Crazy Price Cut on Iams Proactive Health 24 Packs

So today at my store I noticed a HUGE price cut on one particular variety of Iams Proactive Health Cat Food 24-packs. The Meat Chicken & Beef Variety Pate 24-Pack was marked all the way down to $3.60. It is regularly priced $17.69. This may be very random, so don’t shoot the messenger if some of you don’t find it, but I hope those of you interested do. It was only this variety, and you can scan to double check if you don’t see a sign just in case.

The sign says Price Cut thru 2/5, but possibly they are discontinuing it and that may be why it’s so low- so who knows if it will last that long. There are no mainstream coupons, but check your binders just in case. Even without a coupon it’s a savings of over $14 and it works out to be .15 cents a can if you find this Price Cut at your store. Good Luck!

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  1. There were some $1 off of Iams cat food in the P&G coupons that you had to submit the receipts and mail in for.

  2. I saw this post and took off for Target! I got the last three cases and four bags of goldfish!! Thanks for your posts. I have four cats inside and feed two outside. So I might hit up a few other targets to get some more!!

  3. I live in Jax Florida and the Target on Roosevelt does not have these marked down. Just wanted to save you a trip.

  4. If you can find this in your Target stores, and they seem to be just sitting there… and you don’t have cats, you can still take advantage of the deal. This would be a great items to donate to the Animal Shelters!

  5. they did not scan at $3.60 at my target, but there was a sign on the shelf. I took the last 3 packs. The cashier did not believe me and called back and even when they read the sign to her, she still did not believe the associate. I offered to get the sign and they were lazy so they gave it to me.

    I thinks some people don’t like to see others take advantage of a good deal. I foster 10 cats, so this is a real treat for them.

  6. Our Target had them…there was no sign about the sale but I took 2 different kinds to price checker and the 1 was regular price and the other was 3.60…I bought 2. Thanks!

  7. I found these at Target and they were not marked …there were two different kinds, one rang up regular price and one was marked down (they only had two cases and I will keep one and pass one on to our humane society wooo hooo).

  8. Jennfier S.
    Would you be able to share where you found the $3.00 off 10 cans or more for Iams cat food? (hopefully that package counts and isn’t only for 10 or more single cans)
    I searched the internet and the only $3.00 off I could is an offer that is no longer available, home mailer for $3.00 off a 7lb bag of larger of cat food, or an upcoming one in the 2/7 P&G insert which will be too late.
    If these are priced extremely low here, and I could find the coupon you did, my son and I would be taking these to the local humane animal shelter.
    Thank you in advance for sharing

  9. Thanks for posting the recall info… I checked my cans and they are dated 07/12 and are not part of the recall. Since the recall was last June, all cans were probably already pulled, but it is always good to be safe! Thanks Kerry for posting as I might have missed the sign if I hadn’t been looking!

  10. I found three boxes today and am so excited to be sending them to the shelter with my husband this week! Thanks for the heads up!!

  11. I took off to Target right away and found two on the shelf! Yahoo! Great deal! My cat is 15 and has three abscessed teeth and will only eat soft cat food now, so this was quite a score!

  12. Thanks Kerry! They were not marked on the shelf so I scanned and found the 1 on sale. I was able to get 3 boxes for my 2 cats stockpile. Yes they do have their own stockpile. The Goldfish were also on the shelf and when I scanned it said item not found. I found an associate and had him scan and they rang up for $0. I went up front and spoke to a manager and she informed me that they were salvaged so they couldn’t be sold. I was not happy with this response at all since it wasn’t my fault that they were still on the shelf. So after so back and forth she decided to sell them to me for 90% off or $.22 each.

  13. They were out of these at my Target : ( I asked a clerk about them and she scanned the shelf tag and said the price would remain until 2/3. She said I could ask for a raincheck, but I did not have time due to a toddler meltdown. May be worth asking at your store, too.

  14. I live in St. Louis, and they were on sale here, too. I had $3 coupon off 10. I got them from a coworker. There was a free can tucked inside a dry bag of Iams. She doesn’t used canned food so she gave them to me. Normally, it is too expensive, but today, it was just the right price. I was able to get 3 boxes for $1.80!!

  15. Thanks so much! I was able to get one. I also had some goodlife coupons to use and they gave overage, so I only paid $1.40 for the Iams and 10 cans of goodlife!! Thank you so much for this blog – you really have saved me so much money.

  16. Thank you so much for this post! I read it on my phone this morning while I was at Target, and immediately went over to check. They had two on the shelf, marked with the discount shelf tag and everything! My 12 year old cat has recently decided he won’t eat hard food anymore, so this was a great find for me and for him.

  17. In Houston, the price showed $3.60 but it scanned at full price. I spoke with the manager and he honored the price cut. Also, thanks for the tip on the recall. I’ll be sure to supplement my cat’s diet.

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