Update: Super Cheap Banana Boat & Hawaiian Tropic!

I hope y’all are enjoying your Holiday Weekend. I am too, but I just wanted to give you all a quick update on the deal for a Free $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Select Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic. Not only because it is a great deal, but some of you may have noticed the same signs I did on the $1.79 Banana Boat Sport Performance Lip Balm being included, and were perplexed when it did not give you a Gift Card after buying 2.

Terms and conditions apply to gift Cards, one of them being that your purchases must at least be equal to or greater than the amount of the Gift Card being earned. So 2 lip balms don’t equal $5 so no Gift Card will prompt at the Register. BUT you can still get a great deal, by buying 1 Lip Balm and another product that will get you over the $5 mark which will prompt the register for your $5 Gift Card without a problem. There is so much included. Aside from the Lip Balm, both brands have products starting at $4.99, which means you don’t even need coupons to score a great deal on some Sun Care Products. And I would stay away from purchasing any sort of bonus sizes or bonus packs as they do not seem to be prompting a Gift Card. Here’s a couple deal ideas for you…

DEAL IDEA #1: Buy 1 Hawaiian Tropic Cool Aloe Gel 12 oz ($4.99) and 1 Lip Balm ($1.79) = $6.78
-$2/1 Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care Product, any 4 oz. or +– 05-22-11 SS x6/25 (some only have a $1/1)
= $4.78 – $5 Gift Card Back for Buying 2

=as good as a .22 cent money-maker for both products

DEAL IDEA #2: Buy 1 Banana Boat 16 oz Aloe After Sun Lotion ($4.99) and 1 Lip Balm ($1.79) = $6.78
-$1.00 (use $1/1 Banana Boat Sun Care Product 4 oz+ excl lip balm 5-22-11 SS x6/25
= $5.78 -$5.00 (Get a $5 Gift Card Back for Buying 2
=.78 cents for both products

Even if you prefer to buy sun screen- both brands have products starting at $5.84- so it works out to be a great deal! Even if you have no desire for the lip balm, it’s almost like getting a Target coupon worth $3.21 toward your second product when you buy it!

-$1/1 Banana Boat Sun Care Item 4 oz+ Target Coupon Real Simple Mag June 2011 x8/7
-$1/1 Banana Boat Sun Care Product 4 oz+ excl lip balm 5-22-11 SS x6/25
-$1/1 Banana Boat Sun Care 4 oz+ excl lip balm All You, June 2011 x9/30
-$2/1; $1/1 Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care Product, any 4 oz. or +– 05-22-11 SS x6/25
-$1/1 Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care Product, any 4 oz. or +

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  1. Hi there! Did you happen to notice if the tanning lotion with sunscreen was included in the deal? My sister loves that stuff.

  2. there were some $2.00 MQ peelies on the Banana Boat at my store. makes it an even better deal.

  3. Thanks! So excited! My little sister loves this stuff and I have been trying to teach her the value of using coupons. Perfect example for her to try!

  4. Too bad I have to wait until Tuesday to head to Target. Can’t wait! Can’t ever have too much sunblock!

  5. Really stupid question, where is the suntan lotion in Target?!?! So I’m not wondering around like I’m lost lol

  6. stupider question… can i buy 2 lip balms and get the gift card?? Because thats a no brainer money maker right there.

  7. My target jacked the prices up on these items! By about $2!! But I still saved $26.50, and only spent $12, on 5 separate transactions.

  8. there were $1 off coupons in the All You may and June for both Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic (i already used mine so i can’t be certain but i think it excludes lip balm and anything under 4 oz.) hth someone!

  9. hmm, does anyone know if the purchase has to be over the gift card amount AFTER coupons? Or just before? Cuz I have some $2 off coupons, so if I used one on a $5 lotion + $1.79 sunscreen, that would be under $5 after the coupon.. just checking, cuz if that doesn’t work, I’d just buy the more expensive lotion.

  10. Can you use the $5 GC to do this deal again? In other words can you get one deal and pay, say, $5.78 out of pocket and then get your gift card, do another deal and pay for it with the gift card?

    Just wondering!

  11. can you roll this deal– earn a GC, use it to buy two more suncare items for .78, earn another GC?

  12. @Amy & Ken- yes you can roll a GC into the next transaction. the only thing you can’t do is use a GC in the same transaction you earned it in.

    @Brenda- not sure if that would work or not- I did try buying 3 lip balms an 1 sunscreen to get me to $11.21 to see if it would earn 2 gift cards and it did not work- so not sure if that would either. It may be in the system that 2 products must = at least $5- so my guess would be no but I could be wrong.

    @Kristza- deal is in the ad and valid thru 6/4

    @Christy- as soon as you buy 2 items that will qualify- your gift card will prompt- stopping the cashier and she will hand over your gift card, so coupons have no bearing on that. However- some people have a Gift Card Glitch still in place at their stores which will affect you using coupons. If you are buying a bunch of items- aside from the sun care -ie groceries and other things- this will not affect you at all. if you arent and plan on only doing this deal in your transaction it might. It has been fixed at many stores- but some of us, including myself still have to work around it. If you are trying to do just this transaction with nothing else- you can see my post here- it may help explain

  13. Hey Sarah- did you just not see a sign- or you went and tested it? If you did not test it- my guess is that stores will be pulling signs on the lip balm since probably many people are trying to buy 2 lip balms and not getting a gift card- I mean who wouldn’t? Because some stores are probably not realizing why that is happening, they may be pulling the signs on the lip balm. But just because they pull the sign does not mean it’s not included. If you actually tested it with 1 lip balm and another product and did not get a gift card- please let me know.

  14. Hey Chris- you aren’t using it on the lip balm, yet rather the other full sized product. That’s why there is only one coupon being used in the deal instead of two. hth

  15. Crystal- I am not using it on Lip Balm- there is only ONE coupon being used in my scenario and it is on the product that meets the size requirement of the coupon. Not on lip balm- otherwise you would see minus $2 and 2 coupons being used. I am only using one in my scenario- not sure where the confusion is coming from????

  16. I know but I am seeing others trying to use it on the lip balm also. That may be why they are having problems.

  17. I really wish people would actually read the scenario posted before yelling at others. The coupon just won’t work on the lip balm, but that has nothing to do with the GC prompting. Anyway, thanks Kerry I used your tip and was able to get the deal at my Target. I appreciate all the work you put into this page so that we can save money.

  18. I tested it and it did not work. There was no sign, but I tried anyway and it didn’t prompt for a gift card.

  19. Oh, I did end up getting two sunscreens which were a pretty good deal, my store only had items $6 & up but it still was a little over 50% off.

  20. That stinks Sarah- definitely worth a test though as I bet you a lot of stores are removing signs once 2 lip balms don’t work. Some will know why and be able to tell customers, but others may just be confused and take the signs down. My hubby just got back after going back for more today- and got 2 lip balm & 2 sunscreen & 2 gift cards with no problems. I think I am now set for summer! 🙂

  21. just got back from trying the deal. bought 4 lip balms only. no gift cards at all. i’m in the Houston area.

  22. Wrote Hawaiian Tropic and they sent me a $3/1 coupon that will go great with this deal!

  23. @Sharon… Kerry wrote in the post that the gift card would NOT prompt with 2 lip balms.. you have to buy at least one of the higher priced items. It has nothing to do with where you live. Headed to Target now myself as I need sunscreen, so thanks Kerry for posting!! Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

  24. There was no sign posted on the lip balm at my store but I decided to test it anyway and it worked just fine! Initially I bought a Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen (to go with the lip balm) that had 25% more (it was 10oz for $7.99) vs. the 8oz bottle for $7.44. The 25% extra bottle would not trigger the gift card. I just went to customer service after and exchanged the 10oz bottle for the smaller one so I could get the gift card. So even if there isn’t a sign at your store on the lip balm–do try but make sure you are getting the correct sunscreen item as well!

  25. Yes, and another funky thing I discovered. I tried to buy two lip balms, a sunscreen and an aloe lotion (all banana boat). I had the cashier ring one lip balm and the sunscreen first, the $5 gc prompted. However it did not with the other two items. Now the only thing I can think of is that the bottle of aloe lotion had a free lip balm attached to it. I guess those bottles are not included? So tricky! I might go back to get the lotion and lip balm this week. Not sure though as I had grabbed the last two lip balms off the shelf. 🙁

  26. It sounds to me like everyone may want to stay away from purchasing any type of special or bonus packs on this deal. That may be the problem. Stick with a lip balm and then any other regular product.

  27. i tried to buy the lip balm and after sun lotion (both banana boat) and it did not prompt a gift card. the after sun lotion was a bonus pack with a free lip balm. i am not sure if that was the issue or if it is because none of the after sun lotions are included in this deal?? does anyone know for sure??

  28. not sure if someone already posted this but some of the hawaiian tropic lotions have $2 peelies on them…actually used two today at Walgreens (they are bogo at walgreens) and I am going to do this deal at Target to get some aftersun/aloe I think and hopefully the lipbalm, if they still have it when I am able to go.

  29. oh yeah…must be something w/ the bonus packs in general, not just at target…walgreens had an issue w/ the BOGO b/c I bought the hawaiian tropic shimmer lotion w/ a free mini shimmer sunblock & a regular sunblock and it wouldn’t trigger the BOGO but she just adjusted the prices for me…target probably won’t do that b/c its a gift card deal, even if you go to customer service, i bet – they will prob just tell you that you got the wrong thing (and my CS at my local target is awesome but i usually know what they are going to say)

  30. Matthews NC target would not honor the gift card even though the sign was posted. When questioned store mgmt, they removed the sign for the sports balm. They were requiring you to purchase 2 of the pictured 6.49 lotion.

  31. Yes, the bonus packs aren’t working with the GC deal. I walked back to the sunscreen with a manager and showed her everything and she said that those wouldn’t trigger it. She was very helpful though and got a different one for me with a $2 coupon attached.

  32. Yeah–it is annoying that teh ones with the bonuses on it were tagged as part of the deal but weren’t ringing up. I found that you have to be really careful and read the tags and make sure you get the rights ones or they aren’t scanning. Also, can you use the gift cards to pay for that order or a seperate one? I have had cashiers tell me conflicting things. Sometimes they let me scan them and pay for that transaction and other times they say I need to do a seperate one. Any thoughts??

  33. I just came home and purchased the banana boat aloe lotion and lip balm and it did not trigger the gift card. When we went to customer service after the manager gave some story about both products had to be 6.49 or more. Now that i read all the comments on here, I did purchase the bonus pack so that must be why it did not give a gift card.

  34. The last time I tried to roll a GC into the next transaction I was told that my Target isn’t doing this anymore…the GCs are to be used on my next VISIT, not next transaction. I was quite frustrated. In the end I still got all my gift cards, but my OOP was much more than I had planned for that trip. 🙁 This is a great deal, so I think I’ll try again, and I’m hoping that I just got a moody cashier last time and can actually roll them over.

  35. I went to target this morning and the Banana boat sunscreen all had $2 off coupons on them.

  36. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I didnt think to look at the lip stuff. I had a $2 coupon!!! Could have gotten them for 31 cents each!!!! i hate when this kind of thing happens. 🙁

  37. bonus packs don’t always work because the computer don’t reconigize the UPC on the wrapper as part of the deal. if you get a cashier who gets that she will adjust it and fix it. that is what my cashier was told to do today at my store. so i guess it is really YMMV on the bonus packs.

  38. After doing the banana boat deal today, my target took the sign off of the lip balm so that it won’t count as 1 of the 2 items.

  39. I just went and got 2 aloe aftersun and 2 lip balms….it triggered 2 $5 gift cards and I even used a $1 off coupon on both of the aloe bottles. It was great and now I am ready for summer!

  40. I got this deal today. The products were more expensive (6.49 for BB sunscreen and 1.89 for BB lip balm), but still a good deal!

  41. Tonight I tried the Banana Boat deal, but it wouldn’t generate a card. We tried two different combination’s….all with signage saying they should work. I wasn’t using lip balm at all. I ended up getting the gift card….after she manually put one through. The frustrating thing was that I had to walk back and forth to the department three times….and ended up with my original purchase. Oh well! In that store the lip balm did not have signage…plus it was out of stock.

  42. The May All You has a $1 off Hawaiian Tropics and the June All You has $1 off Banana Boat…. the peelies are better if found…..but just in case!

  43. Does anyone know if this might work? Buy 3 lip balms @ $1.79 ea – $5.37, use 3, $1.00 off one from the mentioned RP inserts, pay $2.37 oop, get $5.00 store gift card? It’s probably a long shot, but just wondered…let me know, thanks!

  44. kerry- are you sure you listed the 5/22 hawaiian tropic coupon that expires 6/25 correctly? the coupon i have from RP is a $2 off one hawaiian tropoic product…

  45. thanks Katie- looks like I made an error- you are right sure enough there is a $2/1 insert in 5-22 SS- and some people will have a $1/1 but it is SS not RP. TYSM and fixed! sorry folks!

  46. Read through most of the comments here but was going to try thsi at lunch but couldn’t find the lip balm one or an empty spot where it would be? Is it in the makeup section or would be by all the sunscreen stuff by soaps and lotions?

  47. I went today and got a Lip Balm and a Bannana Boat Aloe but it didnt generate the gift card. Im now guessing that’s because it was a value pack? Anyways, I didnt even realize it until I was on my way and I couldnt go back since I had my kids with me and they were both screaming for lunch.

    If I take the receipt and items back to Target do you know if I can get them to give me the $5 GC? Also, I bought it at a Target by our old house, not our new one and I dont plan on going back that way any time soon, can I just take it to my local one?

  48. I was wondering, can you mix & match the brands?? Can I buy the Banana Boat lip balm AND a Hawaiian Tropic item and still receive the $5 GC??

  49. I bought two Baby Banana Boat sunscreens yesterday and didn’t realize til I got home that it didn’t trigger the gift card. They were both 25% more bottles. 🙁 Hoping to stop by at the end of the week to try to get the GC, since I already used it on the kids.

  50. I tried the deal today with Banana Boat aloe lotion bonus pack with a lip balm attached, plus a lip balm. The lip balm wasn’t tagged and when it didn’t prompt at the register, she said if it wasn’t tagged, I couldn’t get it. Maybe it was because I got a bonus pack, like it seems others did. I’ll try this weekend with a regular bottle. I also got the Raid bug spray and a refill bottle and it didn’t prompt for that either so it may be my store’s registers.

  51. I tried today… I had a baby sunscreen and a lip balm… I took them up to customer service to make sure they qualified and they didn’t. I think my local Target has removed the option of using the lip balm for the GC. In fact all four of the products I had, none of them qualified for the promotion. 🙁

  52. the two targets by my house did NOT have the lip balm as part of the gift card deal. i had some issues with the sunscreen and the cashier manually gave me a card. i had that issue on only one set. as far as the raid bug…i had the same issue and i bought exactly what was in the sale paper (same picture). i had to take it up to the service desk and she manually gave me a gift card as well.

  53. At my Target in Victoria, TX, I was able to buy the H tropic and the lip balm. Also I just noticed in the Big Lots ad for this week, it has assorted H Tropic sunscreen for $4. I wonder if Target would honor the price

  54. In one Cincinnati store (Thursday evening) the signs had been taken down for the lip balm… but the gift card was prompted after one sunscreen and one lip balm. Yeah! I did not try this with any of the bonus packs due to all the comments of those SKUs not prompting the gift card.

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