Clearance & Tidbits From My Inbox

Clearance can vary greatly from store to store, there is no guarantee you will find the same. You may want to double check items on the self-check scanner too- sometimes items don’t all get stickered, or the price may be lower than marked. If you are looking for a coupon for something I or others mentioned below that isn’t listed, try checking my Coupon Database to see if there is one available…

There has been quite a bit of clearance in the condiments aisle including Kraft Barbecue Sauce, French’s Worcestershire Sauce, Smuckers Squeeze Grape Jelly,  Archer Farms Pandori or Fiery Jamaican Jerk Marinade, Archer Farms Poppy Seed and Honey Mustard Dressing and more. Most items are anywhere from 15-30% Off

I noticed even more types of cereal clearanced at my store including Archer Farms Simply Balanced, General Mills Raisin Nut Bran, General Mills Basic 4, plus quite a few brands and types I have already mentioned like Post Honey Bunches of Oats, Total, Wheaties and more.  Everything is still sitting at 15% off but there sure is a ton of it.

In Grocery Kool aid packets were now 50% off down to .11 cents each, Black Cherry flavor for me. I also saw the following items all at 15% Off- Juicy Juice 8 packs Berry Flavor,  Market Pantry 8 pk Juice Boxes & Diced Peaches, Starbucks Cappucino Primo Tassimo Discs, and Archer Farms Vanilla Soymilk. And also Jen & Ashley both found Market Pantry Whipped Cream tubs for around .50 cents. (Thanks ladies!)

The  Crayola Pop Art Pixies Stationery Boxes Kits were now down to 75% off at my store, and there is still the $2/1 Crayola Pixies coupon which makes it a great deal if you can find the same at your store. I saw tons of other Crayola items on clearance anywhere from 30-75% off.  I also saw Disney Pop Charm Jewelry Sets 30% off and a ton of stationery and party items have all migrated to one end cap and are marked anywhere from 30-75% off.

Also, OMSM let me know she found TinkerBell Craft kits down to 75% off at her store. They had a Stepping Stone kit and a Memory Maker Scrapbook Kit and both were down to $2.48 each. -Thanks OneMommaSavingMoney!

In Electronics I found Dora the Explorer Dora Saves the Snow Princess Nintendo DS Gift Pack that comes with a Dora decorated game case 30% off down to $13.98.  Playstation 2 Game Systems (includes Toy Story 3) 15% off.  Quite a few cameras including some Fuji film and Kodak models.

Tons of hoisery 50% off or more including Merona and Xhiliration socks and tights, Assets panty hose and more. In toys I saw Fisher Price Loving Family Figure Sets 50% off down to $3.98 and Barbie mini-b keychains for 30% off down to $2.44.  Jen let me know she found Adams Spot On Flea & Tick Control 75% off down to $4.48 with $10/2 Coupon peelies on the front (thanks Jen!).

Lots of Up & Up Disposable Tableware items are on clearance 15-30% Off so far, and we still have the .50/1 Up & Up™ Disposable Plates, Cups, or Bowls Target Web Coupon available. Off!  Tropical Fresh insect repellant 50% off.  Ocedar Mop Refills. Febreze Woodwick Candles 75% off, & even more kitchen gadgets and utensils including KitchenAid anywhere from  30-50% off. In Health & Beauty I saw Benefiber Orange Powder, Up & Up Nicotene gum and Odwalla Food Bars Multipacks all 15% off.

Checking in on the B1G1 50% Off Video Game Special Purchase Deal- there are a lot of Games included. And several of them are on sale for a discount as well. I also found a very big Price Cut on the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Game for the Wii. Although not included in the B1G1 50% Off deal it is a savings of $20 and marked down to $19.99. While price cuts can vary by region, you can always ask an employee to scan it for you if you don’t see a sign.

Celia found the new Clorox Stainfighter Pen at her Target priced at $2.79 and there were $1/1 Manufacturer’s peelies attacheed to all of them. If you are interested in trying this product it’s something to keep an eye on and she sent me a picture above so you know what you are looking for. -Thanks Celia!

This may be a regional offer, but Michelle let me know that at her store, they were offering a FREE 1/2 lb of Deli Cheese with the purchase of 1.5 lbs or more (any combination) of Archer Farms Deli Meat. Michelle ended up buying “Ham off the Bone” on price cut at her store for $2.99 lb and ended up with a 1..5 lbs of ham and a 1/2 lb cheese for around $4.50. -Thanks Michelle!

Vanessa  found L’Oreal Healthy Look Hair Color Bonus Packs at her store that included a FREE 2 oz Travel size of Everpure Shampoo. They are on price cut for $6.99 through 3/26 and there is a $2/1 L’Oreal Hair Color Item Target Web Coupon that you can stack  with either the $1/1; $2/1; $5/2 Any L’Oreal Haircolor Product in the 2-20-11 RP. -Thanks Vanesssa!

Please feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you found, or if you have a blog, please feel free to link up to your TARGET clearance post or just a great recent TARGET SHOPPING TRIP…

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  1. Where do you find the clearance items, are they seperate in each section or is there one big one? Thanks

  2. Hey Christi- sometimes they are in regular aisle along with everything else
    sometimes on endcaps in the appropriate section
    sometimes in endcaps in wrong section
    unfortunately all stores diff. I reccoment doing one big swoop around the perimeter of the entire store if you are hunting for clearance and always check endcaps in other sections of the store that are not facing main aisles. hth

  3. I just printed the Pop-Art Pixies coupon with no problems. I almost bought it at the clearanced price yesterday. Glad I waited. Makes for an awesome deal after using the coupon. Thanks Kerry!

  4. The Deli Cheese purchase is an all the time promo. They have large red signs that I think everyone misses (at least I did for about 6 months until a deli worker told me about it.) Any Archer Farms 1 1/2 pound purchase gets you a half pound of any cheese for free!

  5. Hey Allie- that is hysterical & NEVER noticed! very good to know thank you! It’s funny what you miss sometimes unless it is pointed out

  6. Thanks for the reminder on the pop-art pixies coupon! These are clearanced out to $2.50each at my local Walgreens, so I was able to snag them for .50c! yay!

  7. I was at the Oaks, PA store today (off Rt 422) and they had tons of stationary, cards, invites, thank yous, and lots and lots of scrapbooking stickers/supplies on 75% off (endcaps near that section). Also, lots of items in each of the aisles if you just walk through, you can spot them. I picked up a 10cup food processor for $9.99 (75% off original price). They also had blenders, juicers, etc all for 75% off.

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