Earn Easy Extra Money with Cada Cabeza!

I had posted a while ago about Cada Cabeza, a survey site that is actively looking for Latino panelists. My friend Christie did it, and in no time at all she had earned enough points to cash out and request a $20 check. Well she just called me so surprised that she got her check so quick after requesting it only about a month ago! She said it was one of the easiest $20 she has ever earned doing surveys.

So, if you are of Latino heritage, enjoy doing surveys and want to make a little extra money, you should definitely check out Cada Cabeza! You can take the surveys in English or in Spanish, whichever you would rather do, and the payout is quite generous. You only need 1,000 points to earn a check for $20 and when you sign up you should immediately have several easy surveys worth 100 points each waiting for you!

Another thing Christie liked was the fact that if you do not qualify for a survey, there is not a lot of time wasted, you find out in the first few questions. And remember you can also earn extra points for referring a friend too. You’ll get 100 points for every friend that joins! You can check out Cada Cabeza HERE. After you sign up you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Once you confirm you’ll be on your way!

-Thanks so much for the update to Christie at Wild for Wags!

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  1. im glad you posted this, i requested my check 10/29 and still havent gotten it! 🙁 hopefully ill get it soon.

  2. I signed up and i NEVER qualify for the surveys. I’ve taken like 7 only to be told I don’t qualify for that survey after answering questions for 5 minutes. I unsubscribed and they’re still sending me surveys. I might have 100 points max.

  3. I got my check yesterday too! Ana how weird! Me and 3 friends I know did it and we all gt surveys all the time! I did this when kerri first posted it and got 1,000 points in my first week! I definitely suggest joining – it works and is so easy!!!

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