New $3/3 Glade Products Coupon & More

There are a few new coupons on coupons. com including a great Glade coupon.  Remember, you have until Friday to do the $5 Gift Card deal wyb (5) Glade Products. Use zip 20190 if you don’t see these.

-$3/3 Glade Products (exc. Solids & 9oz Aerosols) zip 20190
-$1/1 Log Cabin Syrup 22oz+ zip 20190
-$1/1 Pediacare Product, Any zip 20190

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  1. HI Amber- I usually always try and list what zip I find coupons at- not sure why they only make some available at some zips- but that’s why I list it so you can quickly find it. as far as knowing which ones are TQs vs MQs before you print- that is the main reason for my Target Coupon Page- it will let you know which is which and I update the page frequeently and try and keep it as accurate as possible:
    as far as the confusion when they put the logo and on MQs- you can try checking out this post here:
    hth 🙂

  2. Thanks. I was having trouble finding the Log Cabin syrup too. Why don’t they just have an option to show all coupons for ALL zipcodes? I was able to find the Mrs. Butterworth’s coupon I couldn’t find the other day too.

    Question: When I print coupons on the target website sometimes they say “Target Web coupon” on them and sometimes they don’t. Is there some way to know whether they are just regular coupons or specifically target coupons BEFORE using the ink to print them out? Also, I printed a coupon for Revlon tools from the target site. It did NOT say Target WEb coupon, but in small print said Was that specifically a target coupon or for use at any store?

    And what’s the deal with store coupons versus manufacturer’s coupons. Many store coupons, although stackable with manufacturer’s coupons, say that they are actually manufacturer’s coupons. I thought store coupons were from the store and manufacturer’s coupons were from the manufacturer and the value of the coupons was paid by each respectively. ?????


  3. @Kim- it shouldn’t matter- it should still prompt for the gift card as long as they are part of the winter holiday collection

    @Adrianne manufacturer’s coupon. I will always note if it is a Target coupon 🙂

    @Joan- it’s 20190 not 90210 similar & the one I usually use I know- but try again using the zip i listed . hth

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