Check the Regular Aisles for Clearance Scotch Tape

I just got an e-mail from Chrissy about finding this Scotch tape in the regular stationary supplies aisle at her store unmarked for .20 cents. It pays to think outside the box, and become very close friends with the self-price-check scanners at Target.

She just so happened to scan it so it is something you may want to check for at your store. It was only this type for her and in the regular aisle. It is barcode 021200466489 and item #081060867. No guarantees that you will find the same, but worth a quick check for sure next time you are in. Let me know if any of you find the same…

-Thanks Chrissy at Tallymomma!

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  1. I also found that some of the kids hooded towels were part of the clearance as well, not just the Christmas ones, but I got the dog one, fish one and frog one for $3 when they were running the 75% off, they were mixed in with all the other marked as $11.99, but when I saw a few Christmas hooded towels mixed in there I decided to scan a few!

  2. I found the 3 pack Scotch tapes, and they scanned at 75 cents for the pack. I had found some peelies (different than the ones that were on these packs) for$1 off Scotch product. So, I got 4 of the 3 packs PLUS 25 cents overage per pack! YEAH!!

  3. im gonna go lookin tomorrow cause my kids use tape for everything, they build stuff and make things and they use tape so i dont have to clean up the glue 🙂

  4. I found both these ones, and the ‘magic’ tape in the green package. You can tell the difference between them, and the reg price ones by looking for that “bonus 50ft” and also the clearance price ones have $2.00 price printed on them. The regular price ones do not have a price listed on the packaging.
    I also found a 3pk of the green magic scotch tape for 30c. (it had wording about a $5 coupon on it, and a $3.00 price printed on it) Although someone else was nice enough to take the coupon off of my package without buying it. so I didn’t get to use that. Still happy with the 90% off price though.

  5. Sorry. I can’t edit my last post, and noticed I made a mistake. it’s not ‘bonus 50ft’ lol But that sure would be nice! it’s supposed to be “bonus 50 inches”.

  6. There is pop up tape dispensers and refills that don’t look Christmasy but have the price in black on them. That is the key for identifying the discount adhesives, the price $2.00 or $3.00 is printed on them in black.

  7. I found the three packs of gift wrapping tape here for $0.75 they also had the “$5” coupon thing on them, but none of the coupons are for tape, just other scotch products.

  8. Great find! But the “Limited Edition” red Cling Wrap with a snowflake cookie on the package front as well as the snowflake Ritz are full price at my store. CRAZY!

  9. I found the purple ones pictured above. They were only .20 each and not marked! YAY! I got a ton of tape! Actually, I bought all of them! 🙂 12 for $2.40! hee hee

  10. Funny how every Target is so different…..the one by us that I don’t go to very often had TONS of Christmas stuff left but at 75% off, not 90% yet. And I found the tape above in the regular aisle marked $2.99 each, but ringing up for 50 cents each, go figure! Still all good deals though- can’t complain =)

  11. I found them too in the office suply isle and they were not marked 🙂 Got 20 of them , my kids teachers will be happy for sure 🙂
    thanks for letting us know

  12. I found the 3pk magic tape was the only one marked down. I scanned the purple ones and they were regular price. They only had 3pks left on the shelves, I grabbed them.
    I found a pair of nice jeans for $12.48, I’m in need of jeans. I also found some organization items in the dollar spot. They had magazine holders, dividers and file folders, in some cute designs (at least I think they are cute).

  13. Thank you so much, my creative son goes thru this stuff like crazy! I found some of the green 3-packs for 30 cents and then the purple ones for 20 cents. I also was able to p/u 4 of the Scotch gift wrap cutters for 30 cents. I could not figure out the differance as to why some were on clearance and som were not. I was able to use the $1 coupons for the cutters, so had overage. THANKS!

  14. I found only 2 of the purple .20 ones and scanned all kinds of scotch items-I must have looked funny as I kept going to the self scanner-and found 1 out of 20 tape cutters was .30. It has a different barcode than the rest-051131980594. I found the peelie someone had thrown on the bottom of the shelf had a $1.00 off coupon for the cutter so I got .70 overage! My xmas was 90% and everything fit in 1 aisle. Got some napkins for .15 each, Wonka chocolate shortbread .39 and cat stockings for 1.00-like i’m gonna pay 10.00 for a cat stocking!

  15. I found the 3pks of the tape in purple for $.75 and 2 pks for $.49. The 3 pks had coupons on them! One was for $2 off a wrapping paper cutter- so I price checked those and they were only $.75 so $1.75 in overages. There were 2 other coupons for $1 off cutters, so I bought 2 more with a total of $.50 in overage and there were also coupons for the pop up refills- so I price checked those too and they rang up $.50 with a $1 off coupon so $.50 overage. All together I got 3 3pks of tape, 3 cutters, and 5 pkgs of 3pk refills for a total of $1!! I had a total savings of $32!! I was so excited I actually got to get in on a great deal. I also passed the deal and this site along to someone who was looking for tape and told her a couple of our couponing “tricks”. She was so excited and yes, there was still a ton left!

  16. THANK YOU for sharing this!! We were going to Target tonight and I checked – they were 20 cents as well!! We bought all 8 rolls since the tag said $2.49!! We also scanned the 3 packs but they were $3.59 or so. So funny how different all of the stores are!! I didn’t read the comments unfortunately so I didn’t try other colors of tape. OH well, 8 rolls will last us pretty well and all for $1.60 🙂

  17. I got the .20cent apiece deal -yea. I live in the Bay area in California. They weren’t marked as clearance, but after seeing your post I checked it out, scanned it and it was .20cents – thanks

  18. I went to my Tragte today and I didn’t find any tpe in the clerence anywhere in the store but I did grab the gift wrap tape out from the stationary isle and scanned it. It was priced at $2.54 but scanned at 20 cents! So it goes to show you really do need to scan things before you assume they are not on sale in your store. I made out with 4 hot cocos, 5 battery packs, 16 good life cat foods, and my favorite the tape for $3. If you notice sometimes the register doesn’t price adjust a coupon down so when I used my $2 off hot coco, I got 4 boxes cause I knew the coupon would go thru at full price. At least I hoped it would and it did. The same with the cat foods, I only had 8 coupons but I got 16 for free (well bout 2 cents a can) cause the coupon stayed at full price.

  19. You might ask why does a person need 15 rolls of tape? I have 2 kids that LOVE to use tape to build things and make airplanes and decorate their rooms with their pictures so the tape doesn’t actually last that long. But now I have 15 rolls, so that should do us for a while if I ration it out.


  21. There were 3 left. I took 2, comtemplated taking the 3rd one but decided to not be greedy and what happens next? Some lady comes and takes the last one and I look down at her basket – she already has a whole bunch of them in there! Maybe she reads this blog too? LOL.

  22. Megs… It’s not about being greedy… it’s about grabbing a deal while you can 🙂 I too felt bad for taking so much tape, but it happened to me too so many times that someone else came and cleared the shelf right in front of my eyes… So, I decided to grab what i find, when i find it and as much as i need 🙂
    I don’t call it greedy- I call it “scoring and awsome deal” lol.
    My kids love me and their teachers are happy for all the tape they received 🙂 That makes me happy too 🙂

  23. I found them @ the Miami target. But My mommy and me got all 8 that were there. There was no signs of this being marked down, but we scanned them and they were .20 cents…YAY!!!!

  24. Found the .20 tape in the greater Sacramento area too! Toys were starting to get marked 75% today too. Mostly baby and teenage categories. Preschool toys are generally still sitting at 30% or starting to creep up to 50% at my store.

  25. Thanks for the great tip! I was only able to find 4 of these at my store but I bought all of them! They were not marked in any way so I never would have known if you hadn’t posted this.

  26. Also found the .20 tape thanks to you! Not marked at all and the cashier was stunned. I will confess I bought them all, but we use a lot of tape at Christmas for different Adopt a Family programs I work with. Thank you so much for posting!

  27. I have to report (although quite late I know…INSOMNIA..ugh) I too was able to purchase (20) of these for .20 each. NOT MARKED ($2.49). I first scanned one each of the purple and green packaging, just to see if they would ring up at .20. Let me tell you, what happened next was FUN-NE…Our price checking scanner is right near the tape isle, so I know I must have looked like a fool quickly moving.. notice I did not say running, but I’m sure it must have looked that way! Y’all know you can see it..some crazed shopper making a mad dash for a sale…that crazy lady would be ME!! *LOL*
    The cashier did a double take as she was ringing up my order and said, “Wow, you can’t beat that!” Thanks SO MUCH for pointing this great find out!! I gifted 15 of the 20 rolls to each of my daughter teachers, I told them to divide as they wish. = )

    By the way, Megs … you wouldn’t happen to have been the lady I pointed to sale out to, are you?!! LOL!!!!!

  28. I went yesterday to 2 different Targets and 1 had already been hit so I found only 4 single rolls no double packs but at the 2nd one- jackpot! I got quite a bit of the 3 packs, 2 packs, singles and pop-ups!

  29. I got the 3pks of Scotch tape for .30 each!! That’s .10/roll!!! They were with the regular tape. Of course I price checked before I bought them.

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