FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 World’s Best Cat Litter

Here’s another unadvertised Gift Card deal on World’s Best Cat Litter. This deal is at it’s best if you find $3/1 Manufacturer’s Coupon Peelies found on the bags. Hopefully you will find the same that I did- one on every single bag in the store. If you do, thanks to a rebate & Gift Card, it can be a very nice deal…

 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Worlds Best Cat Litter 8 lb $7.99
Deal and prices valid thru 6/18.  Deal and prices may vary by region.
*Watch for $3/1 Worlds Best Cat Litter MQ peelies x6/30
-MIR for full purchase price wyb World’s Best Cat Litter 7-8 lb HERE x7/15

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Worlds Best Clumping Cat Litter ($7.99) = $23.97
$9.00 (use 3 Manufacturer peelies found on Bags in store
= $14.97 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 3
= $9.97 -$7.99 ( submit for MIR HERE for Purchase Price of 1 Bag
=$1.98 for 3 bags of Cat litter or 66¢ each after Coupons, Gift Card & MIR

Unadvertised Deals can be regional and may not be available at all stores. Unfortunately, the self-check scanners are no longer indicating when a product will prompt a gift card.  If you don’t see signage, you can take the product up to GS and ask them to test it to see if your store is participating.

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  1. Hey Lynn- this deal did not appear in any ad. It is unadvertised and in my store it is in addition to the Tidy Cats deal. Yes some unadvertised deals can be regional, so you may or may not find it in your store, but you definitely wont find it in your ad. Hope you find it available at your store!

  2. Our Target flyer does not have this brand as a promo for the $5 giftcard? It has Tidy Cat instead! darn it.
    We use Feline Pine SCOOP it is non toxic and controls odors pretty well for our SIX kitties!
    I will still use the coupons and rebate and check our other Targets? maybe it depends which area you live in?
    Did anyone else find the promo at Target for the $5 giftcard on this litter?? I live in Illinois, in the DuPage County area…
    It’s a good deal at any level here, but wanted the FULL savings as posted on HealthyLifeDeals forum!

  3. If you’ve EVER mailed in before on this rebate, don’t bother mailing again even through the dates have changed on the rebate form. I did one in May of 2010 and then in Jan 2011 (new dates so I assumed new rebate). WRONG! I was denied. The best the company would do for me is to mail me out a coupon for a free bag in the future.

  4. Hey Crystal- the peelies I saw on Sunday dont expire until 6/30/11. Perhaps your store had older stock and they have more in the back. just a thought

  5. i went to get these using the coupons and they were all expired but still on the package-cashier wouldnt accept them due to expired.

  6. Did anyone have trouble printing the PDF file for the rebate? I got a message that said to contact the person who created the PDF… all it said was a date and that was it! UGH!

  7. I think this litter is fantastic, too. Unfortunately, my cats didn’t. They expressed their displeasure by ruining (peeing all over) a leather couch. We were able to salvage (we hope) another couch. Anyone want two cats that don’t like this litter? ;-p

  8. This is my favorite cat litter, It does not mask poopy odors very well so we use a enzyme and baking soda mix for that. When we switched to using this we went through way less litter. One bag lasts us an entire month and i only have to completely change the litter once a month, i just add to it once a week. When we used tidy cats i had to completely change the litter once a week so that it would not smell like a cat box in my home. I also like that i can flush the poop down the toilet.

  9. I dont love the litter, but I got it for the rebate deal. I just mixed it in with the Tidy cat we had so we would have odor control.

  10. TYSM for finding this deal, I have 3 inside cats & my cat litter stockpile looks more like a picked over clearance sale shelf…..LOL

  11. I thought the kitty litter was a great idea, however my cat thought it smelled good and as soon as I put the new litter in his (very clean) litter box he tried to eat it!

    I tried a few more times to get him to go into the box, but he just kept looking up at me with bits of the corn on his fuzzy mug. Good thing it was free!

    Good product in my opinion, if your cat doesn’t choose to use it as an appetizer 🙂

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