Update on John Frieda Deal – It’s a $5 Money Maker!

WOOHOO! Great news on the John Frieda deals this morning! The full Repair products are included in the FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 John Frieda- & the $3/2 full Repair has survived the night at Target.com and is STILL available to print! I ran up there really quick since I was terrified they were going to wipe out the ones I wanted- but nice to be able to give you an early update. 🙂 For those of you who got the whopping $5/1 Full Repair in your 6-5 SS this morning- you have a nice money maker on your hands!

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 John Frieda Full Repair Protecting Root Lift Foam ($5.99) = $17.97
-$3/2 John Frieda Full Repair Target Web Coupon x7/5
-$15.00 (use three $5/1 John Frieda Full Repair Treatment, Styler or Finisher 6-5-11 SS x7/31
= (-) .03 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 3 *Be sure to add in filler item to absorb .03 cent overage
= $5.03 money maker after coupons and Gift Card!

If you only got the $2/1- still a nice deal and you can add in a lower priced product too….

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift ($5.99) & 1 Root Awakening ($4.99) = $16.97
-$3/2 John Frieda Full Repair Target Web Coupon x7/5
-$6.00 (use three $2/1 John Frieda 6-5-11 SS x7/31
= $7.97 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 3
= $2.97 after coupons and Gift Card or .99 cents each

There are just tons of inclusions too. John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo or Conditioner, Select Frizz Ease and Root Awakening Products all start at $4.99! So you can get a good deal anyway, even if you did not get the $5/1 coupon or the $2/1 coupon- since we do have a printable too…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo ($4.99) = $14.97
-$6.00 (use three -$2/1 John Frieda Root Awakening or $2/1 John Frieda 6-5-11 SS x7/31
= $8.97 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 3
= $3.97 for 3 or $1.32 each after coupons and Gift Card

JOHN FRIEDA COUPON ROUNDUP (Let me know if I missed any!)
-$3/2 John Frieda Full Repair Target Web Coupon (x7/5)
-$3/2 John Freida Full Repair Hair Care Item Target Coupon Beauty Bag Mailer x7/30
-$5/1 John Frieda Full Repair Treatment, Styler or Finisher 6-5-11 SS x7/31
-$2/1 John Frieda Root Awakening
-$2/1 John Frieda Hair Care ETS 6-5-11 SS x7/31

Because of the $5 Gift Card you are earning, your final total when using MANUFACTURER’S coupons cannot drop below $5 or 1 of your coupons will fail. This means that you will have to have at least an extra $2.03 in your order (that you won’t be using MQs on) to absorb your coupon value. If you don’t, your first two $5/1 coupons will scan fine, and your third will scan for $2.97. Be sure and use your $3/2 Target coupon LAST as it will allow your total to drop below the $10.

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  1. maybe you can explain what happened to me..
    I got 3 foams and one bread. didn’t even think about the glitch. so only 2 of my coupons scanned at 5 and the third at .86. also had the $3/2 tq. my bread was .89. so do I still need 7.03 or just the 4.11 to equal $5?? hope that makes sense.

  2. my target was popping out $3/2 John Frieda MQ’s last week. I bought 2 of the Root Awakenings last week, before my MQ expires ($3/1). Also had TQ for $3/1 which made it $1 for both items. Got a $3/2 catalina. 🙂

  3. and sorry but let me know these details- you were trying to use three $5/1 coupons and one $3/2 on three root lift- correct?

  4. Can anyone recommend a clipping service that already has the $5/1 coupons (other than eBay). Thanks, and thanks for the heads up on the deal.

  5. Don’t forget…The coupon book we received with the Beauty Bag has the JF $3/2 Full Repair coupon, too.

  6. Lily- I am stumped by your totals- and why both went through at $5. according to our total you should have had 1 go through for $5, 1 go through for 3.86 and 1 go through for 0. so not sure quite what to tell you unless you had something else in your order? According to my math it allowed you to go down to $8.00 so I am stumped! did you buy anything else?

  7. no all I had was the 3 jf and the bread. three $5 coupons and 1 $3/2 tq, so i’m confused too and now have no clue how much to add. I’ll still try it again though. thanks!

  8. Lily I could see if one of your products was $7.99 but if you had 3 foams, @$5.99 it doesn’t make sense. completely weird LOL!

  9. I got 2 shampoo, 2 conditioner, 2 Nexcare bandaids, and a pack of gum. I got my $5 gift card and paid $1.50 OOP and that was tax. My sub-total was $0!!

  10. If I am doing three of the gift card deals does my total need to be over $21 or just over $7 for the coupons and gift cards to come out right?

  11. I bought 4 John Frieda Full Repair Conditioners & 4 Shampoos, used 4 of the Target $3/2 Q’s and 8 of the $5/1. Had an overage of $4.08 plus got (2) $5 gift cards! WOW! I also got 4 boxes of the Nexcare Kids’ Bandages and got $0.13 overage on each! 3 Nivea Mens body washes for a total of $0.08. After a few other purchases with Q’s my pre coupon total was $83.76 I only paid $1.81 OOP! I about fell over!

  12. Woo-hoo! I just ordered my John Frieda MQ’s from My Coupon Hunter and can’t wait to do this deal! My local paper hasn’t had the good JF q’s the last couple of times, so I was waiting for MCH to post these and she just did! Thanks for the update and for letting me know about MCH, I love her service!

  13. junior couponer here – does anyone know if the below deal will work??
    i just bought (10) of this coupon from eBay (I got 2 this morning but already used them @CVS on their $3mm – the shampoo, conditioner and rootfoam were $5, then get $3 ECB when you bought $10, 2 items, worth)

    If i purchased 9 of the RootFoam could i then use 9- $5/1MC, and 4- $3/2 (using 4 requires you buy 8, im buying 9) and the deal would look like ::
    9x$5.99= $53.91 – $45 (9x$5/1 MC)= $8.91 – $12 (4*$3/2 TQ)= -3.09 *overage*, and THEN get $15 back in target GC ?!?! that would make it an 18$ MM ?!

  14. HELP! When does this gift card deal end??? Maybe you said that but I can’t seem to find it in your post. Thank you so much!!!

  15. Just bought 2 conditoners and 1 shampoo (all my store had left), used 3 $5/1 and the TQ, but had a final total of 2.97. The only math that made sense was that I got taxed on the GC. Went to go back to find out why, but the kids were a bit too crazy. Any ideas, and does anyone know if I can head over a bit later once DH gets home and have them correct it? Thanks.

  16. would it work if i have a shopping list that includes over $10 in TQ, and I used them all last?

  17. So I bought my 3 JF’s products and it was’n a money maker for me which it should’ve I bought 3 shampoos at 5.99 a piece and I had a $5 man coup. for all and the $3/2 which should’ve made it all free plus the gift card but only 2 of my coups. rang up for $5 and the last only rang up for $1.68 so I had to pay 2.67 s but I did get the $5 gift card.did this happen to anyone else?

  18. This is my first attempt at printed coupons… does anyone know if Target.com has the limit of how many times you can print their coupons from 1 computer. I have 3 computers at home and 1 at work- would rather just print from 1 but want to make sure I don’t break any rules.

  19. I have a question. In the paper the coupon was $2/1 so you wouldn’t be able to get this product for free unless the $5/1 coupon is in a different insert

  20. My Target has the “glitch” but it came out differently than you posted. I bought only the 3 root lifters with (3) $5/1 MQ and (1) $3/2 TQ.
    I got 2 MQ’s at the full $5, and the third at $2.97.

    They explained it this way.
    The $5 gift card is counted first. Even though they are giving it to you, not taking it off the price, the system counts it, and counts it first.
    5.99 – $5 gift card
    5.99 – $5MQ
    5.99 – $5MQ
    Only leaves $2.97 left that can have coupons applied to it. But it leaves a $5 balance because the gift card. Then it will take off the $3 Target coupon leaving $2 and the tax.

  21. The John Freida $5 coupons are only good for a treatment, styler or finisher. This means that they aren’t good on any shampoo or conditioner right? What exactly is a finisher? Or a treatment? Is a conditioner included as a treatment?

  22. Got the deal…but had a rude cashier….made me feel like I was stealing. Called the manager…but they didn’t seem to be too concerned. I will email/call corporate. Now that I’m home…maybe I can feel good about the awesomeness of this deal…

  23. I really hope someone is around to answer this, as I was planning on going to Target tonight, but got sidetracked.

    When is the $5.00 gift card promotion good until? If it is tonight, I only have about an hour to shoot up there.

    Anyone know?

  24. I had to work today, and tomorrow morning. I am so scared they will be wiped out by the time I get there at noon tomorrow.

  25. Oh my goodness! I am pumped about this deal. THe John Frieda Salon Tour came through our Walmart yesterday (Bentonville, AR). I got a ton of coupons! Plus, the online ones. I am pumped.
    Did I mention how excited I am? 😛

  26. Thanks, DeeDee. My brain is much after making my list and putting together the coupons. I didn’t see the date for some reason.

    Have a great night!

  27. I am DYING! I can’t believe we didn’t get any in our SS today!! I am so bummed! I was so geared up to get some. I love John Frieda products! It’s the only thing I can use here in FL with all the terrible humidity!! Does anyone know if there are any clipping services that have these??

  28. I’m with Carrie, I was wondering if the Foam Haircolor is included in this deal?? Anybody know?

  29. I am planning on going to Target tomorrow to see if theres anything left…hahah. Pretty much lost out on the sunscreen deal last week, the lip balm was excluded as I wasn’t quick enough.
    Anyhoo, I only got the $2/1 coupon’s in the paper but have the Target $3/1 and found a $2/1 Root awakening coupon. I see on all the blogs they say to use $2/1 coupon on each on the 3 items and can also use the manufacturer coupon. Will Target allow 3 coupons on 3 John Freida products? In order for the
    Target coupon to work 2 of those 3 will have to be full repair care items or I guess I can use the root awakening but that would be 2 manufacturuer coupons on one product???


  30. I would also like to know if the foam haircolour is in the deal. I have TQs and MQs for it that would make a pretty good deal 🙂

    I took advantage of it a few weeks ago wyb 2 you got a $5 gc (and then i had a better deal, a free product coupon for one and a $5 TQ and a $5 mq, making it $1.99 for both, minus a $5 gc)

  31. I went this evening and something interesting happend. I bought 3 Full Repair Protecting Root Lift Foam and 6 Root Awakening shampoos and conditioners. I noticed that on my receipt, the $5 coupon attached itself to the Root Awakening Shampoo.

  32. i have to clear a few things up because i work at target and know how the registers work. the glitches are happening because you can not exceed the amoutn of the price of the item with coupons. basically, you can’t make money or use it towards another part of the purchase. the cashier has to hand hey a coupon to change the amount to make it the correct amount. the item can be free, but can not make money on it.

  33. I was able to buy the JF full repair shampoos & conditioners on clearance for $8.38 (orig$11.99) & they came with an extra full repair item!! , curious i brought them with me to see if i could get the $5gc and it worked! So I used 3- $2/1 Mfg Q , 3- $3/1 TQ , Paid $10.75 minus the $5 GC $5.75 for 6 items !

  34. To be honest, I would love to get those extra five dollars but the last trip I made to target was horrible. My cashier didn’t understand the limit one per purchase and her manger dis not either so I was stuck at the register doing five transactions. I did stand my ground because I new I was right but the experience was terrible. How can I make this better? Do manufacturers have the definition if the phrase in writing?

  35. @ Michelle The coupons are still there as of 11:46 am EST.

    @Jennifer I find that P&G insert coupons are the perfect example to show to a cashier. Not only do they say per purchase, they also say limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip.

    @ Aleong, Jes, Mel & Carrie The Precision Foam is included in the deal, and I have a scenario coming soon.

    The $5/1 Full Repair is not valid on the shampoo and conditioner. It is specified on the coupon that it is for stylers, treatments, finishers only.

    From all your comments it now sounds like what use to be a $10 glitch has now become a $5 glitch, but i am interested to test it at my store. I also wonder if it means that those who no longer had the glitch now have a $5 glitch back. What a mess, although $5 is better than $10!

    @Tara You completely lost me. There is no $3/1 Target Coupon that I know of, if it helps at all you can use 1 Target and coupon and 1 Manufacturer Coupon per item. If a Target coupon says $3/2, it now covers 2 items. hth

    @Andrea & Natasha All insert coupons have the potential to be regional not all areas get all coupons.

    @ Jennifer Target.com usually has a limit of 1 or 2 coupon prints per computer. Once you print your limit, it will disappear for you from the Target site.

    @ Jes In answer to using your Target coupons last, yes that would work.

    This gift card deal ends 6/11.

    @Kathy The answer would be yes. But from all the comments it looks like this glitch may be reduced from $10 to $5 which would mean it would reduce the amount of the coupon value you need to absorb by $5 for each transaction. Meaning you may only need to have $6 extra in merchandise in order to make it work.

  36. my target is not including the JF hair colour in their $5 gc deal… i checked when i went this morning

  37. i got 4 JF full repair products @5.99 & 1 root awakening @4.99 $ 1 frizz ease @5.39
    also got 1 package of 20ct nexcare bandaid @1.68 & 1 NYC mascar @ 1.72

    these are my coupons i handed over..
    2 – $5.00 on Full Repair MQ ($10.00)
    2 – $2.00 on any JF MQ ($4.00)
    1 – $3.00 on 2 JF MQ ($3.00)
    2- $3.00 on Full Repair TQ ($6.00)
    1 – Nexcare TQ $1.00 + MQ .55c ($1.55)
    1- NYC TQ $1.00 ($1.00)

    I Paid $12.35 OOP & got 2 $5.00 GC’s

    so basically i paid $2.35 for all of these! thank you for educating us on these deals …

  38. I don’t understand the “glitch”…if it is a glitch then it is a mistake right??? How can target only give you a certain amount of a discount on a coupon? Target will be getting 5.00 (+.08) back on each of these coupons correct? I am sooo confused. I saw where it was broken down by one of the cashiers from an earlier comment but I am still not clear how the 5.00 gift card that is being given to us can also count against us?

  39. There were NO JF coupons in my paper. I am SO mad! Anyone know if any of them are online anywhere??????

  40. Hey Jennipher, it’s because they are treating that $5 gift card you are getting as a manufacturer’s coupon. So buy 3 @ $5.99 and your total is $17.97. AND BEFORE YOU EVEN SCAN ONE COUPON, the register already thinks you have used a $5 Off MQ due to the gift card, so according to IT, you only have $12.97 left in merchandise to use coupons on. So since you still have three $5/1 coupons in your hand, the register will scan the first fine, the second fine and now the register only thinks you have $2.97 left in merchandise to use yuour 3rd coupon on, the reason it scans for $2.97.

    This “glitch” It has been this way for some people since I believe June of last year. and then it was fixed for many people, while some of us still were stuck with it. But it used to minus $10 off, so if it in fact it has now been reduced to $5, it is at least an improvement. Most people dont run into this problem since if you are buying other items and doing a shop at Target, you have enough in your cart to absorb the rest of your coupon value. Or you can use all your Target coupons last, which don’t count against it but still reduce your total.

    I don’t understand why they do this and it is frustrating. When CVS gives you extra bucks, they don’t apply any invisible coupons, when you do any kind of catalina deal at any type of store, they don’t count it against you either. So while I don’t like it at all- I usually don’t run into the problem because I buy enough at Target to absorb all my coupons.

  41. Question I’m hoping someone can help me with. I have 2 of the $5/1 and 1 of the $2/1 can I buy full repair root lifter (5.99) and one root awakening ($4.99) and use two of the $5/1 and the $2/1 plus the $3/2 TQ? so would this be right?
    (2) $5.99
    (1) $4.99
    = 16.97
    – (2) $5/1 MQ
    – (1) $2/1
    – (1) $3/2
    = 1.97 + $5 Target GC

  42. It is my understanding that the way it works with any deal where you get free gift cards, is that your total out of pocket (OOP) paid at the register must be equal to or greater than the value of the gift cards you receive. If you are buying items where you get a $5 card, your OOP will need to be at least $5, but the overage on your coupons will be applied to other items in your order. Rounding to the nearest dollar for simplicity, the following example explains what I have been told.

    Buy 3 Frieda products covered by the deal at $6 each, for a total of $18.
    You give them three $5 MQ and one $3/2 TQ for a total coupon value of $18.
    You would then think that your OOP would be $0 and they would give you a $5 gift card, but this is not the case. Your OOP is still $5, but your total order does have $5 in overage that you can apply to the rest of your order.

    So if your order included and additional item like a frozen pizza that was $5, your order total would be $23 (18+5). When you check out using the same coupons above you will still pay $5 and receive a $5 gift card, and the coupon overage from the Frieda products is applied to the rest of your order, the pizza. So the end result is you get the 3 Frieda products and the Pizza for free, and the $5 OOP is returned to you as a $5 gift card.

  43. Lilly

    Same thing happened to me so I went to Customer Service to find out why. The manager did not know why but told me that i was the third person there computer made the adjustment to today and with no problems at all refunded me the cash less .86 for the remaining balance of my 3rd $5.00 coupon. Hope that’s clear

  44. I got no SS coupons in my paper this week. Is there anywhere I can print the $5.00/1 John Frienda product coupon online?

  45. Woot! I’ll have fully “lifted” roots for the rest of the year. I went to 2 Targets today and did this deal (once on each place). I bought 3 Foams, used my coupons, also bought Twin Disney Princess sheets. I need those for the girls’ room remodel and they were on sale. Yeah! No issues with the “glitch” but I did have the extra $17 from the sheets in my receipt.

    Super!! I still have 3 more JF coupons and one more TQ. I might go to another Target today or tomorrow. There’s 4 around here, I went to 2 and the 3rd one was sold out of the foam yesterday. I’ll try my luck at the last one.

  46. Great deals at Target today. I got 2 Root Awakening Shampoos, 2 Root Awakening Conditioners, 2 Repair Root Lifters, 2 Nexcare bandages boxes, and 1 Venus razor for the price of $15.78 and received two $5 GC so I got it all for $5.78!!!!

    Couldn’t have done it without Totally Target.

  47. Is it just me or does anyone else have Target stores that the shelves have been wiped clean?

  48. If I was to do this deal 3xs (which by the way I never buy that much of a deal but no one in my area is buying these b/c we didn’t get the $5/1 q, I had to get them from a clipping service) I would need to buy an extra $6.09 in products on my transaction to make up for the gc glitch. If I understand it correctly its an extra $2.03 you need to add to your order for each $5 gc you plan to get?

  49. hello i wanted to do this deal as follows
    buy 8 root lifting and 1 color foam
    i would use
    8 5/1 MQ
    4 3/2 target Q (my store allows this)
    1 5/1 MQ for color
    and 1 5/1 Target Q for color
    it would come out to 59.97
    and would come out to -2.09 after coupons then receive 3 $5 gift cards
    can i do this or would i have to break it up into more transactions. if i did do this how much overage would i have to buy and would it have to be on things i have NO coupons for
    thank you for the help

  50. All I have to say is, thank you shelf clearers! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have gotten such a good deal yesterday. There was nothing left on the shelf so I had to look around and I found packages of JF with two items in it. I payed nothing, got a 2 $5 GC and doubled what I would have gotten, YAY!

  51. i don’t ever clear a shelf it is rude but so is being a snap judgement jerk i live very close to three large targets so maybe u should not assume things JOANNA hasn’t anyone ever told you it makes an ass out of YOU and you did the deal twice i only want to do it one more time GEEZ some people

  52. Whoa sara, Joanna was just making a statement on how she found a great deal on the JF products! As for the shelf cleaners, I have to agree with her…if this deal started on Sunday and the shelves were already empty on a Monday, then that might be a sign that you have shelf cleaners!! I have a few where I’m at and it is ABSOLUTELY RUDE!! There should be some kind of coupon courtesy between couponers.
    I go to different Targets if I have a good amount of HOT coupons of one product, simply because I DO NOT want to clear shelves and I also like to give fellow couponers a chance to get in on the HOT deals.

    As for trying this at my local Target, the “glitch” took my $5/1 coupon and gave me $0.97 for it, so naturally I complained about it and I got the dumbest customer service rep! Long story short I told her I wanted a refund and my coupons back and let her know she doesn’t need to be in the front helping people because she SUCKS at it.
    I will re-attempt this today at a different Target.

  53. This was the first time I almost missed a deal I really wanted to get but was able to appreciate someone clearing the shelf, trying to look at the bright side of things ; ) Since the coupon show aired I am having a hard time getting newspapers at the Dollar Tree, they are buying them 10 at a time and clearing shelves in my area. I’ve used coupons for years and it’s never been this hard to get a deal but I am still getting them : )

  54. @Lila-I try and go to different Targets but yesterday was the first day of summer vacation for the kids so I have to figure out a new coupon schedule. I also wish there was a coupon courtesy rule ; ) The free gift cards are exciting but for me so is staying organized thats how I know when I need to stop, thankfully I don’t have much storage in my house, it really helps!

  55. would this work?
    3 full repair shampoos and 3 conditioners $35.94. use 6 $5/1 full repair coupons and 3 $3/2 full repair target coupons. brings the total to (3.06) and you get $10 in gift cards. you can do two gift card deals in one transaction, i know, but how much “filler stuff” could i buy to make it work? $3.06 to fill the gap and bring the total to zero… but can my balance be zero, or a few cents?? Or do i have to spend several dollars to guarantee the 2 $5 gc’s?? Thanks!

  56. I went to Target today and as soon as my John Frieda was scanned into the computer the computer started beeping and she scanned my 5 dollar card in and handed it to me, and continued scanning my other items, so before my coupons or even paying for the order I had my gift card. It was that simple.

    As far as some clearing out the shelves, when I went there it still had some, not a lot, but not empty either. I do agree that stores need to put a limit on the amount you can get on a sale. It’s not fair to everyone else when someone clears out the shelves. And think of it this way, a lot of things that go on sale, how many does one actually need before another sale comes along? It’s just not necessary to have 100 of something. Besides where do you store it all?

  57. This was so exciting. I’m new to couponing and this was my first freebie plus overage. $5.03 Whoo Hoo!! Worked perfectly. Thanks!! Now I have to figure out how to get the most bang for my $5 gift card. :O)

  58. Does anyone know when this gc deal ends??? I’m not finding that info anywhre on here! Am I missing it??

  59. Hi,
    Well today I tried to take advantage of this deal as well. The first Target I went to allowed me to try and split the purchases up into 2 transactions. The first was 3 full repair shampoos and a conditioner. My total was 17.97. She scanned the store coupon first then the 3 manufacteurs, My total ended up being 2.70. The second was the same number of john frieda products, but I purchased a pack of gum for. 99. I was trying to get overage to use the full total of my manufacteurs coupons. I ended up buying 3 more packs of gum and it still charged me 5.70??? The lady running the cash registar used the manufacteurs first then the store coupon last. I went to another store and the college aged girl didn’t even comprehend that “one coupon per item and transaction” means you can use one coupon per item purchased??? I know of only one Target in Georgia where they know how to use the computer to adjust the coupon discount to make the purchase free, plus tax. I personally think Target is awful for couponing. I never have problems at any other stores, but Target. It is funny I can go down the road and find 3 CVS’s that have plenty of John Frieda shampoo in stock. They allow me to use the coupons on any John Frieda products. I pay tax only, and end up with a $3 bonus buck reward for any purchase. So, it’s pretty clear to me which store Im buying my products from. I hope Target gets it together. Maybe if they were bought buy an American company they might change their tone towards customers. Didn’t Walmart get recently sued for several thousand dollars over the same thing. Coupon adjusting? I mean you guys do know these coupons are like money rite? You wouldnt let sombody just take your wallet out and help themselves to a few dollars would you??

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