The Olay Deal Now Super HOT with New Rebate!

Such PERFECT timing!!! 🙂 I posted last night about how there are tons of Olay inclusions on the P&G Gift Card Deal last night- and now there is a new Olay rebate HERE. (Thanks Heidi!) The rebate is for: $20 MIR wyb $50 worth of Olay Facial Cleansers, Moisturizers and Treatments. Products must be purchased between 11/1/10 – 1/31/11. It does not have to be on one receipt.

Have absolutely no coupons? This is still a money maker! You get a $5 Gift card thru 11/6 wyb any 2 participating P&G items. There are many Olay inclusions- so here’s one thought…

Buy 8 Foaming Face Washes ($3.50) and Buy 8 Refreshing Toner (2.84)= $50.72
-$40 in Gift Cards (8) $5 Gift Cards for Buying 16 Products
=$10.72 – $20 MIR wyb $50 worth of Olay HERE
= $9.28 money maker

Remember, you can roll your Gift Cards into the next transaction to cut down on your out of pocket expense too. You can buy 2 toner spend $5.68 out of pocket, get back a $5 Gift Card. Now buy 2 more toner, use your Gift Card from transaction #1 to pay .68 out of pocket and so on….

Here is a quick List of what I saw included at my store… I am sure there were others I just didn’t catch. Was tired and wanted to get home for Halloween ;). But it gives you a good idea of what you have to choose from. Remember sale prices can vary by region…

Olay Refreshing Toner 7.2 oz $2.84
Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash with Aloe 7 oz $3.50
Olay Foaming Face wash 6.78 oz $3.50
Olay Active Hydrating Cream 2 oz $4.78
Night of Olay Firming Cream 2 oz $4.78
Olay Total Effects Daily Moisturizer 1.7 oz $18.04
Olay Clarify Daily Scrub 6 oz $4.78
Olay Express Facials 30 ct. $4.26
Olay Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths 30 ct $5.69
Olay Total Effects Citrus Scrub 6.5 oz $8.54
Olay Total Effects Anti Blemish Cleanser 5 oz $6.11
Olay Complete Sensitive Lotion 4 oz $7.30
Olay Total Effects Wet Cleansing Cloths 30 ct $5.69
Olay Total Effects Cream 6.5 oz $7.87
Olay Age Defying Daily Cleanser 6.78 oz $4.45
Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid 6 oz Original or Sensitive $9.01
Olay Complete Sensitive Moisturizer 2 oz $6.16
Olay Total Effects Eye Transform Cream 5 oz $18.04

So now let’s talk coupons and bring up the unfortunate beast (the GLITCH) that WILL affect your deals depending on what you buy. First- her’s a list of the current Olay coupons that will be applicable to all or some of these products:
-$1/1 Olay Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer 10-10 OR 10-31 PG
-$1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, any – Rouge, Fall 2010
-B1G1 Olay Ribbons Body Wash, wyb (1) Olay moisturer* 10-31-10 PG – valid up to $6.00
*(Total Effects, Definity, Regenerist, Pro-X Facial)

So the easiest thing to remember is that your total PER $5 Gift Card Deal, CANNOT fall below $10 AFTER using manufacturer coupons. This makes it impossible to buy the lesser expensive items with coupons (as for some of them – the Toner, Face Wash & others may not even hit $10 BEFORE coupons!) If that is the case- wou will have to add other items into your transaction to do this deal to absorb your coupons.

So here’s an example of what I may do when I go back on Tuesday to pick up Toy Story 3:

Buy Toy Story 3 Blu-ray 4-Disc Combo Pack $24.99 and Buy 3 SPaghettiOs .89 and
Buy 8 Foaming Face Wash ($3.50) and Buy 1 Gallon of Milk $3.09
= $58.75
-$8/1 Disney Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray Combo Pack – Sign in HERE
-$1/3 Campbell’s Condensed Kids Soup or SpaghettiOs HERE
-$4.00 (use four $1/1 Olay Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer 10-10 PG
-$4.00 (use four $1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser 10-31 PG
= $41.75

I needed to end up with a subtotal of at least $40 to cover the glitch (4 Gift Card Deals x $10 each) and I have, so all my coupons will have scanned fine) and now I will get back…

$20 Back in Gift Cards (four $5 Gift Cards for buying 8 products)
$5 MIR wyb 3 Campbell’s Soup (Condensed Kids) or Spaghetti-O’s & Toy Story 3 HERE
= $16.75 that I paid for the Blue-Ray, the Spaghettios & the 8 Face Wash after Campbell’s MIR, coupons and Gift Cards, and I am more than halfway toward my Olay rebate. Note that I am not 100% sure you will be able to do both rebates. I plan to request a duplicate receipt at checkout and I will use that one to submit for the ToyStory 3 rebate. The form does not say “original” so I am hoping the duplicate one will work. You should let them know you will need a duplicate receipt when you go to check out if you plan to do this too.

Hope that makes sense to everyone- I know it’s complicated and one big pain in the tushy to have to account for the Glitch- but it is workable. Now IF I wanted to- I could just go ahead after I complete transaction #1 and say the heck with using more coupons- let me now just do this…

Buy 8 Toners = $22.72
-$20 (pay with $20 in Gift Cards I just earned from Transaction #1)
= $2.72 out of pocket
– $20 MIR wyb $50 worth of Olay HERE
-$20 Back in Gift Cards (4 more $5 Gift Cards for buying 8 products)
= $37.28 (minus $36.75 – less $20 in Gift Cards I used from #1 & $16.75 spent in T#1)
= .53 cent money maker FOR: 16 Olay Products, Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray, 1 Gallon of Milk & 3 SpaghettiOs. Not too shabby. 😉 The only problem I may run into is the duplicate receipt working for the Toy Story 3 and SPaghettiOs. But if it doesn’t, I will still have only paid $4.47 for everything when it is all said and done.

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  1. Wow, how exciting! I need some face wash too:-) This is such a great deal! I know that I have Olay coupons at home, I’ll have to go through and match them up with the sale and see what I should do.

  2. Great rebate! Except I just purchased Olay products at Target yesterday (10/31/10) and the rebate is for purchases made starting 11/1/10 🙁

  3. Question when you get a gift card for a certian product like Olay this week and they give you the card can you accumulate those cards and use them on one item? I want to buy a $40.00 toy and was wondering?

  4. For your deal scenerio, will Target print 2 copies of your receipt for your transaction since you are doing two MIR?

  5. @Carrie, I don’t think the CG Olay items count. The form says Olay facial moisturizers, facial treatments, and/or facial cleansers. I wish the makeup counted, that is some good stuff.

  6. Kerry, as far as the GLITCH goes, can you have items with a Target Q and the amount before the Target Q counts? I am thinking produce with the new produce Q, and then the TGIF meals deal (counting the $4/2 coupon value) toward my glitch amount. For example:

    Buy 2 cleansers @ $3.50 = $7
    Use (2) -$1/1 Olay cleanser MQ
    Therefore needing $12 total transaction in order to use those 2 Olay Qs.

    Add in:
    $17.97 for 3 TGIF meals
    -$5.99 free TGIF meal
    -$6 (3 $2/1 TGIF)

    Glitch Total $10.98
    -$4/2 TGIF Target Q** (does this $4 count toward my glitch overage?)

    PAY $6.98 + tax
    EARN $5 GC

    Essentially, the Olay is free. Repeat a few times and wrk some more deals to get more free olay, then submit for $20 rebate. Will that work? If so I am on the hunt for more Target Q items to play with!

  7. Yes- Target coupons can bring your total below the $10 per Glitch- but you MUST hand them last. – so lets say you are going to do the TGIF and 2 cleansers- you can only count 5.99 x2 (since the 3rd will ring up free) + cleansers 3.50 x2 = $18.98 – $10 Glitch. = $8.98 to use MQs on- so hand over all your MQs first- (3) $2/1 & (2) $1/1 = $10.98 AFTER MQS NOW hand over your TQ for $4/2 and your total goes to $6.98 without issues. DONT FORGET TO HAND TQs LAST and your good 🙂

  8. Hey Carrie- yes they will. You should let them know that’s what you want as soon as you get to the register though. But I have tried to no avail to get an answer from campbell’s as to whether or not they will accept a duplicate- so I am just going to go ahead and mail it in with the duplicate and see what happens.

  9. Can I do this ?

    Buy 8 Foaming Face Washes ($3.50) and Buy 8 Refreshing Toner (2.84)= $50.72
    -$40 in Gift Cards (8) $5 Gift Cards for Buying 16 Products
    =$10.72 – $20 MIR wyb $50 worth of Olay HERE
    = $9.28 money maker

    Use 6 -$1/1 Olay Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer 10-10 OR 10-31 PG
    Buy a $20 toy I was going to buy anyways?

  10. Thank you, Kerry, I am ordering my Qs now and getting ready to shop! Also, just wanted to point out to all the readers that you have 3 months to collect receipts, so if you can’t find your full $50 worth at one Target or if you just don’t want that much of the same product, you can wait for more deals in the coming months…there are bound to be some.

  11. i think i saw a good Olay SCR deal coming up at rite aid later this month. might be worth checking out!

  12. I just called Olay about the rebate and discovered that it is ONLY good on Olay ProX products. It won’t work for the items on sale at Target right now. Was just about to go out and purchase a ton of these products. Glad I called to check!

  13. Scratch my last comment!!! Aye-yi-yi! Called back to double check with someone else. Glad I did!!! It IS any Olay product – not restricted to the Pro-X! Woohoooo! Thanks for the Olay tip!

  14. A store near me just opened up their grocery section. They had coupon books by the door that have target coupons for $5 dollars off any 3 olay moisturizers… Anyone know any coupons that go well with them?

  15. someone on another forum (afullcup) posted a “fix” to get by the Glitch and it appeared to work for me. It seemed like a lot less work than all the calculations and explanations to the cashier when you don’t have an educated cashier. at least mine today gave me a great compliment about my great deals….

  16. Kerry, I cannot thank you enough for posting this deal! My mom LOVES the Olay Total Effects Lotion, but HATES paying $18 for it (she just had this discussion with me the other day). I was able to get her favorite lotion, a small different face lotion for her, and a olay with ribbons body was for $18 after coupons and gift card! I think I am going to do the same for my MIL and send in for the rebate (after I pick up a couple of face washes for myself!). Only $30 after rebate, for all of those nice products!! I’m very excited about my body wash, and face wash and I have an excellent start on the mothers’ xmas gifts! Thanks so much!

  17. Apparently what is being posted on some sites is for you to pretend to buy a pricier item so that the glitch doesn’t happen. Then, once your coupons are scanned just tell the cashier you don’t want that item. Each to his own, but I personally do not feel comfortable intentionally pretending I am going to buy an item knowing full well I am not. I always need milk, bread, produce etc and it is easy enough to buy stuff I honestly need that will avoid the glitch without having to try to deceive the cashier. This is an awesome deal and hope to do it!

  18. Do you know how we should fill out the form when we purchase 14 items but there are only 8 places to write in the UPC number and price??? I bought 4qty of foaming wash, 9qty of facial wash, and 1 scrub wash…wondering what to do…..(totaly came to $50.28…LOL)

  19. I read the same thing about fixing the “glitch” – to add a higher priced non-food item to your purchase, check out, and have the cashier remove it before you pay. I have not tried it to see if it works, but others say it does. I suppose it’s not the best to have a cashier ring up something you never intent to buy, but I guess I understand why people are doing it, since Target doesn’t seem to be correcting the problem in a very timely manner.

  20. I am not sure what this glitch is all about. At least in my store the cashier hands me gift cards as soon as the items are scanned.HE does not even know by then that I will be giving him coupons in the end. For example in todays transaction the first 2 items the cashier scanned were Olay Refreshing Toner and I was handed over the gift card even before the cashier moved on to the other items. I then used all my coupoons for other items in the end.

  21. It sounds like if everyone “pretended” to purchase an item and left it at the register Target would have to hire additional associates to do recovery! I don’t understand why Target doesn’t fix their alleged “glitch”. After months it’s no longer a glitch. I feel bad for folks using coupons thinking they are getting the full value, but not. Target is getting their full value. :0 Unfortunately many large corporations weigh the lawsuit factor with the bottom line factor. 🙁 I don’t know if this is the case with Target, but after all these months of glitching I’m guessing their lawyers might feel even if a class action suit were to be filed that the extra $$$ they were paid by the manufacturers for the coupons for the savings that weren’t passed on to the shopper would be greater…….sad…..but it happens all the time. Personally I spent 1 hour at a register last week when the register went to a blue screen before printing my receipt and the gift cards that I should have received 6@5.00 each were not energized. I ended up leaving without the 30.00 in gift cards and just received them in the mail yesterday. I do believe in a situation like this there should be a courtesy gift card or something! The manager said he had nothing to offer me. He had a hard enough time explaining to corporate that the gift cards that didn’t have the values added to them were earned from products I purchased!!! Off my soapbox now. 🙂

  22. William, I agree with your rationale and tried just to see if it worked. I will probably go back and buy the item anyway with the giftcards I just received anyway. I do most all of my grocery shopping at super target and have my stockpile so I was doing the deal primarily to see if the “resolution” worked and to get my unemployed niece some much needed toner. True, I didn’t want to pad my transaction with $90 of extra stuff I don’t need this trip to make this deal and the pond’s wipes deal work. I also imagine it was easier on the ( New, trainee) cashier than the 9 small transactions it would take to roll each gift card to the next purchase. But as you said- to each his own. I am grateful that Target offers these deals to allow me to share more with others in addition to keeping my budget in check. I don’t expect to do this on a regular basis but sometimes curiousity kills the cat!

  23. Do you know if you can get this deal online? My nearest Target is 1 hour 30 min away!!! Just checking. Thanks for the great deal.

  24. thanks worked great bought $51.10 in products used 5 $1 off manufacturer q got back $35 in gc. After rebate everything i bought will be free!!
    Oh to get around the glich i bought a sony ipod dock stero on clearance for $60

  25. Someone awhile back asked if you could just purchase a target gift card to cover the “glitch” amount. That way you can use it to purchase the next great deal and you are not stuck buying extra stuff. Has anyone tried this to see if it works?

  26. I called the rebate center for the Olay deal. I explained that I purchased 16 items and there are only 8 UPC spaces. I was instructed to attach another sheet to the rebate with the other 8 items UPC’s. She told me that I do need to list out all 16 UPC’s even though I bought multiples of the same product. Hope this helps.

    Questions about the rebate – you can call 1-877-797-6529

  27. I just came back from Target,I only could used 1MQ for two TOTAL EFFECT Cleanser at same transaction again (I had two MQ) because the coupon notes” one coupon per purchase”. I really don’t like using coupon at target now, so disappointed!!!

  28. No glitch here either…and the Night of Olay and Olay Hydrating do not make a $5 gift card print out. Maybe this is regional, but they did not work and I asked and they said it was only the Pro-X, Regenerist, and Total Effects.

  29. one coupon per purchase does not mean one per transaction. it means one per item. next time ask for a mgr, if mgr says no call corporate from the GS desk.

  30. @lexi
    only 3 were from this weeks p&g the other 2 came from inside something i bought (sorry i don`t recall what)
    so they were not 5 identical sorry for the confusion

  31. @pam
    might be regional i bought one of each of those and got my gc.
    it was prompted by the register no problem!

  32. Thanks for this! I just went this morning, did your scenario and used the $40 in gift cards towards some new xbox games with the B2GO sale. What a great deal! Thanks! 🙂

  33. Just wondering if this scenario will work:

    2 Olay Complete Sensitive Moisturizer $5.15/ea. after 2 $1/1 coupons
    2 Toners $2.84/ea.
    4 Foaming Face Wash $3.50/ea.
    2 Clarifying daily scrubs $4.78/ea.
    2 Total effects anti-blemish wash $6.11/ea.
    PLUS 2 free olay ribbons body wash with purchase of Total Effects, Definity, Regenerist, Pro-X with coupons
    – $30 gift card
    – $20 mail in rebate
    = $1.76

  34. I went to Target this morning & did (4) different transactions. 1st trans, I bought (4) facial cleaners @ $3.50 ea) less (4) $1q and used a $10 gc from a previous purchase. Nothing oop and got $10 back. 2nd transaction I bought (4) facial cleaners @ $3.50 ($14) less (4) $1 q less $10 gc= nothing oop & got $10 in gc back. 3rd transactions I bought (4) toners @ $2.84 (11.36) less (1) $1q less $10 gc from previous purchase=44 cent oop and my last transaction was (4) toners @ 2.84 ea (11.36) less $10 gc from previous=$1.44 oop. Left store with $10 gc which is what I started with. Total paid oop was $1.88 for all (4) transactions combined. Will submit $20 mir which will make it a $18.12 money maker for me!!! Thanks Totally Target!

  35. Was told tonight (didn’t realize there was a glitch issue) that coupons can not be used on gift card promotion items, both by mngmnt and corporate. I am suppose to call back in the morning to further discuss this since a “coupon” associate was not available until 8am. I was also only allowed to use only 4 like coupons per transaction per new wording on new P&G coupons. I also had 4 $1 olay from 10-10 and 8 $1 from 10-31 and was told they were all the same “like” coupon b/c they were for the same item requiring multiple transactions! 🙁

  36. My store had the olay stuff a lot more. $3.76, and $3.1? for the other. I ended up rolling them all, and ended up paying $22.?? and had $5 gc left. So after my rebate, I will have only made $2 and some change. Oh well, I always end up having higher prices! (I also forgot to bring $1/1 coupons… that could have helped, but oh well!)

  37. Whoa, I just did this deal and made out like a bandit! I needed some printer ink anyway (don’t we always?), so here was my scenario:

    1 Toy Story 3 BluRay Combo (the one that comes with the DVD and digital copy)
    3 cans Spaghettios
    4 Olay foaming face washes
    6 Olay toners
    1 Ink cartridge

    Total was $73.89.

    I used:
    $8/1 Toy Story Blu Ray Combo Pack
    $1/3 Spaghettios
    8x $1/1 Olay moisturiser or cleanser (from the 10/10 PG and the 10/31 PG)

    So $56.89 after coupons

    For the Olay promo, I got back $25 in Target gift cards. This makes my total $31.89.

    I’ve already bought another $22 in Olay stuff earlier in the week, which will give me the $20 rebate and bring my total cost down to $11.89 plus the $5 Toy Story rebate.

    I paid with my Target card (and a couple of gift cards), so with my 5% my total cost was $4.89! For printer ink! And Toy Story 3 BluRay! And 10 stinkin’ things of Olay, which will be awesome for Christmas gift baskets. Amaaazing! Thank you for all you guys do. 🙂

    Edit: Oh! Plus I paid with my Target card, so subtract $2 from the total. $4.89!

  38. Need to vent! Last week the receipt didn’t show my $7 Prilosec coupon, this week it didn’t show my $5.00 Olay coupon. Yes, I am pushy and got the $13 difference. It is not like I didn’t buy enough to cover any glitch, so come on, my bill is usally over $20. I am only noticing the large coupons, so how many of the smaller ones did I miss. Guess I need to watch closer. Oh well the price you pay for shopping with a very busy 14 month old!

  39. What a disaster couponing at Target was tonight! I may not have understood how to get around the glitch completely before we left but we kept adding items and it still wouldn’t take any coupons not even for food items. I was told that since they were reducing the price of the item for the GC promotion they couldn’t go any lower on that price of the item so no MQ’s. That was from Guest Service. Then I was told that she could only use a few of my Olay coupons not all of them because they were per purchase but she would make them go through as a Target coupon. I tried arguing with them but in the end gave up.

  40. Ok, before I completely give up on shopping at Target, I’m trying to understand the glitch. I’m wondering if coupons for other items I buy count against my glitch total or if the original pricing on the items are what I go on.

    Also, is there a list somewhere that lists all the products that are included in the rebate? Such as, can I use the olay bar soaps I bought at Walgreens to add to my total? I’m spending way too much time on all this.

  41. Has anyone been brave enough and need enough stuff to use the $15 GC wyb $150 Q that was on the Target holiday book?

  42. I had a bit of a difficult time at Target doing this, but in the end they honored my coupons along with the GC purchases. I ended up doing a total of 7 transactions. I bought $107 in product, rolled $30 in GC, used $41 in coupons and paid $36 OOP and will be getting $20 in Olay rebate, plus have a $5 Target GC left over for next visit. Total I’m spending $11 for $107 / 24 items.

    picture of items can be see here:

  43. Tried my deal today. Face Wash was marked $3.79, but the REGUALR PRICED TAG underneath the GC tag was for $3.69. Of course they rang up at the higher price and I forgot to watch carefully to correct the cashier. I am annoyed! However, I did pull off my plan:

    Buy 2 Olay Face Wash $3.79 ea. = $7.58
    Buy 3 TGIF frozen meals $5.99 ea. = $11.98
    -$5.99 B2G1 TGIF sale
    -$2 (two $1/1 Olay facial cleanser)
    -$6 (three $2/1 TFIG meals)
    -$4/2 TGIF meals Target Q
    TOTAL $7.56 + tax and earn $5 GC

    Repeated and used the $5 GC to pay for 2nd transaction, TOTAL $2.56 + tax and earn $5 GC

    Then got the Ore-Ida deal, buying 3 for $4.98 + tax and paid with 2nd $5 GC and it was free + tax, yay! Net spent including tax was about $6 when you prorate the Olay gift card I will get later. Not bad at all, thanks for the deals!

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