FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 10 Smart Ones Coupon

Nice! Smart Ones is offering a new printable Target Gift Card coupon! It does not expire until 11/29 and they frequently go on sale, so you may want to hold onto it for a bit.ย There’s a $4/10 coupon too, so between both it will be like getting $9 off 10 Smart Ones! I was able to print it twice too. ๐Ÿ™‚

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones PRINT x11/29
-$4/10 Any Smart Ones Products *Make sure Q takes off full amount at register!* PRINT
-$1/4 Any Smart Ones Products (says B1G1 initially but really a $1/4) PRINT
-$1/5 Any Smart Ones Products PRINT

-Thanks Printable Coupon Spot & Printable Coupons & Deals!

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  1. Thanks Kim for sharing. Sorry you had trouble. I have some $5/5 mfq’s as well so I hope it goes smooth

  2. They were $2.09. So I bought 10 for $20.90 and used $10 in MQ’s and got the $5 gift card. The coupons did scan for only the price of one meal and the prompt screen did not come up for the cashier. I just pointed it out. The prompt screen DID come up with my $5 off one leap frog book and $3 off one similac formula (!!!). I thought they set these prompt screens for the multiple item coupons and it seems they only set it for the high value coupons. Obviously works in their favor. I am getting a little saddened by Target’s practices lately, and I love shopping there in general…

    Wow I totally digressed…lol…

  3. Worked beautifully tonight! 2 $5 off 5 man Q’s (Dominicks $70 coupon book) and the gift card Q. Paid about $10 out of pocket with a $5 gift card back!! Will hold on to my other one and see if there is a sale before the end of November when the Man Q’s expire.

  4. Hey Amanda & Debbie- no it should not be affected by that glitch- as long as you hand the TQ coupon over LAST though. hopefully it will behave well at the register

    be careful using the $4/10 MQ-which historically does NOT behave well since June. it will likely only take off the price of one smart ones meal instead of the $4 so watch for it- and have it corrected immediately. The registers are pretty much all prompting screens asking cashiers to verify the coupon amount is correct- but let them know so they can eneter the correct amount if it misbehaves.

  5. Sorry. This is off topic question. Last time I was a Target (McKinney, TX), check-out lady told me I can only use max. 3 coupons from same manufacturer per day. I asked her if it is in their coupon policy? (I know it is not in their online coupon policy.) She told me it is their store policy and is at their customer service counter. I wonder if anybody have the same experience. Also, when I check out, register keep on beeping and ask check-out clark to make sure the amount of the coupon is been discounted to the correct amount. I know that is suppose to help the clark to make sure register take off the correct coupon amount. However, it does dis-service more than anything. Check-out clark think there is something wrong with the coupons that I gave her. She check on every single one of them and call the manager over. Manager also look into my coupons long and hard……… is a slow and painful process just to have the whole transaction done. I think I will post this at TotallyTarget as well to see if anybody have the same problem. Generally, I regard Target to be coupons friendly store ( CVS are good too). I hope I can continue to believe that. Walmart and Walgreens are coupon unfriendly to me.

  6. Kerry, any idea what order to hand over coupons with this deal so you can use the manu coupon and the target gc coupon. Target being kind of coupon retarded lately makes me nervous and I am getting tired of waiting in line for 20 minutes to get q’s figured out haha! Thanks for your input!

  7. Oh goodness, I found the answer out myself. It would help if I read the coupon first! “Free GiftCard not valid as payment on this purchase”.

  8. Thank you, I buy these regularly! Do you happen to know if the giftcard is only good on future purposes, or if you can use it on the same purchase? Thanks!

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