Dr. Oz Show Giveaways Including Target Gift Cards

There are a ton of Giveaways going on today thanks to the Dr. Oz TV show and several companies! All of the listed giveaways will go live today at 3 pm EST. Each giveaway has it’s own designated site- so you may want to pick and choose your battles. I bet you can’t guess which one I will trying for! 😉 Good Luck everyone!

$50 Target Gift Card (5,000 winners)
24-Hr Fitness Free 90-day Membership (1,000 winners)
Skechers Shape-Ups Shoes (800 winners)
Pearle Vision Free Eye Exam (500 winners)
Holiday Inn Free Night’s Stay (300 winners)

-Thanks OhioCouponConnection & CommonSensewithMoney!

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  1. Dear lord, people are gonna be going bonkers trying to register for that Target gift card. LOL

    Thank god I have auto fill for my browser. LMAO

  2. Hey Jeennifer- for me it is on my tootlbar- a little icon like a pencil and says autofill next to it. you have to set it up once and then it will auto fill in form fields for you. I use IE8 hth

  3. Bummer. Just getting the “Loading” message for like over 2 minutes. Oh well, it was worth a try! Hope you get one.

  4. YAY!! I got the eye exam!! I have been needing one for over a month. Just waiting for the budget and now I get one FREE. Saves me $80-$100!!!

  5. I entered in my info for the holiday inn stay but I’m not sure if it went through since I kept getting errors afterwards

  6. I was able to fill out the form for the skechers, but it keeps loading and then I get a system error message. Never even saw the target gift card form.

  7. The Target one is loading about every other time I refresh. It’s still at the original page, saying come back @ 3 on 11/2.

  8. I wouldnt waste my time on this if I was you…as far as I can tell this is a joke just a good way to get alot of hits on there website

  9. I think something must be wrong with the site for the gift card. It doesn’t work and I have been trying since 3pm

  10. That was ridicurous. Holiday Inn said “error” after I filled out whole form. And could never get on other sites. Wah. I feel like Lucy Ricardo when something didn’t go her way!

  11. I’m guessing most of you are central time but it says eastern time so wait until like 4 but keep checking the page to make sure.

  12. Actually got the form to fill out for the Target GC, but when I hit “submit” it would process for awhile then come up with “Internet Explorer cannot display the page”. I refreshed, and got the form page again, filled out and hit submit and the same thing happened. I did this 3x before it just wouldn’t refresh the form anymore. So… I have not idea if I won one or not – I am assuming not, since I never got any confirmation. Bummer!

  13. The actual website for the target one appears to be in the fine print:
    **While supplies last. Only the first 5,000 people to sign-up will receive this offer.
    … For a chance to receive a Target GiftCard, complete and submit the registration form (registration is free) at http://www.targetgiftcardgiveaway.com...
    Sure wish I would have noticed it earlier!

  14. You have to wait an hour like i said because if your central time its an hour before eastern time which i’m pretty sure most of you are so just wait..

  15. my Target one keeps saying come back too. The eye exam was gone when it finally loaded at 1 pm. My husband got in to the Holiday Inn one but we don’t have a priority number and he couldn’t get it. I’m rather frustrated! Does the Target website mean they still haven’t released it? If they are all gone why isn’t there a page saying so, like the other sites? *sigh*

  16. I am having a lot of trouble getting into the system to order. Help! I tried sketchers and Target and can’t seem to register.

  17. Oh Carrie that makes me feel awful lol. I think I’m going to avoid these door crasher giveaways in the future, they are just upsetting.

  18. I feel as though I’ve just wasted 30 minutes of my life. Oh well, we all kind knew this was going to happen. Guess I’ll just be happy with my own little stash of gift cards with the Olay deal. 🙂

  19. when will i learn I NEVER win at these things. Congrats to those that did!!! Going back to my laundry this is depressing me…

  20. The priority number on the Holiday Inn one was optional. The * was optional on that form (strange I thought)

  21. anyone get through? first i.e. couldn’t find the page and now it is saying come back at 3est (which has already come and gone)

  22. I called my Pearle Vision and they hadn’t heard of the coupon, waiting for a call back. Since the contact lens exam isn’t included I end up saving about $40. Still pretty good. And I am not sure the coupon should be broadcast in the above post, that might not be legal?

  23. i enter for the 50.00 gift card from target and it came to a page to come back at 3 p,m well i did from 3 pm to 335 pm tueday nov 2 well the form never came up. im disable and and this gift card would of put food on my table. this has happen to all of doctor oz giveaway you cant ever get thu. something has to be done to make this right. thank you for you time and god bless and alwayes remember john 3 16 in the bible.

  24. I won the gym thing but there are none in my state. It doesn’t expire for a year so maybe one will open by then.

  25. really, i entered several things, target card, holliday inn, skeatchers all starting at 3;00 ALL STATED ERRORS WHATS UP????

  26. WELL…the only page I could get to was the 90 day membership, everything else kept giving me either explorer cannot display or site is going under maintance, really,really hurts! I am trying until the “hour” is over.

  27. BOO! My Pearle vision called me back and they WILL NOT accept this coupon. Seeing as how anyone can get it, there will be no savings for me…don’t even bother. Now I really wasted my time!

  28. I was finally able to get a form for the Target giftcard after 40 min but it timed out but did let me enter and submit my info. Page doesn’t say gone yet.

  29. I got thru and got a message that said Thanks for registering if you were one of the first 5,000 to sign up you will be notified via e-mail by Nov 9th 2010 and will receive your target gc in the maol 4-6 weeks.

    Oh and I figured out auto fill thanks!

  30. Got through and got the following message.

    Thanks for registering!

    If you were one of the first 5,000 to sign up, you’ll be notified via e-mail by Nov. 9, 2010 and will receive your Target GiftCard® in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

  31. Sorry Debbie that seems SO unfair? Not everyone can get it, wasn’t it only 1000 people. That is unfortunate, perhaps nother PEARLE will honor the coupon. 🙁

  32. I received the same message as Brigitte, not going to get my hopes up to high I mean it’s been an hour since it started and now I can get through???

  33. Trying. Can’t get through any of the contests. Holiday Inn and Skeechers have been awarded by the time I could get through.

  34. I filled out the form about 20 times but couldn’t get it to submit–just now I got a message saying I was not one of the first 5000 to enter…bummer! 🙁

  35. I tryed since 300-4:00 and nothing would work, I think it is a scam and will not watch that show again!

  36. It’s gone now the message changed to We’re very sorry you missed the Target GC giveaway. You weren’t one of the 1st 5,000 registrants.

  37. the worst giveaway ever!! if you got the thanks for registering message i think you got it as when i just got the form and filled it out it said sorry you are not one of the 5000 and the giveaway is over.

  38. Just got through to site for Target contest. All have been awarded. Oh well. Did see some recipes I might try with my preschooler to eat veggies on the Dr. Oz site.

  39. target gift cards are gone!!!!! It’s just now 3:00 my time and all the give aways were gone before now thats not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I filled out the form twice and it wouldn’t submit-about 20 minutes ago. Printed the form even. Argh.

  41. I wonder then if us ones who did get through & registered if we won. We never got the message about the 5,000 being gone.

  42. I know that but it doesn’t make sense to have that message & then a short time later it comes up that all 5,000 are gone. See what I am getting at?

  43. I won 90 days at 24 Hour Fitness, but I’m a little nervous because after I won it said that you have to be a new member. I used to belong there years ago, so I am hoping that they will still honor the free 90 days. We will see. 🙂 I can’t remember if it said you had to never belong there before signing up? Anyone know????

    Also, I got in for the free Holiday Inn form, but when I submitted it, it said there was an error from the server. So I have no clue what I was supposed to see after submitted it or if it even went through. Did anyone receive emails yet with any information??

  44. I got an email from Holiday Inn saying if I won I would get a seperate email. But I don’t think I won. I couldn’t get thru on the Fitness it kept saying come back.

  45. I have been told different things by different 24 hour fitness employees. Some say as long as you are not an existing member, you are a new member. Some say it has to have been 90 days since you were a member to be a new member again. Either way, I think after a few years, you should be good. If one says no, ask to speak to someone else or try another 24 hour.

  46. I got an email that said I would be considered for the hotel night stay giveaway, still waiting to see if I won it

  47. I got an email today that said I was one of the first 5000! YIPPIE! I needed some good news. Will receive within 4-6 weeks. Just in time for Christmas! Thank You for telling me about this!

  48. WOOOHOOOOO!! I got an email thats says i won one. I will receive it 4-6 weeks.

  49. Got my Target gift card today!!! Thank-you target and Dr. Oz My husband got one of those e-mails from Holiday Inn saying they would contact him if he won but so far no response Did anyone win those yet???

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