New & Revised Cheap Finds with New Coupons

Here’s some new & revised cheap finds with the new insert coupons. (The new coupons are all marked with an asterisk*).  I’ll let you know if any of them get any better with new Price Cuts or sales. Please Remember- all insert coupons have the potential to be regional & prices can vary by region too, but here ya go!

Softsoap Foam Works Hand Soap Pump 8.5 oz $2.29 (PC thru 5/14)
Soft Soap Pampered Hands 8 oz Foam Pump $2.49 (Regular Price)
*-$1/1 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Target Coupon 4-3-11 SS x4/30
(Pampered Hands 8 oz Foam Pump, 8.5 oz Pump, or 28 oz Refill)
-.35/1 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap 3-27-11 SS2 x4/16
= .94 for the Foam Works or $1.14 for the Pampered Hands

Crystal Light Drink Mix Canisters or On-the Go $2.04 – $2.49 (Regular Price
-$1/3 Crystal Light 7 or 10 ct On The Go or 8 qt Canister Target Web Coupon x4/30
-$1/3 Crystal Light On-the-Go 7-ct. or Larger Target Web Coupon x4/9
*-B2G1 FREE Crystal Light drink mix (up to $3.69) 4-3-11 SS x5/31
= as low as $3.08 for 3 or $1.03 each after coupons depending on price at your store

Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer 32 oz $1.50 (PC until 4/9)
-.50/1 Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer at zip 90210 on
*-.75/1 Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator 4-3-11 SS x5/14
= as low as .75 cents each after coupon & price cut

Glade Lasting Impressions Starter Kits $4.89 – $7.99 (Regular Price)
*Clean Linen/Sunny Days OR Hawaiian Breeze/Vanilla Passion Fruit Combo
-$3/1 Glade Lasting Impressions Starter Kit zip 90210
*-$3/1 Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder 4-3-11 SS x5/14
-$3/1 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder, Any – 03-13-11 SS x4/23
= as low as $1.89 each if you find the new low price

Jell-O Refrigerated Gelatin or Pudding 6 packs $2.79 (Regular Price)
-B2G1 FREE Jell-O Refrigerated Pudding or Gelatin 6-pk Target Web Coupon x4/9
*-$1/1; .60/1 Jell-o Refrigerated Snacks 4-3-11 SS x5/3
~Buy 3 and use the TQ along with up to three $1/1 MQs if your store will allow to pay as low as $2.58 for 3 or .86 cents each depending on your Qs. (*Note- Some stores will not allow the third $1/1)

Oral-B Stages Kids Power Toothbrushes 1 ct $4.99 (PC thru 5/14)
-$1/1 Kids Crest or Oral B Toothbrush or Toothpaste Target Coupon Sweet Deals Mailer x4/23
*-$3/1 Oral-B Adult or Kids Battery Toothbrush 4-3-11 PG x4/30
= .99 cents each after stack & price cut

Kandoo 42 Count Flushable Wipes $1.42 – $1.65 (Regular Price)
$1/1 Pampers Kandoo Coupon (mailed coupon, allow 6-8 weeks)
*-$1/1 Pampers Kandoo Product 4-3-11 PG x12/31
=as low as .42 cents each after coupon depending on price at your store.

Pringles Super Stack Potato Crisps, Select Varieties 5.71 -6.41 oz $1.44 (PC thru 4/23)
*-$1/3 Pringles Super Stack Cans 4-3-11 PG x4/30
*-$1/2 Pringles Fat Free 4-3-11 PG x4/30
-$1/2 Pringles, Any P&G Everyday Savings x4/30 and 6/30
= as low as .94 cents for the single cans after coupon wyb 2

Shout 4-Pack Travel Size Wipes .97 (In Travel Section)
*-.55/1 Shout laundry product 4-3-11 SS x5/14
= .42 cents after the Manufacturer Coupon

Swiffer Dust & Shine $3.79 (Regular Price)
*-B1G1 FREE Swiffer Dust & Shine (Up to $4.50) 4-3-11 PG x4/30
$1/1 Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Spray P&G Everyday Savings & Home Made Simple x4/30
$1/1 Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Spray, any P&G Organize In Style x10/31
~If your store will allow a $Off along with a B1G1, buy 2 and use a B1G1, a $1/1 and pay $2.79 for two or $1.40 each after coupons

Fancy Feast Delights with Cheddar .62 (Regular Price)
*-B3G1 FREE: Fancy Feast Delights with Cheddar (up to $.80) 4-3-11 SS x7/3
=$1.24 for 3 or .41 cents each after coupon

Similac Ready to Feed Infant Formula 32 oz $5.49 – $5.89 (Regular Price)
-$5/1 ANY Similac Product 4-3-11 SS x5/28
= as low as .49 cents each after coupon

Stride Shift or Spark Gum Single Packs $1.29 (Regular Price)
*-$1/2 Stride gum single packs 4-3-11 SS x5/28
=.79 cents each after coupon wyb 2

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  1. Stride Shift or Spark Gum Single Packs $1.29 (Regular Price)
    I’ve seen some bogo tearpad q for this so if you are able to use one bogo x 2, w/ $1/2 Stride gum single packs 4-3-11 SS x5/28

    it would be about $1.58 for 4 qty or 39c each.

  2. I do not understand the math on this one…
    Shout 4-Pack Travel Size Wipes .97 (In Travel Section)
    -.55/1 Shout laundry product 4-3-11 SS x5/14
    = FREE after the Manufacturer Coupon
    shouldn’t it be $0.42?

  3. my kandoo coupon from P&G expires on 12/31/11 — so there might be additional time for folks to do this deal.

  4. what does it mean when says I have reached my print limit on coupons? This has never happened to me aaaghh

  5. Kerry, do you know if Target carries the travel sized Gillette deodorant that can be used with the $1/1 Gillette deodorant?
    Thanks for all your help!

  6. Does anyone know where in the store the Kandoo products are located? I checked in the baby section & in the toilet paper section & could not find them. Thanks!

  7. I also found a deal on Boca burgers–
    $2 off of 2 target coupon, paired with a $1 off of 2 manufacturer’s coupon made two boxes $2.50 each, compared to the regular price of $3.99 a box. (They weren’t on sale when I went to my Super Target yesterday.) I’m not sure if the target coupon is still available, but it’s worth checking out if you are a vegetarian or know some people that are. 🙂 I found the $1 off of 2 on the boca website.

  8. all the Kandoo wipes at my store were clearanced and all gone. Anyone else’s store have them clearanced. wierd.

  9. My Target today had the trial size dove mens+ care deodorants on clearance for $.70. I found (thought I had lost) my $2.00/1 coupons from awhile ago. It did not exclude trial sizes. I was paid $1.30 for each deodorant I bought. Wahooooo!

  10. is saying “We’re sorry but you have reached the limit of the coupons you are eligible for?” I’m printing coupons I have never printed before, so I am not exceeding my print limit. I don’t understand!!!

  11. Elizabeth and Amber – this happened to me today too! Try switching your web browser. I was using firefox when it told me I had reached my limit of coupon prints. So I closed it out and opened it under internet explorer and got the coupons to print! Hope that works for you too!

  12. Amber- same thing for me all day. I thought maybe they were updating but it has been this way for awhile. Weird anyone else having trouble?

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