There’s Something About Mary for $2 & Other Deals

There’s some nice deals to be had with the DVD & Blu-Ray coupons out and some price cuts going on right now. Price Cuts can vary by region, but here’s what I noticed at my store and it can’t hurt to scan to double check a price in case your store is just missing the sign…

There’s Something About Mary on DVD $5 (PC thru 3/19)
-$3/1 There’s Something ABout Mary on Blu-Ray or DVD
= $2 after Price Cut and coupon!

Mr. & Mrs Smith on DVD $7.99 (PC thru 4/2)
Mr. & Mrs Smith on Blu-Ray &14.99 (PC thru 3/19)
-$3/1 Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Blu-Ray or DVD
= $4.99 for the DVD & $11.99 for the Blu-Ray after price cut & coupon

Australia on Blu-Ray $13.00 (Regular Price)*
*Was $24.99, now newly lowered for me- but will likely be very random, can’t hurt to look though
-$3/1 Australia on Blu-Ray or DVD
= $10 after coupon if you find the lowered price

27 Dresses on DVD $9.00 (Regular Price)
-$3/1  27 Dresses on Blu-Ray or DVD
= $6.00 after coupon

Romeo & Juliet on Blu-Ray $14.99 (PC thru 4/2)*
-$3/1 Romeo & Juliet on Blu-Ray or DVD
= $11.99 after coupon and Price Cut

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  1. i agree with kristen 🙂 .. but did u happen to catch how much the regular dvd of romeo & juliet was?

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