The Knorr Report – My Notes for the Week of 1/2

So the Great Save Event is starting to make an appearance at my Target store, and a few of you e-mailed me about finding the same. For around a month, an area of Target stores becomes like a mini BJs selling lots of products in bulk packaging. While most of these buys are not usually any kind of bargain at regular price, they will eventually clearance them all, making for some super buys when you pair the clearance with a coupon. If it is like last year, you can look for the clearance on these items to start around the first week of February. Also last year a home mailer was sent out as a compliment to this sale event. If anyone gets one this year, please let me know!

Dee & Jana both reported that Target has pulled the Chobani 32 oz yogurt from being inclusions in the Chobani/Fage sale this week. It is now ringing up $5.99 for them, and I will bet everyone will find the same. Was nice while it lasted though. 🙁 -Thanks Dee & Jana! 

Magayrose reports that she found a Glad Force Flex Odor shield with febreeze included with the $7 sale this week. I could not find this type at my store- but if yours carries it, you can stack the $1/1 Glad OdorShield with Febreze Trash Bags Target Web Coupon with the $2/1 Glad Force Flex Trash Bags and pick them up for $4. That’s a pretty nice price imo. -Thanks Magayrose!

There were lots of inclusions for the Earth’s Best sale this week- including Cereal and Sesame Street Snacks. You can also print coupons for both these products on the Earth’s Best Site. I also saw some select jarred food, snacks & Milk boxes from Earth’s Best on clearance too. These can be very good buys, but be sure and check the expiration dates to make sure you will use in time.

I found 2 disappointing price jumps at my store. The Quaker Mix-Up Creations are now $3.12 for me, and I also saw a hike on the Shedd’s Country Crock Spread to $2.14. 🙁 Don’t like that at all- especially such a big difference. I was happy to see the super low price of $1.92 on the Quaker Quick Oats still in effect at my store, so was glad I got to pick up some FREE Oatmeal still with a stack. I am stocked up for sure right now- but makes for a great donation! Hope some of you found the 48 oz Quick Oats lowered too.

So what I like to call the “Crazy Cheese Sale” is on again at my Target this week. The refrigerated Kraft Asiago, Parmesan & Romano Shaker Cheese is marked again at $2 at my store. So, while there is lots of luck involved and it’s a very sporadic find- you may want to scan to check when Kraft cheese is on sale if you don’t see a sign. I’ve put in a picture of what it looks like, and you may also be able to use the .75/1 Kraft Shredded or Block cheese 6-oz. or larger Target Web Coupon to catch an even bigger break. They do not carry this cheese at all stores. Sale is valid thru 1/8 if you can find it.

Also a quick note- that while my store does not carry the Organic Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes, they do have the Whole Grain and they are included in the $1 Sale. You can use the .50/2 Kraft Whole Grain or Organic Macaroni and Cheese 6-oz. Target Web Coupon to get them for .75 cents each wyb 2. This is actually a price cut and will run thru 1/22.

*That’s it for this week folks- will get a clearance post up in a bit…. 😉

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  1. Hey Andy- it is usally in the back corner of the store towards the outer rim of where you can find the car cleaning stuff near where the put all the outdoor patio kind of stuff, holiday stuff etc.

  2. How do I know which targets have this event “the great save”?

    Where would these items be located?

    I ask bc I have never seem these and around here there is a target on each corner.

  3. I wandered around the Great Save Event today and saw that the boxed Kraft Mac and Cheese 5 pack is $3.99 and has a manufacturer peelie on it “Buy this 5-pack, Get a 4-pack of Easy Mac & Cheese Cups (up to $4.29) Free”.

  4. In response to Brandi F. question. The Axe gift sets will be found most likely on a clearance end cap in your health and beauty department. Mine were only 15% off.

  5. was just at my store and they still have the Chobani yogurt 32oz for that price did’nt have my coupon because I was not expecting to find it but I might go back and get some! I was looking at the dates and found one that said dec 10 2010 WHAT in the world!!!! lol

  6. Ah, how I love when the mega-size items start going on clearance in February! Last year, I got the big boxes of Del Monte peaches/mixed fruit cups for about $3 a pop and it lasted us for months. Hope I can snag such a deal this year, too.

  7. I did this last year and found the Charmin TP on clearance at $8 for a huge bag versus $16. It was a great find. Hopefully can find it again this year!

  8. Boy am I glad I got a rain check yesterday evening for the Chobani yogurt at the ridiculously low price. So sad it is back to normal today!

  9. Our southside Anchorage store finally went 75% on candy today. I got 22 bags of assorted, but good, candy for $4.88 with coupons.

  10. Super Target has the Annie’s organic boxed mac & cheese for $1 this week (not sure if it’s just this week or a price cut). Anyway, no coupons that I know of, but a good price (normally $1.40 – $1.50). My kids (and I) like it a lot better than the Kraft, so I stock up when its on sale.

    The Annie’s canned pastas are also $1 each. My kids didn’t like any of these, but if yours do, it’s a good price.

  11. I love everything you do but I LOVE the idea of a clearance prep post for the “great save” stuff. None of us are buying at full price so there should be plenty left lol.

  12. Question about the Axe gift sets (and possible gillette) where are you all finding these? I went to my Target yesterday AM and barely saw anything in the Christmas area…. is this located some where else? TIA!

  13. We need some pudding.. hoping to bulk prices are deal worthy.. last thing i need is more oreo’s after the christmas clearance.. i have 20+ packages.. I hope they have the velvetta cheese cups again..

  14. My Target has Peter Pan reduced fat peanut butter on clearance for .54…almost free with a coupon!!!

    I’m in Madison, WI.

  15. Hey Joanna- that’s a good idea- Thanks! maybe I will maintain a clearance prep list this year for the event when it get closer to being clearanced- like we did with the Christmas clearance this year.

  16. Anyone else excited about the large amounts of Axe gift sets Targets still has? I have a pile of coupons that I’m waiting to use on it and because they have so many I won’t settle for anything but free : )

  17. I’ll have to go by target and make a list of the bulk items so I can keep coupons around for them. Last year I got great deals.

  18. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work! I absolutely LOVE your Knorr reports and look forward to them!

    Thanks for all the great insights to saving money.

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