The Target Great Holiday Toy Coupon Book 2010

This wonderful book chock full of coupons is set to make an appearance just around the corner! There are tons of coupons inside and remember they are all store coupons, so we can stack if there are any manufacturer coupons to be had. So you may be wondering- well how do I get one? And that’s a perfectly reasonable question.

Last year- I received it as a mailing and I am guessing that may happen again this year, but stores also had them available and when it comes time, you can ask up at GS for one. My guess would be sometime in the first few days of November. We also saw last years coupons as on-line printables too, so hopefully there will be all of these same options for this year’s coupons. The coupons are all valid thru 11/24. Here’s a list of what’s inside:

$5/1 Baby Alive Changing Time Baby Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Barbie Select Toys & Dolls Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24*
*(Video Girl, 2010 Holiday, Fashion Loves Glitter, Swim ‘N Dance Mermaid, Three Story Dream House)
$10/1 Select Bicycles Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24*
*(12″ Toy Story; 12″ or 16″ Barbie; Princess; Spider-Man; Cars; Mongoose; Schwinn)
$5/1 Select Crayola Toys Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24*
*(Color Explosion Glow Dome or Color Wonder Sound Studio)
-Up to $20 MIR wyb Select Crayola Toys (both of these are included for a $3 MIR each) HERE
$5/1 Cuponk Game Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 Dinosaur Train Interactive Boris Tyrannosaurus Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 Disney Interactive Ride-On Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Easy Bake Oven Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$1/1 Energizer Battery Pack Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Fairies Pixie Power Play Set Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
50% off Fin Fin Friends Play set Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 First Act Discovery Digital Keyboard Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 Fisher Price iXL Learning System Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 Fisher Price Little Mommy Walk & Giggle Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
50% off Fisher Price Trio Batcave Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
50% off FurReal Lulu’s Walkin Kitty Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 FurReal GoGo My Walkin Pup Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Select Hasbro Game  Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24*
*(Guess Who? Extra, Twister Hoopla, Sorry! Spin, Scrabble Flash or Monopoly Revolution)
$5/1 Hasbro U-Build Game ( Battleship, Connect 4 or Monopoly) Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
50% off The Ladybug game Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 LeapFrog Leapster2 Learning Game System Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 LeapFrog Tag Reading System Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Lego Game (Ramses Pyramid or Creationary) Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Lego Toy, Select Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24*
*(Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut, Star Wars Cad Bane’s Speeder, Toy Story 3 Pizza Planet Truck, City Advent Calendar, City House, Atlantis Undersea Explorer)
$5/1 Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Mega Blocks Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS -5 Dart Blaster Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Nerf N’ Strike Stampede ECS Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
FREE Our Generation Doll Outfit wyb OG Deluxe Doll set Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Paper Jamz Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/2 PlayStation 3 DualShock Controllers Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$15/1 Playwonder Dollhouse Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$15/1 Playwonder Kitchen Center Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
20% off Razor, Wagon, Helmet Value Pack or Ride-On Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24*
*(Razor Ground Force Drifter or Siege Caster Scooter or Sole Skate, Step 2 Radio Flyer Wagon, Licensed Character Helmet Value Pack or Disney Princess or Cars 6 Volt Battery Ride On.
$5/1 Remote Control Iron Man Walking Robot Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
-$5/1 Iron Man 2 R/C (
$5/1 Two or Three Wheel Scooters Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$20/1 Star Wars All Terrain Armored Transport Vehicle Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Star Wars Boba Fett Electronic Helmet Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Star Wars Hailfire Droid Radio-control vehicle Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$15/1 Step2 New Traditions Kitchen Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Thomas & Friends Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24*
*(Wooden Railway Steaming Around Sodor, Return from Misty Island, Zip, Zoom & Logging Adventure, Follow Me Thomas, or Early Egineers Rock & Roll Quarry)
50% off Thomas & Friends wooden Railway Beginner’s set Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24

-$10/1 Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway (Early Engineer Sets Only) Family Fun, November
-$10/1 Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway (Early Engineer Sets Only) Parenting: Early Years Nov.
$5/1 Tonka Mod Machines Motorized Semi-Hauler Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$5/1 Toy Story 3 Game Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/1 VTech Mobigo Touch Learning System Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/2 Wii Motion Plus Remotes Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24
$10/2 Xbox 360 wireless controllers Target Toy Book Coupon x11/24

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  1. If I remember correctly, the books that come in the mail come with an additional coupon that isn’t included in the toy book in stores. I believe it was an offer for a gift card if you spent X amount of dollars

  2. I think so too Jackie- didn’t want to say cuz I can’t remember exactly- but it was sort of like a peel of thin coupon card to get a gift card I think.

  3. I got a book a few days ago in the mail called “Give Jolly, Save Merrily”….it was Christmas related items but not just toys. On the back was a peelie card for a $15 Target Gift card when you spend $150. I hope the toy one has it as well because I have already used it!! LOL!!

  4. I love you! My son’s bday is coming up and now I can wait to buy his gift since I know I’ll soon have a great coupon for it! Thanks!!!

  5. I received a catalog-style book today and it didn’t have a peelie on it at all, but it mentions prices of toys and a “coupon” but there are no coupons in the book. It’s green and says, “Give Jolly, Save Merrily” and is about 50 pages long.

    The book also mentions and url, but when you go there it comes up as not found.


  6. Woohoo I’m so excited, now I’ve got my first gift to get…the Thomas the Train early engineers set, I have the $10 off early engineers set from parenting early years!

  7. Yay, my target is about 45 mins away and in another state (I live in Ok..but we shop in Tx) and was originally going to go Tuesday for Christmas shopping but happily going to wait one day to save a TON more

  8. I’m disappointed this book won’t come out in the newspaper. I e-mailed CS and they were useless. I asked how I could obtain a copy and all they said was that they are all sold out and don’t have any available. Grrr… I never get things in the mail from Target. I have the Target credit card and I though for sure those that have it would get one but I guess not 🙁

  9. Can someone tell me what page the $10 Thomas coupon is on in the November Family Fun magazine. I went through mine three times and did not see it 🙁 Thanks!

  10. Nice coupons! I have a 14-month-old, and I’ve never bought her a new toy before. (She has new toys that were gifts from friends/relatives, but all the toys I’ve ever bought for her were from resale shops, garage sales, etc.) We want to get her something nice for Christmas, though, so maybe I will get one of these.

  11. Hey Kristin!

    Just an FYI – the Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Beginner Set is not the same thing as the Early Engineers sets. At least not in my store – so I was not able to combine the 50% off with the $10 MQ from November Family Fun 🙁 However, if your store carries the Early Engineers Rock N Roll Quarry (mine didnt have it) then you can use the $5 Target Thomas coupon with the $10 MQ Happy Shopping!!

  12. I tried to print these and they didn’t print… two NON good ones did for muffins;) and that is all that showed on the summary too – I tried again, it said no, now I can’t print ANY coupons .. it says:SORRY
    You’ve reached the limit of coupons you’re currently eligible to receive. Are they capping coupons in GENERAL???:( I use them!!:(

  13. One of the coupons I wanted to use says to enter a code on Can that only be used online or in the store, also?

  14. I found a great peelie today on the Toy Story Shooters game for $5.00 off (manufacturer coupon) – combine that with the $5 Target coupon and the game was only $5.00 (on sale thru the 6th for $15).

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