Goodlife Recipe Coupon is Back- FREE Cat Food

*UPDATE– Redplum site is a little on the wonky side today (if you ask me anyway :() so proceed knowing that you may not have luck printing coupons. but you can try printing 1 coupon at a time.

*UPDATE #2– Like I said Redplum is funny this morning and now the $1.50/1 is gone. I see some other new ones now, like $1/2 Temptations, but not sure if any of the new ones will print. But can’t hurt to check it out HERE and see if you have any luck.

Keep in mind you can also use the $1.50/1 or the $1/1 Goodlife Recipe Food for Cats from the 1-2-11 RP x2/26 to get them for FREE as well. Both these coupons have no size restrictions. If you did not get them in your inserts, you can always use a clipping service- (I highly recommend My Coupon Hunter and she has them in stock), or you should see lots of auctions for Goodlife Recipe when you do a search for these coupons on eBay.

If you missed Sunday’s RedPlum coupons, some of them are back! Including the $1.50/1 Goodlife Recipe As you can see from my picture above, my store sells them for .77 and there is no size restriction on this coupon which makes them FREE and this coupon does NOT beep at Target. I was able to print this coupon from my hubby’s computer, but unable to print a second time on my computer (the computer I printed from Sunday). So I feel it is not re-set, it’s just back. Other coupons are also back like the Quaker that wouldn’t print for me or anyone else I asked to print it- so best to just head over to RedPlum and see what you are able to print that’s back. Sometimes RedPlum coupons don’t last for very long though, so I wouldn’t wait.

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  1. Hey Kim- yes if you already printed that will be it- if you missed it though you should be able to print. I was able to from my hubby’s computer. hth

  2. It won’t let me print the oatmeal and I didn’t print it last time. Bummer! It says DeniedByDistributionSubscriptionLimit . Weird that they would re-release it without any more prints with it. Oh well!

  3. I can see the coupon just fine, but when I try to print it, it says there were errors because the coupon has expired.

  4. DP- I was able to use them the other day and they took off the full $1.50 but it depends on your cashier. I had a cashier adjust down all my $2 Olay coupons to the .97 price yesterday. Also, if you keep catalina’s, I had some buy one 3.5oz wet Goodlife cat food and get one free Target coupons in my stack that go nicely with these manufacturer coupons!

  5. @DP- their published policy is that they will adjust the coupon down. Some stores will give the overage- but it is ymmv. hth. PS- WHAT A NIGHTMARE THIS REDPLUM COUPON WAS THIS MORNING! 🙁 Glad at least a few of you got it.

  6. If u have never tried this food before beware my two cats turned their noses up to this stuff, good thing it was free with the coupon : )

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