Bathroom Shelf Units $4.99 – $6.99 After Coupon

Yesterday we got a very nice Target Web Coupon for $10/1 Bathroom Furnishing Item that is valid thru 7/16. So you do have plenty of time to hang on to this coupon for a possible sale to roll around if you’ve got your eye on something. So what exactly IS a “Bathroom Furnishing Item”?

Well in my opinion, anything on the side of the aisle marked “Bathroom Furniture” is free game. If you take a look down that side of the aisle, there’s a good chance you’ll find 2 items in that section that you can get pretty cheap right now…

Target Home Wall Shelf with Towel Bar $14.99
-$10/1 Bathroom Furnishing Item Target Web Coupon
= $4.99 after coupon

Target Home 2-Tier Wall Shelf with Towel Bars $16.99
-$10/1 Bathroom Furnishing Item Target Web Coupon
= $6.99 after coupon

I am not sure how the coupon will behave on the 2-Tier Wall Shelf, but I ended up purchasing the Wall shelf that was $14.99 and the coupon went through for me with no beeps and cost me $4.99. 🙂

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  1. I bought the tension rod shower shelf, which was priced at 14.99. It went through without any beeps also.

  2. Thanks. I don’t need one in my bathroom, but this would be great for my laundry/stock pile room 🙂

  3. This was my favorite coupon last year! I’m so glad it’s back!! I was able to score items in the clearance aisle that were even less than $10 and got them for free. I can’t wait to go hunting through the aisles today!

  4. Just be careful not to try & print from Google Chrome! For some reason, either Chrome doesn’t like the coupon printer or the coupon printer doesn’t like Chrome. It crashed on me twice, so gave up & opened Firefox. Voila. Coupon printed with no issues. (Oh, and when I went back to the Home & Decor page after it crashed twice, that coupon was no longer available, acting as if I had already printed it.)

    Hope this helps any fellow Chrome users! 🙂

    Kerry – thank you for letting us know! We’re prepping our house for sale and will need something for the bathroom. Glad we can get one so cheap!

  5. Jennifer, my husband just bought that same tension rod a couple of weeks ago. Figures, this coupon would release NOW!! LOL
    I guess this just gives me another reason to go back through that section and find another nice little item for the bathroom!! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much. Printed up 2 of the coupons and 2 for the Michael Graves closet organization product. Will come in handy since the shelf units behind the toilets are about done and I am re-organizing my son’s room this summer. Will be great!!! Thanks again.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you. I was wondering what they considered “furniture”. I need some new towel racks for a bathroom remodel and now they will be super cheap.

  8. With a daughter going off to college in Aug, this is perfect. I printed out a bunch, cause I know there will be a bunch of stuff we need. Thanks!

  9. I wonder if this will work on the over the door hangers?? I am tired of towels laying everywhere? Those things are expensive

  10. I thinks it’s pretty funny that when you search “Bathroom Furnishings” on Targets website that they don’t even know what that means! lol ” We could not find exact matches for “bathroom furnishings” Go figure! I looked up the definition of “furnishings” and it said “To equip with what is needed, especially to provide furniture for.” to me a “furnishing” means anything that is needed in the room which could be just about anything. So in my book if you find it in the bathroom section, then that’s a “bathroom furnishing item” which is what it says on the coupon. BTW i bought the 2 tier shelf last year w/ the $10 Q and also found a small shelf that stands on the floor that matched it. Very cute! Happy shopping! =)

  11. Got my today ( one pictured) I only got one because I wanted to save my other coupon to see what else I could get. Can it be used on any bathroom items.

  12. Do you think it could be used on a hamper? I’ve been coveting a sorting hamper and this would soften the blow a bit.

  13. is the “child step stool” a bathroom furniture?

    many parents use that for their kids inside the bathroom

  14. I wonder if it will work on a shower curtain… I wish it was worded better because if it beeps, it’s pretty much up to the cashier whether to push it through or not. Everyone’s definition of “bathroom furnishing” is going to differ. :-/

  15. Yeah we are moving to our new home & could really used this 🙂 Thanks for the posting & all the readers wonderful comments 🙂

  16. Got the one in the picture and had no trouble. Can’t wait to go back and hunt for something else to get!! 🙂

  17. I got the silver shown in the picture. This came just in time for my new apartment!! 🙂
    I wonder if this could be used on toilet paper holders…I know there’s some on clearance.

  18. i got an over the cabinet storage caddy for $10.99 but the coupon did beep. the cashier got the head cashier who told her to push it through because it was considered a furnishing….yay for me right…still got a few more coupons though please keep posting what you got so we know what works no problems please!!!!

  19. I got the silver one pictured and it worked great! WOO HOO! I also found a shower caddy which we needed so bad! It beeped at the register and I didn’t say anything, just waited. The SA read the coupon carefully and pushed it through! Also, I realized it rang up $18.99 but was sticker priced at $13.99 (incorrectly apparently) so I took it to CS and got the $5 difference back, PLUS another $5 because of a MI law for being mis marked! WOO HOO! I LOVE FREE STUFF! Thank you!!!

  20. Got the bronze two tier shelf from your picture today without any beep/problem. Thanks for all you do, Kerry!

  21. Today I got the 2-Tier Wall Shelf with Towel Bars for $6.99 and had no problems. I am most likely going to go back and try to get the wooden looking toilet paper holder (looks like it holds 3 rolls) which is priced at $16.99 (I’d never pay that much!) 😛

    Please let us know what other items you get in this dept. with these coupons! This was a great one, thanks!

  22. I got one of each pictured and my mom also got an in shower caddy (the kind that is floor to ceiling) and a towel rod. no issues for us.

  23. I see that one person commented that they could use only 1 coupon…anyone else have problems using more then 1 of the $10 off coupons?! I’m planning to go tomorrow, would like to use more then one!!

  24. @Jennie i had a problem using 2. the cashier made me do another transaction to use my 2nd coupon….

  25. Just called target customer service (lol, as if I thought that would really help) Customer service lady said that rugs were also included in bathroom furnishings. I think she was just guessing, but hey I need a shelf so I’ll grab one for 5 bucks and take a gamble with my second coupon. Wish me luck 🙂

  26. Wow this coupon is confusing! I bought a house last year and wanted to put 20% down so I didn’t have to pay the insurance thing. I didn’t have enough for all of this kind of stuff so I got one of each shelf for my two bathrooms. I’m debating if I should try to use it to get all the other bathroom stuff I wanted- TP holder, towel ring, etc.

  27. Went this morning and no problems! I used 4, yes 4 coupons!! I had him ring each up in seperate transactions but it was no problem! I bought 2 shower curtain liners ($9.99 each), an organizer drawer caddy ($9.99) and shower curtain hooks ($6.99)…I didn’t want my overage to go to waste, so with the shower curtain hooks I used a B1G1 coupon for gillette body wash and essentially got it all for $0.49!

    The shower curtain hooks did ring up $9.99 but he adjusted it back to $6.99 when I noticed the error. I’m one happy shopper today!

    @Amalia, it prints 2 per computer…so we have three computer in our house we just hook them all up to the computer and print 2 from each for a total of 6 (still waiting for hubby to bring his computer home so I can get 2 more!). The coupons do not say you are limited to 2 per person or anything, you can only use 1 per transaction.

  28. I went back today with another set of Q was able to get a toliet brush think it was $12.99 and got a $8.99 toliet paper holder that hangs on the side of the tank. My mom got 2 wicker baskets that are near the bathroom furniture. $11.99 each.

    This time it said the item not found but the cashier over rode it and gave me the discount.

  29. I tried to use it on the wicker baskets in the bath furniture aisle and they said that it had to be bathroom furniture like pictured. What is a furnishing item? It seems like it would be anything that is needed or used in a bathroom. It is frustrating to hear that others are able to get the same items that I couldn’t use my coupon on. They need to be more clear on their coupons. I guess I’ll try it again.

  30. I cannot get the $10.00 coupon for bathroom furnishing. Am I doing something wrong? Is it only for certain zip codes?

  31. Got mine today!
    Bought the wall shelve w/ towel bar, $14.99 -$10 off Q= $4.99.
    Febreze Air Effects 2PK, clearance, $2.24 -$1.00 off Q=.62 cents each
    up&up pain reliever, .97cents -$1.00 Catalina= FREE!!

  32. Kat, I did the same thing! I still have one more coupon to use, but I’ll save that for another visit.

    They were out of the towel rack (2-tier.) They did have one, but it was opened and the box look to torn up. I was worried about it being damaged. I wanted to maybe see this one in person and than hang it in the nursery with a blanket on the bottom instead of a towel, but I am not sure if it would look funny as if it belongs in the bathroom. We shall see. 🙂

  33. I thought the coupon was for anything in the bathroom HOME collection. I needed two towel bars. The coupon didn’t beep but the cashier questioned the manager. He said it was for furniture only but to go ahead and accept them. Whew! I reread the coupon and it said “furnishings”…and in the picture…it showed furniture and towel bars. Just glad I was able to get what I needed. 😀

  34. Used one q the other day on the nickle rack pictured ..did not beep and worked fine. brought it home for 4.99. Used another q this morning on a small tray basket..RV 11.99 .Q did beep but cashier pushed it through without even batting an eyelash (didnt hurt she was too busy baby talking my 1 year old 🙂 ) Going back tomorrow for a 2nd shelf…not a shabby deal for the rack and 2 storage baskets for under 10 bucks! Will look great in my recently remodeled bathroom !

  35. I had problems with this Q last night. Called before I went to clarify “furnishing”. Lady in bath dept. said it would mean anything, really, as long as it was over $10 – or even 2 items, like towels that total over $10. I asked specifically about rugs ’cause that’s what I wanted. I asked her if she was sure and what to do if I had any problems due to the vagueness of the Q. She said the cashier manager will help the cashiers if there was a prob. but the cashier’s would know what to do. So, after I DRIVE TO THE STORE, the cashier manager scans the Q, reads it and says I can’t use it on my rug. I told her about my call, she still said no. Called corporate customer relations this morning, they couldn’t help define “furnishing”- didn’t even know about the Q or have access to it. Told me to return to the store, try again and have cashier manager call them and gave me a reference number, but no guarantee whatsoever as to the outcome. Frustrated! Should I try it again? I hate the embarrassment of being turned away like I’m trying to do something criminal….. Anyone else have a similar problem using the Q???

  36. @Becky, I know your frustration. I tried it at one Target to get the baskets but they said that it had to be furniture. Upon hearing that others got baskets, soap dispensers, hooks and other things, I want to try it again at another Target but don’t want the embarrassment again. Some of the cashiers don’t really scrutinize the coupons while others do and I feel it is just luck. These coupons especially are very vague and don’t tell us what is a bath furnishing, you would think it could be any item used in a bathroom. That is why I printed several the first day thinking I would be able to get several different items for my bathrooms. They might have pulled the coupon from the website because of the vagueness or no minimum, who knows. I’m not going to lose sleep over it but I am right there with you, I hope that Target will see these comments and make their coupons more understandable.

  37. The first time I went in, I got two soap dispensers with no problem at all using the coupon. The next time I tried to do the same thing – two soap dispensers – they called a manager over, who said that the coupon only works for furniture. =-(

  38. I tried to use two of these coupons today in 2 separate transactions. The first went through without beeps (I got the 14.99 wall shelf). Then, I tried to use the coupon on the tension rod shower caddy that goes from floor to ceiling since I saw where others had commented that they bought this without beeping and of course, mine beeped. The cashier gave me the classic line that it had to be something from the picture and the manager agreed (even though the wall shelf I purchased is not exactly pictured on the coupon). I told them to cancel that transaction and went to ask the manager for clarification. She then said she didn’t know either way. Gee thanks Ms. Manager! Anyway, I may try another Target because I really don’t need another wall shelf.

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