Cheap Q-Tips at Target – No Coupons Needed

The $5 Gift Card Deal wyb 4 select Q-Tip & Dove items thru 6/25 just got a lot better thanks to some surprise lower-priced inclusions on Q-Tips!

Both the 170 count priced at $1.89 and the 375 count priced at $2.39 are included and you don’t even need coupons to get a good deal!  Even without coupons- it would be $2.56 for 4 after Gift Card for the 170 count or 64¢ each.

*A big thanks to Brenda, Maggie, & Kristi for the heads up! Thanks so much Ladies! If you do not see signs for this deal on these sizes, it does not necessarily mean they are not included. You can always take the product up to GS or a register and ask them to look up the item to see if it is included.

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  1. thank you thank you!!!!!! I was debating whether to go tonight and your post just made my mind up for me! Thanks for posting it!!! I need Q-Tips~ have a great dinner!!

  2. I wasn’t going to Target today until I saw this post! Thanks! They weren’t tagged at my store, but they did ring up as part of the deal.

  3. Yay I just came from target and used 4 of my $.30 coupons and had my hubby with so had him use 4 more of my $.30 coupons = 2 $5 giftcards 🙂

  4. Thanks went and got mine and some of the other deals you posted about and the fuze deal got better there is an in store deal on fuze, smartwater, and vitamin water for b4g1 so i got 20 used 5 of the 1.00/2 and 10 b1g1 tearpad qs so i got 20 fuze for 1.00 yay me!

  5. just got back from picking up my q-tips…
    the 325ct is 2.39 and the 500ct is 2.99. they also had a 1000ct for 5.79.
    cashier knew about the giftcard deal and asked me if I had coupons. I said I did not. she said there were some in the paper for 50¢. I know there wasn’t any in our paper in our area so she must be talking about something else. anyone heard of a 50¢ q-tip q?

  6. My Target in Augusta, GA, had the 175 count and the 375 count priced the same–$2.39. Didn’t make much sense, but I was glad to get twice the quantity for the same price.

  7. I bought 4 (170ct) packs today for $7.72 after tax got $5 Gift Card, thanks for sharing the deal! Its rare ya find Q-Tips on sale 🙂

  8. Oh, good, my husband goes through Qtips like it’s a contest. I think I have Qs, can’t remember.

  9. OMG, thank you so much! We’ve got family visiting off and on for the remainder of the year and we’re stocking up our upstairs linen closet’s small shelves with extra supplies and goodies for the bathroom. This was a super cheap way to stock up! Thanks! 😀

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