1. I saw in RiteAids ad they are on sale. not sure for how much, but I think the coupon makes it close to free.

  2. OOps, I called you Lauren instead of Lauralee, sorry. I tried to print it from Mozilla and got the same message so I went through internet explorer and it let me print. It only let me print one though and now it says print limit reached. I am having hubby print one now and will see how many it lets him print. Would you like them? I don’t think this is anything I will use. My email is [email protected]. BTW it only will let him print one, but I do have 2 if you want them.

  3. Thanks Brigitte! What ended up happening… I opened a new tab with coupons.com and then clicked on something else to print. When printing the new thing the other came out too!!! Thanks again for responding!!

  4. Lauren I have had that happen off hubbys laptop and I find that if I turn the computer off and then wait a few seconds and turn it back on it usually prints or if I go back to the website the coupon is there still to print.

  5. Wondering what’s up, it says sending coupons to printer, but they never go. I have had this happen before and never got my coupons and then coupons.com thinks I got it. Then I miss out on some coupons. Anyone have this happen, is there something I should do?

  6. SWEET! These go on sale at Rite-Aid quite a bit so if it’s not affordable at Target, I’m sure I can do it there.

  7. Do you know how much these are in store? Target is one of the few area’s in my stores that accepts print offs…want to make it worth my trip!

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