Gold’n Plump Chickens $2.49 Plus FREE Fork Offer

There is a pretty nice deal on Gold’n Plump Chicken whole chickens this week. Plus Nicole just e-mailed me a link to a mail in offer for a FREE Kitchen Fork, so I wanted to get this up and posted for those of you whose stores carry Gold n’ Plump!  

The 3.5 lb whole fryer chickens are on sale for $3.49 thru 1/15 and there is a coupon HERE on Smart Source at zip 84123 for $1 off.  This coupon is a little finicky. Try looking for Gold n’ Plump under the “Brand”  drop down menu at 84123 to find it.  It seems that whenever I post a smartsource Gold n’ Plump coupon- some people can find & print it, while others can’t but it did work for me. This would bring them down to $2.49 which would be like getting them 50% off! (Regularly $4.99).

To make the deal even better, you can get a FREE Kitchen Fork HERE when you buy 3 Gold’n Plump Whole Chickens. It looks like a pretty nice fork too, with a digital thermometer built right in (-Thanks Nicole!). For the FREE Fork offer, you will need to submit the form, UPC codes and register receipt by February 28, 2011. There is a limit of one Kitchen Fork per household while supplies last.

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  1. Thanks, Kerry!
    Does anyone know if these ‘fryers’ need to be fried or can you just bake them? I’m terrible at frying. 😉

  2. anybody help !! can you use this coupon: mine printed with a package picture on it meaning you need to buy a package (styrofoam kind) or can be use for the bag confusing sorry 🙁

  3. Hey Sofi- no even though a package is pictured it just says Gold n’ Plump All Natural so you can use it on the whole chickens- which are Gold n’ Plump and All Natural, so you should be fine. hth

  4. Hey Nicole- I had tried it on 3 different computers with a no go so that’s why I didnt put it up, but tysm anyway! I am pretty sure the $1.50/1 dies a while ago- but let me know if anyone successfully prints it! 🙂

  5. Thanks! I love stocking up on these. Theyre great to throw in the crockpot for something quick and easy.

  6. Quick question – do I have to buy all 3 at once or can I buy one for example in 3 different days? Thanks!

  7. My questions is similar to sofi’s. My coupon does state that it’s for “any ONE package of Gold n Plump All Natural Chicken” it has a picture of a package also. Is everyone else’s coupon just stating off all natural chicken? Target can be really picky about coupons. To me though it should work because the chicken is in a package right? What do you all think? Thanks so much for a great site!

  8. Rosa, I had the same question so I called and spoke to a rep and they assured me 3 separate transactions would be fine : ) Yeah!

  9. Hey LeAnne & Sofi- sorry did not realize that “package” was the word in question. I still consider it a package yes- I really think it should be fine.

  10. There have been coupons like this out before with that picture on it and I have had no problems using it on the whole birds. IMO unless your chickens are running around the store and you have to catch them, they are in a “package”! 🙂

  11. Does anyone know if Targets that have some food, but aren’t Super Targets (or whatever the technical term is) carry these chickens? My Target has a sizable food section, lots of freezer and refrigerated sections, but isn’t technically a grocery Target. I’m hoping to get my hands on these chickens, though!

  12. Be on the lookout, I got a Target coupon circular in the mail with $1 off Gold’n Plump chicken yesterday that should be able to stack with the manuf. coupon!

  13. Hey Katie- yes but it is for the Extra Tender variety so that one won’t be valid on the whole chickens but you can certainly use it another time

  14. First I found that coupon under that zip and I clicked to print it. But guess what? It’s pulling, but it’s not printing. And now I can’t see it by any zip.

  15. @nicole:

    Yeah, it looks like that Gold’n Plump Chicken coupon is out of prints. However, if you click Help down at the bottom of the Print Your Coupon page, a new tab will open where you can request the coupon by mail (I always check for this on every bricks coupon; sometimes I get lucky! ;)). I just requested mine. Every coupon I’ve requested this way from Coupons, Inc. has arrived in my mailbox very swiftly. It’s great. Thanks for the link, Nicole! 🙂

  16. I just thought that I’d report back that I found these chickens at my regular Target (not a super Target). 😀

  17. Kimmie,
    Your comment about the running around chickens really gave me a great laugh, just wanted to say thank you 🙂

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