FREE Shout Wipes & a Stack for Mobile Coupon

UPDATE: Shout coupons gone for now folks πŸ™Β  sheesh the coupons are dropping like flies around here!Β  Hope some of you got it while it lasted!

So when I posted last night about the new $1/1 Any Shout Product being able to get you a FREE 4-pack Travel Size Wipes, keep in mind it’s also a perfect stack for the new .75/3 Trial & Travel items Target Mobile Coupon x3/18. You can buy 2 of the Shout Wipes, and then pick up another travel size item around $1 of your choice and end up paying around a quarter for all 3 after a stack.

Or buy 2 Shout wipes, and say a Secret Clinical for $2.50. Use two $1/1 Any Shout Product, and a $2/1 Secret Clinical from the 2-27-11 PG and stack with the .75/3 Trial & Travel items Target Mobile Coupon to get all 3 for FREE. There are several other ideas for stacking the mobile coupon on my postΒ HERE.

There is also a few new stacks for the Windex Target Coupon now…
$1/2 Windex cleaning items ETS Target Web Coupon x3/30
-$1/2 Windex Glass Cleaners
-$3/1 Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass Cleaning Tool Starter Kit
-$.55/1 Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner or Wipes

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  1. I tried signing up for the mobile coupons but have’t received anything yet. How long does this process take?

  2. Are you charged per text? About how many do you get a month? THANK YOU!!! I hit some great deals last night =)

  3. I dont see the shout coupon either and I even tried my zip code (66086) and tried 90210. πŸ™ guess I missed out on this one! bummer! πŸ™

  4. In my experience once you sign up, the text coupons don’t activate until the next round of coupons go out… You can probably expect the next text on 3/19/11 since these are set to expire 3/18/11. Mobile coupons are good for two weeks!

  5. I used my mobile coupons last night and the cashier and her supervisor didn’t know how to use them there was a scanning error and then they manually entered it and it still didn’t work. They did a price adjustment instead. Anyone else have any problems using mobile coupons?

  6. @analisa I have run into this several times. Usually if the cashier doesn’t know about it or how to do it they call a supervisor that knows something about it. Sometimes that supervisor knows nothing also and then someone else comes along, lol. Eventually someone will know something about it. It is amazing how many still don’t know about it, must be poor training, or they don’t listen or read a memo maybe, who knows. I have actually had them scan my phone 1 x since I started using the mobile q’s, which has been several months. Most the time it just doesn’t scan and they either enter that really long number, or have me show them the coupon amount on the phone and they just take that amount off.

  7. Have a question on your “Or buy 2 Shout wipes, and say a Secret Clinical for $2.50” scenario. How do you think we can use the .75/3 when we buy 2 wipes and a non-travel/trial item along with it? COnfused.

  8. I tried signing up for the mobile coupons. The text I got back said “we can’t deliver your msg for you are not yet eligible for this program. Ctct: 800-440-0680” I called and they couldn’t seem to figure out what the problem was. Any suggestions????

  9. Can anybody give a brief discription on what a “mobile coupon” coupon is? And how they work? Thanks

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