Chobani 32 oz Greek Yogurt 70¢ After Sale & Coupon!

Well I just about fell over when I saw this one. The Chobani Greek Yogurt was in the ad for 5/$6 and I pretty much thought that would be the 6 oz cups only. But I was in for a huge surprise to see the Chobani 32 oz Strawberry & Plain Non-fat & low-fat containers included at that price too! They are regularly $5.99!

And I scanned just to be sure, and yeppers! That’s what it’s ringing up at. 🙂 You can use a .50/1 Chobani Greek 32 oz coupon found HERE and pay .70 cents after coupon for a 32 oz size! That is a pretty huge savings for this product! Sale is valid thru 1/8.

*It is possible for sales to vary by region, but hope you all find it too. If you don’t see a sign- scan to price check just in case!

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  1. They must have had a glitch in their system. LOL. But you never know. They may just have had an overstock of them. One of the cashiers told me that they usually mark stuff ridiculously low when there is a ton of stock in back. She told me this when the Cuponok games were $2 before Xmas (after coupon and sale).

  2. @Elena

    You mean the Chobani? Chobani is awesome yogurt. It is the only one I eat besides Fage. But Fage is much more expensive in my area.

  3. these are amazing yogurts!!! you can use the fruit flavored like regular yogurt…but can use the plain in place of sour cream!!! YUM! and this price is like getting them free….seriously even without the coupon its worth it!!!!

  4. Just an FYI: I have found that this price was not valid at my Super Target’s, only the regular Target stores. This may just be in the Twin Cities, but just thought I would give the heads up!

  5. Joy if you check your add again the 5 for $6.00 price shows both yogurts in the pic:) I actuallyhad to go check my add just in case LOL.

  6. I would have never looked for this without your post Kerry.
    I had just bought 2 of the small ones for $1 each @ Vons…low and behold my Target in S. Calif. had the big ones marked, 5 for $6, what a deal!!!

    Yougurt is very thick and rick. added blueberries and some kashi cereal to it for a protein packed snack.

    Thanks again Kerry!

  7. Christina, some regional ads only list Fage as being 5 for $6. Haven’t been to my store yet to see if Chobani is also on sale.

  8. Nope, my ad only has pic of Fage in it. Going to Target later though to see. There’s a Q for Fage on its Web site but lots of people keep getting an error for it, including myself. 🙁

  9. Just wanted to confirm that the 32oz were indeed ringing $1.20 and signage matched at 2 central FL Targets. Also, rainchecks were avail. for sell outs. I got 4 @ at the price but quantities were definitely sparce.

  10. Went to Target at 10:30 this morning in Atlanta. They only had one plain left, but lots of strawberry. Great deal!

  11. I live in Northeast Ohio and just wanted to say that even though it wasn’t listed in my ad these were indeed marked down to $1.20, but they were sold out. Good news is I did get a raincheck. 🙂

  12. yes guys- my local ad did not have the chobani in it either- but as u can see found at my store anyway- so check for it- & do indeed get a raincheck as I am sure they are going like hotcakes! 🙂

  13. Okay, I did find these today even though not in my ad. But just a heads up. Most of the flavors at my store had a very short expiration date within a few days to a week. This could be why they are on sale. Some of them expired today (along with some of the Lunchables). 🙁 I did find the no-fat plain with a longer exp. date of 1/22. Will check my other Target. Was hoping for at least the vanilla or low-fat version.

    Also, the Kraft grated 3-cheese is also on sale for $2. Any coupons out there? Usually my store does not include this, but this time they did.

  14. It was at my store in Long Beach – and it was going quickly! I am hoping to get a rain check on it tonight!!

  15. I scored 5 this am! No sign at my super target but when i scanned them they came up 1.20! Hooray!!! Would have bought more but didn’t think i could eat it all before it expires. may check back there later this week.

  16. Jennifer,
    Yes you can freeze it, just thaw it in the fridge when you are ready for it, might need a stir to combine extra liquid created…..excellent to freeze if you are going to use it in a smoothie or for cooking….but also good just to eat!! I just used a container of mine to make frozen yogurt….3 cups 2% plain….a little less than 2/3 cup of sugar (I used splenda)….and 1 tsp of vanilla…..YUM IT WAS DELICIOUS…stir everything together until sugar dissolves…put in a ice cream maker…and let go to work…it really was delicious!

  17. Unfortunately in the Cincinnati area store, the sale is only for the 6oz size yogurt 🙁 It was clearly marked on the sale label with the larger sizes more expensive and not on sale at all.

  18. In the Twin Cities’ print ad only the small Fage and Chiobani yogurts were on sale for $1.20 each. My husband reports that our local Target had no units of the 32oz, and only had its regular price tag on the shelf. So he had no way to scan a 32oz to see if it rang at the price error, nor did the shelf have a price cut tag in order to get any rain checks. Boo!
    Congrats to all those who scored!

  19. My Target in Wisconsin had a sign by the 6oz and not the 32oz, but I took one and price checked it just to see, and sure enough it said $1.20! No signs but it scanned for the sale price!!

  20. I got two strawberry 32 oz. yesterday for $1.20 (no sign, but scanned at the sale price). Today I went back to get two vanilla, which they were out of yesterday, and they came up at $5.99 at the register. Our scanners were down, so I couldn’t scan other flavors to see if just the vanilla is coming up higher, or if they fixed the price on all flavors at my store. I was super bummed!

  21. My local Target (Acworth, GA) confirmed that the 32 oz price was wrongly posted and they have pulled it from the sale – boo hiss! I was hoping to go get some this morning…plain yoghurt makes a great marinade for chicken! The small sizes are still part of the sale…

  22. My yogurt was ringing up at $5.99 but they still had the sale sign up with $1.20 so they had to price adjust. I now have 9 containers in my fridge and one raincheck for 5 more! yippeeeeee!!

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