit with the glitch or not.

  60. Hey Sarah- you would not have seen the glitch unless you went below $4.95 in coupon value. SInce you only had $4.50 in coupon value it did not make an appearance for you. I got excited for a minute. – yep- you gotta watch those multiple coupons- they are only gonna scan fopr the price of 1 item if it is less than the total coupon value- good thing it was only a penny- but it can be a lot worse so keep your eye on them-

  61. I did the glade deal on the 30th and no glitch!Must be fixed,I’m in Texas.I did notice when I used my coupons,as soon as they were scanned,the screen would prompt a message to check the amount of the coupon did that with all my 6 coupons,even the target coupons.Not sure what that’s about,but it’s good because one of my coupons for the glade candles was scanned for 2.99 and I had a 3.00/2 so they had to correct it.

  62. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing my pain… I only had 4 coupons when I went to Target Saturday, and they were all Sunday insert (i.e., not internet) coupons – NOT that is should make a difference, but we know it can. Anyway, EVERY, SINGLE, SOLITARY coupon beeped and required the cashier to review my entire purchase order and manually override each coupon. The line was backing up, the cashier was frustrated (I got the impression that this had been happening all day) and I was embarrassed. I understand the occassional coupon “beep” but every single coupon and it was nearly the same thing (I think one out of five went through simply by scanning) the visit prior. I am really considering not even trying anymore.

    I emailed Target and I got the “coupon email” which outlines the coupon policy. That is NOT what I wrote about! Could they not at least humor me and tell me they would have someone look into it??? I could cry.

  63. I am beyond frustrated with Target right now! Went to one today and bought the Olay products to get the $5 GC. I bought 6 products and so received (3) $5 GC, but it wouldn’t take any of my MQ. The mngr simply gave me a refund for $5 for the (5) $1 MQ I was going to do. Great! BUT, since they didn’t have any of the Glade products I went to one that I figured I may have issues with, but knew they had the Glade. Anyways, NOW, after reading the previous posts, I understand why it beeped, but I was also told by the “line mngr” that I could only use one of my five $1/1 MQ, since it said “one per purchase” even though I was buying 5 candles. Then, she said I couldn’t get two $5 GC for the room sprays, even though I was buying 10. She said since I was planning to use 5 b1g1f MQ that I was “technically” only buying 5. Then she gave me a looong speech about coupon fraud. WHAT? Oh, and she noticed my Target GC in my wallet, and said if you got those today, you cannot use those today! I am done with that Target. It’s so sad that your looked at as doing something wrong, when you’re using legitimate MQ.

  64. i think we have found an answer! i did the curel deal today what i did was added 2 dvd to my trans to cover the glitch then had them removed after all coupons were scanned. worked perfectly.

  65. Please bear with me, but I am thoroughly confused. When you say, “invisible $10”, what exactly is happening? Are they basically taking the value of the gift cards (you should get after purchasing the items) off of your total before they begin to scan your coupons?

  66. Hi. Please bear with me – I’m a little confused. When you say, “invisible $10 glitch”, do you mean that the register is actually taking off the $10 you are due in gift cards and then doesn’t accept the full Qs?

  67. Sorry for posting my question twice – for some reason, my first one didn’t show up on my screen until I posted the second. 🙂

  68. Hey Carrie- it’s actually twice the value of the Gift Card (hence the $10) and it is not any kind of dicsount and you are not shortchnaged on your gift cards. what you are shortchanged on is the available merchandise VALUE in order to use coupons on. So If your total at the register is $16 when doing a Gift Card deal- the computer THINKS you only have $6 worth of stuff to use coupons on (when you really have $16 and your total SAYS $16) so if you have more than $6 to use in coupons it will not accept them unless you add more merchandise to absorb your coupon value. hth

  69. I am also pretty frustrated. I bought quite a few items without Q’s totaling nearly 10.50. I also bought 5 Kraft items totaling a little over $10. I also bought the 5 glade glass candle holders. I used a $1.50/2 Glade, $3/3 Glade and a $5/5 Kraft. The register did not take my Kraft Q at all (which I did not realize until I came home unfortunately). It also kept ringing in my $3/3 as 2.50. Then, it did not receive any gift card. I had gone to guest services prior and they did let me know that the Glade deal was applicable to this Target. The manager tried to override it but she was unable and said she did not think I could use the coupons and still get the gift card. I called corporate. They are issuing a gift card for the cheese Q that did not go through and let me know that if I have further Glade issues to call them from guest services and they would talk store employees through rectifying this issue. What a pain though! Target really needs to fix this issue!!!!

  70. Hi Kerry,

    I went shopping this evening around 7pm EST. I called the company directly upon leaving Target and got a quick response.

  71. I decided that I shouldn’t just complain and not follow-up. So, I sent a paper letter (a paper letter? what’s that???) to Target’s Corporate office. I just didn’t want to deal with calling them. I’ll keep you posted.

  72. can you explain this thing again? Lets say I wanted to get the Curel offer $5 gift card. I have a $1 off Curel Target Web coupon for one of the items and I am required to buy two. Lets say one is $3 and one is $6 (those aren’t the actual prices, this is hypothetical, but I do plan to try to get this offer). The offer is buy two curel products and get a free $5 gift card, right?

    I am just trying to figure out if I would get this glitch since I’ve only ever done advertised offers and haven’t really done in store offers that aren’t in the Ad.

  73. I tried what Chrystal said, bought my glade and olay card deals, added an item (pc game) and had them delete item after all coupons had scanned, worked great. The cashier of course waned to argue with me that should work fine without the game, had her run it her way once, no surprise didn’t subtract my coupons without extra purchase. Thank you so much Chrystal, you are saving us all from a big headache.

  74. I think my Target may have fixed the glitch! I bought 5 Glade items… and as soon as the 5 were scanned, the register prompted for the gift card. The girl then scanned my $5 gift card & handed it to me… and then proceeded to use all of my glade coupons without a hitch!! It was fantastic!! I mentioned the issue I & many others have had before as far as coupons/gift card promos. And she said her manager also noticed it, was aggrivated, and noticed if they simply scan the gift cards from the deal first and then finish the transaction after, there is no problem. It always happened when they did the transaction with coupons, paid etc… and THEN scanned in the gift cards. You may want to pass this info on to your cashiers/store managers if their machines are the same!!! I was so thrilled!! No problems!!

  75. I tried the two ponds cleansing owels and also got detergent along with the ponds. I did not get the $5 gift card. Could you help me with that?

  76. Hey Chris- deals can be regional but I would be sure that you were buying the bonus packs. the bonus packs are not the ones on sale and have a total of 3 packages inside the box- a large size one, and 2 smaller ones tucked behind it. are these the ones you tried to purchase? it does not work on the regular ponds wipes.

  77. This glitch is still happening! So make sure you watch your coupon value and add some items if needed. I had a little problem today but thankfully I had a fabulous manager come to help the cashier today. Here’s what I bought: 10 Glade using 10 $1/1 mq, 4 Ponds Cleansing using 4 $1.50/1 mq and 4 $1/1 Target coupon, I also bought 3 TGIF meals b2g1 w/ 2 $2/1 mq & 1 $4/2 target coupons. Didnt realize they should scan target coupons last (glad I know now thanks to this page) so of course the cashier had a problem w/ 5 of my mq’s but for a change I got a great mgr that rang them in as store coupons, I guess I will have to remember to but a few extra things next time or hand over my target coupons last. But when all said and done I used a previous $5 gc and spent $25.50 oop and got $20 in GC……LOVE THIS!!!!

  78. Is it possible to buy an item in order to get your total high enough and then return that item later? Sometimes I want to do a few gift card deals but I don’t need to buy much else and I don’t want to start buying things just to get my total higher.
    Has anyone tried this? Are there any issues when you try to return the extra item?

  79. Wish I’d read this before I went to Target today. Today I tried to buy 10 glade candles @2.50 each. The cashier scanned in the two $5 gift cards. Then I handed her my 5 $2/2 coupons. The first two scanned correctly, the third scanned at $1 and the next two rejected entirely. Maybe if I’d had other items it would have worked. Target is really starting to annoy me with all of these glitches. When there’s a deal somewhere else that’s anywhere nearly as good I’m definitely inclined to give someone else my money!

  80. Here’s my BIG QUESTION!!! What if instead of buying more products to make sure I don’t run into the gift card glitch I decide to buy a large value Target gift card? Will this cover the problem???? Will the register accept that as money spent instead of spending it on products? I hope I am making sense! Please reply!!!

  81. I work at Target and its still happening. The best thing I can say is to just allow the transaction to proceed and then take the manufacturer q’s over to guest service for a missed q and they will give the cash back for the item. However in the same aspect alot of them have to be processed 1 at a time over there due to the same “glitch”

  82. I think this may have been what happened to me on the 4th. I got the 2 vaseline lotions that give you the $5 gift card. This is the only thing i bought. The 1st mfg coupon only took 38 cents off and then the others would not go through. When she called her manager over she said it is because she scanned the gift card first. She needed to void the card, scan coupons and then reissue my gift card. When she did this it worked fine. However I had a rude cashier who looked at me after her manager left and said what she is really saying is you shouldn’t be getting all these since it will make it free. (it didn’t but that is besides the point). So anyway I think if they issue the gift card after taking the coupons it should work.

  83. I just got back from my Target and must say it was one of the most horrible experiences I have had using coupons and taking advantage of the gift card deal (I wish I would have read about the “Target glitch” before going to do this deal). I went to get the John Frieda buy 3 get a $5 gift card deal and thought everything was going to go smoothly (I’ve only been using coupons for a month). At the register the cashier scanned my 3 products, I handed her over the (3) $5/1 John Frieda MQ and (1) $3/2 John Frieda TQ. The balance came to $2.97 this wasn’t the total that I was expecting so I asked her if she rang up all the Q’s including the TQ and she said one of the MQ was not ringing up at all, because I had to many coupons and not enough items to use them on. She called over her supervisor for help and the sup told me that I couldn’t use all 3 MQ in the same transaction, she said the only way she could take the MQ was if I purchased the items in separate transactions! After going back and forth explaining how coupons work, how to stack a TQ with a MQ, showing them their own coupon policy, and many other things, I stopped wasting my breathe and asked to speak with someone above the supervisor. When the supervisor told me she was the only one to solve this, I asked to speak with the store manager. They had me waiting for about 30 minutes before the supervisor (not store manager) came back down again and said that she will let it go this time and allow me to use 3 MQ on the 3 items in 1 transaction “this time” , but that they weren’t supposed to (no where on the MQ did it say “per transaction” this girl had no clue what purchase and transaction meant). Anyways the computer still would not allow the MQ to go through for $5 each, the first 2 went through fine but the 3rd MQ and the TQ would not go through. At this point I gave up… I was tired, my back was killing me (6 months preggo) and the cashiers and supervisor did not have a clue as to how to enter the coupons or by-pass this “glitch”. I came home checked your deal again and saw the link to the “gift card glitch”. I wish I would have caught it earlier before going for this deal. I will try again tomorrow (using the calculation), that’s when my target coupon expires.

  84. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Target GC deal— is the “glitch” over and done with? Can we just proceed as normal or is the GLITCH still an issue with these deals???


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