Update on Vaseline/Ponds/Suave Gift Card Deal

So I have a bit of an update on the Vaseline/Pond’s/Suave Gift Card Deal. Thanks to my wonderful friend Karen, I now know the Pond’s & Suave Inclusions for this deal. While these DO NOT prompt a Gift Card indication on the self check scanner- THEY DID Prompt the Gift Card at the register.

Both the Suave & Ponds inclusions listed below worked for Karen at the register, but not at the scanner, so be sure you buy exactly what is listed and shown in the pictures. The Ponds CLoths are only for the Bonus packs. Some of them are marked bonus packs on the front and some aren’t but you will know that they are as they have 2 additional 5 ct packages of wipes behind the 30 ct wipes in the same box. I will update the new inclusions on the Special Deals Page soon.
-Thanks so much for the info & pics Karen!

giftcardsm3 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any (2) Select Vaseline, Suave, or Ponds Items*
Deal and prices valid October 17th – November 20th
*Vaseline 24.5 oz Lotions (Total Moisture, Men Cooling Hydration, Aloe Fresh, Intensive Rescue) $5
*Vaseline Intensive Care Body Oil 6.8 oz OR Aloe Gel 6.8 oz $5
-$1/1 Vaseline Lotion 3.1 oz+ (must sign in)
-$1/1 Any Vaseline Aloe Fresh Product PRINT
*Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes 40 ct Bonus Packs (30 + (2) 5 ct) $5.19
Original, Evening Sooth & Morning Refresh (they don’t prompt on Scanner but do at Register)
-$1/1 Pond’s Cream, Towelettes Or Cleansing Product, Any (ETS) – 10-03-10 RP
-$1.50/1 Pond’s Cream, Towelette or Cleansing Product ETS
*Suave Advanced Therapy OR Cocoa Butter with Shea Bonus Packs (32 oz + 18 oz) $5.19
-$1/1 Suave Naturals Body Lotion (Making Life Better- not sure if this is a match)

PONDS DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Pond’s Towelletes Bonus Packs = $10.38
-$3.00 (use two $1.50/1 Pond’s Cream, Towelette or Cleansing Product ETS HERE
= $7.38  – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 2
= $2.38 for two Bonus Packs after Gift Card and coupons

Because of the $10 Glitch (*SEE MORE INFO HERE*) You will not be able to successfully use MQs on this deal IF YOU ARE ONLY DOING THIS DEAL and NOTHING else in your transaction. Unless your store is willing to push your MQs through as Target store coupons, (unlikely for most) your MQs will scan wacky. If you find the same prices at your store, your first Q will scan at .38 cents, the second for $0.00. You will need $2.62 in additional merchandise to absorb your manufacturer coupon value.
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  1. Can you tell me where you got the info that the gift on the Pond’s goes to Nov 20th? Is it on Target’s site or somewhere, because today it didn’t prompt a gift card for me, so the cashier said the deal must be over.

  2. Thanks for the reply Kerry.

    If you happen to find the receipt with the DPCI, let me know 🙂

    My store(s) are usually slow with putting out special bonus packs for some reason — the Olay bonus packs weren’t even on the floor for a week then the GC deal ended and they went to clearance shelf. Makes no sense to me!

  3. Hey Derek- I don’t have a DPCI but yes I am pretty sure it is only the bonus packs. You will know them by the 3 different packages in the box- 1 regular and then 2 smaller packages behind them. I found them in my store on Sunday but absolutely no signage- no signage on the SUave either and they were together on an endcap. As far as I know the regular 30 ct packages of Pond’s will not prompt the gift card- I believe Karen even tried them and they did not work. Hopefully they will make an appearance on an H&B endcap soon- deal is good for a few more weeks.

  4. Do only the 30 + 10 Bonus Packs work for the GC deal? If so, where were these located? On an endcap? Do you have a DPCI of them?

    I looked in the regular aisle (near cosmetics) with the Pond’s and only saw the regular 30 count on the shelf and no shelf tag mentioning the $5.19 price with $5 GC offer. In fact the shelf price of the 30ct was only $4.89.

    I also checked the endcaps in the area and didn’t see any bonus counts around, so a DPCI would help — maybe they’re hiding in the back storeroom.


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