The Knorr Report – My Notes for the Week of 12/12

So the unadvertised Special Purchase deals have been sparse lately- but I have keeping my eyes peeled for them. I only found one new one this week, and it is good for 1-week only through 12/18. It is for a FREE container of Nestle Mini Toppers wyb 2 Edy’s or Dryer’s Ice Cream.

Now it is not that exciting imo since the coupons for Edy’s or Dryers are extremely sparse (I think there was a $1/2 in the October All You), but it’s even less exciting for people at my store. Why you ask? Because my store doesn’t carry the toppers. 🙄  I meant to ask when I checked out if they had them hidden in the back or something, or what they would give me instead, but completely forgot. With how cold it has been here in Florida, ice cream is sort of the last thing on my mind. 😉

(P.S. My apologies for calling 35-40 degrees cold for those of you who are absolutely freezing- but I am a wimp when it gets below 50 here! :))

My apologies for not getting these up yesterday. I got side tracked, but here they are. Remember Price Cuts can vary by region- but it is always worth a check at the scanner just in case your store is just missing the sign. Also remember- insert coupons listed below for matchups can vary by region.

Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut 14 oz $1.89
-$1/2 Baker’s Baking Items Target Coupon PRINT x1/15/11

Reynold’s Baker’s Foil Baking Cups 32 ct .96 OR Paper Baking Cups 36 ct .87
-.25/2 Reynolds Baking Cups, any 10-3-10 SS OR 11-14-10

Combos, Assorted Varieties $1.50
-.50/2 Combos Snack Bags, any 11-14-10 x12/14

Jell-o Gelatin or Pudding Boxes, Assorted Varieties .96
-.50/2 Jell-o Gelatin or Pudding Mixes Target Coupon PRINT x1/15/11

Nestle Toll House Ultimates Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Lover’s 16 oz $1.96
-$1/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough, any 10-3-10 RP x12/31
-.75/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough Product

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls With Icing 8 ct $1.43
-.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls zip 90210 or HERE
-.50/1 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls

The Laughing Cow Original Mini babybel Cheese 4.5 oz $2.99
-.55/1 Mini Babybel Cheese, any variety 6-27-10 SS x12/31

There is quite a few inclusions this week on the Dannon sale, but unfortunately we are suffering a Dannon coupon shortage these days. But one thing that was included is the 32 oz All Natural Yogurt which was $1.89 at my store. And there is a .75/1 Dannon All Natural on at zip 90210.

So even though the sale on the Grand Pitchers is over- I did check in on other Brita Products. I found the Space Saver pitchers were marked $19.89 regular price and the B1G1 FREE Mail in rebate applies to them too. If you have exhausted your prints on the Filter for Good site, there was a regional $4/1 Brita Pitcher, Any in the 12-12-10 SS.

Buy 2 Brita Space Saver Pitchers $19.89 (Regular Price) = $39.78
-$5/1 Brita System or Filter Multi-Pack Target Mobile Coupon x12/24
-$10 (use two -$5/1 Any Brita System Sign Up & Take the Pledge HERE
-$19.89.00 MIR for B1G1 Select Brita Pitcher (Spacesaver Pitchers Included) HERE
= $4.89 for 2 Brita Pitchers after coupons and rebate.

Also- they do sell 3 different levels of the Brita On-Tap Faucet Filtration System. The least expensive is $16.49 at my store. You can use the $5/1 Target mobile coupon along with a $5/1 Manufacturer’s coupon to get it for $6.49. There are also some peelies for a $5 mail in rebate that were on some packages some time ago. It does not expire until 12/31, so if you are able to find one with a peelie even better. To the best of my knowledge you MUST include that peelie to get the rebate. I could be wrong- but I am pretty sure it was in the fine print.

I posted several other updates yesterday- and you can take a look at them HERE if you missed my post. One of the things I noted was on the Gerber Sale and I just posted new coupons that popped up on facebook (just look one post down from this one). Anyway, I think many of you enjoyed my little sneaky giveaway last week, so here’s another one…

I have 5 complete extra sets of Gerber coupons (a total of 20 coupons) from the 11-14 RP inserts. I would love for these not to go to waste and will gladly mail them out to one reader who will be randomly chosen tonight. Just leave a comment on this post saying you would like them. If you are not commenting about the baby coupons, you can still comment on this post- I will just pick a new winner if lands on someone who is not interested. I will close the comments tonight at 11:59 pm. 😉 Over now folks, will announce the winner in the a.m. I promise to get them out to the winner ASAP – in hopes they may get there in time for this week’s sale!

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  1. Also, forgot to add – I found the toppers hidden away with the Christmas baking gift sets. Not in the Christmas baking section (weird), but the gift set section. HTH!

  2. LOL! I don’t need the coupons, but I would like to laugh at how “cold” it is in FL! 🙂 It was -5 on my car thermometer on the way in to work this morning. I’m in the Twin Cities area!

  3. If you are interested, I did see these Nestle toppers (by accident). At my SuperTarget, they were shelved beside the chocolate chips. So maybe other stores have them “hidden” there? I’m amazed at how different each Target store and its inventory can be. How do they ever keep track?

  4. I would love to win those coupons to stock up in a bit of needed gifts for the baby cousin and some to donate! Thanks! =)

  5. I would really appreciate the baby food coupons as I am helping my sister prepare for her newest addition, as well as a baby shower where I will need lots of baby food:)!

  6. I would LOVE the Gerber coupons. I have 10 month old twins that are eating me out of a house and home 🙂 lol

  7. WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE Gerber coupons! With a almost one year old, we will be buying Gerber for awhile still. 🙂

  8. I would love the Gerber coupons. I work with Elizabeth’s Place for teen moms. We are always in need of good baby coupons.

  9. I don’t need Gerber q’s just thought your post about the cold was funny since it is -5 degrees tonight for a low here in IL….:) When it snows in florida…then you should worry! 🙂

  10. i can use gerber coupons….we use the fruit to put in smoothies…any others will be used for donation to our neighborhood food pantry

  11. Did you check with the Chocolate Chips for the Free Nestle Mini Toppers? At my Super Target they were in the baking isle and not with the ice cream toppings! Just thought you might want to check there if you can’t find them.

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