Tostitos Deal Update with New Target Coupons

So there are a couple new Target coupons that can be used for the Special Purchase deal this week at Target. The Artisan are included at my store, and I have heard from several of you that they are included at your store as well (Thanks Juli & Bev!).  If you don’t see signage, you can scan them at a self check scanner and it will show up on the screen as a Special Purchase.  Since they are included you can do the following…

SPECIAL PURCHASE: FREE Tostitos Dip or Salsa wyb
(2) Tostitos 9-13 oz Chips 2/$6* (Deal valid thru 3/19)

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Tostitos Artisan Chips (Black Bean or Chipolte)
& a Tostitos Dip or Salsa and Buy a 1 liter bottle of Pepsi = $9.50
– $2.50 (Salsa or Dip is FREE with Target Deal
-.50/1 Tostitos Artisan Black Bean or Chipolte 9.75-oz.Chips Target Web Coupon x4/9
-$1/3 Tostitos Dip 15-16 oz AND Tostitos Chips 9 oz + AND Pepsi 2 Liter Target Web Coupon x4/9
-$1/1 OR $1/2 Tostitos Artisan Chips (has wording of one coupon per customer) 02-27-11 SS
= $4.50 for all 4 items. If you have the $1/1 Artisan, your 2nd bag can be regular Tostitos

If you got that very regional -.55/1 Diet Pepsi Brand 2 liter Bottle in the 3-6-11 SS, you can buy Diet Pepsi and make it even cheaper. You also may have Tostitos tear pads or find the FREE Pepsi wyb 2 Tostitos MQ peelies on the chips too to make it even better.

Note- some stores may not allow the $1/3 Target coupon agains the dip/salsa since it is free.

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  1. I just called my friend who is at Target now . . . 🙂

    She had to scan it since it wasn’t signed, but they are scanning at $3!

    Thanks for the deal!

  2. I live in CT and I was in Target this morning looking at this deal and the Artisans did not appear to be included. They were on sale for $3, but they did not have the same markings of the free salsa the way the other bags of Tostitos did. Bummer 🙁

  3. What scanned at $3, Juli? And does anyone know if you can pick diet mt. dew instead of pepsi since dew is a pepsi product. thanks

  4. Julene-
    The target coupon states “1 liter of Pepsi BRAND soda” So I’m assuming anything that is Pepsi brand would be ok. I’m trying this deal out tomorrow.

  5. Does anyone know the total of the items for this deal before coupons and how much you end up saving if you use a sunday .55/1 bag of artisan chips and the Target 1.00/3. That would add in and then subtract the cost of the dip as well. I just realized to get the dip free and use the target 1.00/3 I’m going to have to buy 4 bags of chips, 2 diet mt dews, and use 2 sets of coupons, which I do have. Wondering how great this deal really is. And this is frying my brain trying to figure this all out. I can’t ask my husband to pick up all that’s needed for this deal. Ha. And I may still have it wrong. Have I messed this up. Thanks

  6. Julene- You should be able to buy 2 chips, one salsa, and one pop (I have the $0.55 off DIet Pepsi) so I am doing it this way (three times)

    2 chips
    1 salsa
    1 diet pepsi.
    Total after cpns $4.45

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