The Knorr Report – My Notes for the Week of 1/9

Unless otherwise specified, all deals listed below are valid this week only thru 1/15. Please keep in mind it is possible for some sales and prices to vary by region…

There is a Special Purchase on select Wii Games that is good this week only.  Some of you may have found it your ads, but it wasn’t in mine, so in case you are interested and didn’t have it in your ad, you may want to look for this deal in your store if you’re interested. It’s an automatic $20 discount wyb 2 Select Wii Games. You can pick any 2 from the following- Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Just Dance Kids, Michael Jackson:  The Experience and Gold’s Gym: Dance Workout. Prices range from $29.99 to $49.99.

Not in my ad, but there were several different varieties of Campbell’s soups on sale this week at my store. Chicken Noodle was at .60 cents and there were a couple of varieties of the Great for Cooking Soups priced at .75 cents. Other varieties are inlcuded in the sale too. There are a variety of coupons on the Campbell’s Kitchen Web Site and you can find lesser value coupons in the 11-7, 1-2 and 1-9 Smart Source inserts.

Lots of Gorton Items were on sale this week including the grilled salmon and lemon pepper fish fillets 2 ct boxes at $2.50.  The fish sticks 44 count were also on sale $4.  Coupons are quite scarce, but there is a $1/2 any Gorton’s Product HERE.

I found the sale on Kids Yoplait yogurt to be very limited.  My store may have been missing signs, but the only sign I saw was for the 4 pack of Yoplait Splitz Yogurt.  But if you were lucky enough to get the .50/1 Yoplait Splitz 4-Pack Target Coupon in your 1-9-10 SS, you can stack it with the .50/1 Yoplait Splitz Yogurt, Any Flavor – 01-02-11 GM and pick them up for $1. There is also a -.75/2 Yoplait GoGurt, Splitz, or Trix Kids Yogurt HERE AND HERE. If you found other kids yogurt included in the $2 sale, please let me know.

UPDATE:  Dawn found the Trix and Dora yogurt for $2.  No signage, but they did scan at $2 so you might want to try scanning them at your store just in case! (Thanks Dawn!)

I got an e-mail from Roland this morning about the Twilight Eclipse Blu-Ray Combo Pack being found at Target for just $10 on sale thru 1/15. Seems crazy, and the Twilight Eclipse 2 Disc DVD is in the ad for $19.99, BUT then again since oddities at Target do happen (like many of you finding the same $17 cat food I did for $3.60 ;)), I figure it is definitely worth mentioning. If any of you find this at your store you can use the $8 Twilight Eclipse coupon from RedPlum to get an amazing deal.
-Thanks for the heads up to Roland at Coupon Pro!

UPDATE: Debra found this deal & the UPC you are looking for is 025192083259. It looks like it is the Blu-Ray DVD Special Edition- there’s a pic you can view HERE. It’s not at my store- but hope others can find it out there! ANd be sure to scan to check just in case as you never know! 😉 (Thanks Debra!)

Vicks Nyquil Sinex is on sale for $4.99 this week and you can use the $4/1 from the 12-26 P&G to get it for .99 cents.  For some reason the Dayquil Sinex was also on sale but marked higher for me. 🙄  There were several other Vick’s items included in the sale as well and there are a couple of other Vick’s coupons in the same P&G.

Things that jumped for me this week were Simply Lemonade and Simply Limeade 59 oz Bottles up to $2.69 from $2.01, and Danactive 4 packs jumped from $1.89 to $2.49.  🙄 The Activia 4 packs are still hanging tough at $1.89. Also my store started carrying a second variation of the Fantastic Scrubbing Bubbles 32 oz Trigger (now with Oxi-Power) & both are now priced at $2.39. 🙁 Speaking of Scrubbing Bubbles, I checked in on the Power Sprayers since we now have a new $5/1 Manufacturer’s Coupon from the 1-9-10 SS to stack with the .50/1 Target Web Coupon.  So $1.49 after a stack isn’t too bad if you have the $6.99 price at your store. And not as good, but there is also a $3/1 on at zip 90210. The only thing that I noticed a drop on was Select Varieties of Birds Eye 12 oz Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables from $1.34 to $1.02. There is a .35/Birds Eye Steamfresh in the 12-12-10 SS x1/31 if you are interested and find the same price drop at your store.

*That’s it for this week folks- will get a clearance post up in a bit….

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  1. I have also noticed a price increase in the Campbell’s Chunky Soup =( there are my favorite. They were priced $1.27 about weeks ago and now they are $1.89.

  2. Hey Stephenie- yes CC is another one that fluctuates- and that is usually the spectrum $1.27 to $1.89 up down up down up down 🙂 Makes ya dizzy doesn’t it?
    @Kelly – sorry left inset date out but got it added in – was in 1/9 SS for some. also a $3/1 on

  3. Lately, Target’s prices are not competitive with Walmart’s prices on many, many items. It seems to me that Target raises the price of everything and then puts the stuff on sale at the same price that Walmart sells it for every day. A good example is orange juice. Target’s price are out of line with Walmart and more in line with CVS and Walgreens prices.

  4. I notice too that our Target in northern Illinois seems to raise prices when coupons come out. Example, Air Wick candles were priced @ $2.99 then the $2 coupon came out and it went up to $4.99!!

  5. Our Target in Fl had the trix and dora yogurts on sale for $2. No signs were there, but I scanned them and they rang up $2! woot!

  6. thank kerry 🙂
    heather – i’m in southwest indiana and i noticed the air wick candles went up too! i had one of the $2 off coupons left, but when i went to target last week, noticed the candles were $4.99 and $5.99 🙁 boo!

  7. I don’t have a SuperTarget so we don’t get in on alot of the good food sales-like the Kraft grated refrigerated cheese Kerry always finds on sale. I dislike Wally World (as my hubby calls it) and only go there if necessary. But the Iams catfood was at 1 of the 3 stores by me and I bought 2 cases and left a case for another lucky shopper.

  8. I went to my target last night and found the special edition bluray for eclipse for $10 and then on you can print out a coupon for $8 off. So I got the bluray for only $2!!!!!

    It’s weird b/c in the paper it is advertised at $19.99. I don’t know but I was happy about this deal and there was only one left.

  9. I am also seeing a lot of bizzare occurences, I ususally shop during the week ( I work a split shift ) not that I don’t like my kids being with me but my couponing usually makes my 9 year old’s head spin !
    I was allowed $9 + dollars on overage without a single beep last friday on my shopping trip on everything including the $1.50 on the car food that was only .70 cents..saving me $47.42.. but when I went Saturday I noticed that 3 of my coupons scanned at $0.00 completely , making the coupon obsolete all together not even beeping, a 1 dollar/2 for pilsbury holiday cookies a 1 dollar for reach floss and another 50 cents for carefree pads, and all my items were not on overage this time!! WEIRD.
    I am not sure what is going on with their registers but it is fairly anoying.
    I will have to start itemizing all my purchases making sure every coupon is being taken off at face value and not zeroing out.

  10. Hi has anyone else found the twilight at $10 I would love to get one but at my store they are ringing up $20? something dollars. Thanks

  11. I was just at my Target and I price checked the Twilight Blue Ray one and it was ringing up normal price of $29.99. Does it ring up different when you actually purchase it? I would love to get this movie for $2!?!!?

  12. When I got it it scanned 10$ at the scanner as well as the register, they must have caught the price mistake.

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