Target Clearance Finds & Tidbits From My InBox

I have gotten a few e-mails about trial size bags of Iams Cat & Dog Food being offered at some stores for $3. There was a single sheet flyer included in some newspapers sometime in April that had a $3/1 Iams ProActive Health Dry Dog or Cat Food Coupon that has no size restrictions on it good thru 7/31. So check your binders, as this will make these small trial size bags FREE if you got it.

Inside the trial size bags is also a $3/1 Iams Coupon and while this one does specify a size there is also a Target Coupon to stack with the one for Dog Food- for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (2) Select P&G Items (Iams Dog Food 13.4 lb Bags included) Target Coupon 6-5-11 RPx8/31. That will be like getting a total of $11 off two 13.4 lb bags after stacking with two of the $3/1. –Thanks Brenda, Karen and Brandi!


Lisa saw these 3pk Secret Deodorant Scent Expressions in Truth or Pear scent marked $10.99 for the 3pk, but when she checked on the scanners they were $3.99 with no clearance stickers in sight. These are full size deodorants and were on the shelf right next the the other Secret products. Now this could very well be be totally random- but you may want to scan and check & see if you find the same at your store. (-Thanks Lisa M.!) Here’s a Secret Roundup…
$1/2 Secret Deodorants ETS Target Coupon 5-1-11 Target P&G Insert x6/30
$2/2 Secret Deodorant, Body Spray, Venus Razors ETS Target Q Glamour Mag. June 2011 x7/31
$1/2 Secret Deodorant ETS Target Coupon Blazing Beauty Flyer 5-22-11 x6/30
-B2G1: FREE Secret Body Spray wyb 2 Secret Scent Expressions 6-5-11 PG x7/31
-$1/1 Secret P&G Everyday Savings Booklet x6/30

I find it so funny how quickly the P&G products in retro style packaging are being clearanced out of stores. I feel like they were here for a bout 5 seconds! But it does mean good clearance buys after coupons, that’s for sure! More and more of you are reporting bigger drops in the clearance for these products anywhere from 30-50% Off- so here’s a roundup of coupons and products to look for… (-Thanks for the picture Lisa!)

-.75/1 Tide Laundry Detergent ETS Target Coupon 5-22-11 RP x6/30
-$1/2; .35/1 Tide 6-5-11 PG x7/31
-$1/1 Tide Detergent P&G Everyday Savings x6/30
-.75/1 Bounce Dryer Sheets or Bar ETS Target Coupon 5-22-11 RP x6/30
-.50/1 Bounce P&G Everyday Savings x6/30
-$1/1 Downy Fabric Softener, Liquid or Sheets ETS Target Coupon 5-22-11 RP x6/30
-.50/1 Downy Liquid Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets 6-5-11 PG x7/31

Brenda let me know that she found $1/1 Cascade Action Pacs Target Coupon Hangtags on some Cascade Detergent bottles at her store. And Vanessa found them attached to the Cascade RInse Aid at hers. If you are picking up either of these products & find them too, you can then stack the Target Coupon with any of the following on Action Pacs..
-$1/2; .25/1 Cascade, any 6-5-11 PG x7/31
-$1/1 Cascade Action Pacs from Booklet found inside Charmin Sensitive
(-Thanks Brenda!)

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  1. Those secret should have been on an endcap with the gillette body wash 2 packs and I think they are all 3.99. If you still have the bogo coupons then 4.00 for 4 bottles.

  2. I found the Emerald Nuts Cocoa Almonds on Price cut for $3.00 There were $1 off one or $1.50 of 2 coupons in the 6/19 RP.

  3. how much does the trial size Iams weigh? if it is 2 lb size then there is a rebate tearpad to get a free bag up to 8 lb. wyb a 2 lb or above!

  4. The cat food was only 12oz so less then a pound – I had hoped to use it for the rebate too. . . .

  5. Does any one have any of the coupond for the 3/1 Iams ProActive Health Dry Dog that they do not need? I just got a puppy and need to start stockpiling. Please email me at

    Thanks so much!

  6. I bought the Secret 3-pack deodorants and the matching body spray.
    I scanned it and they were 3.99, originally 10.99.
    I bought 2, and stacked it with the $1/2 Target Q &B2G1 Free: Secret Body Spray.
    I have no idea what I would do without this website! 🙂

  7. Just wanted to chime in that those Secret 3 packs were $3.99 at my Target as well. They were also on the shelf next to the regular price deodorant and there were no clearance stickers.

  8. I got the Secret deodorant today too! Last one with the regular deodorant with not clearance sticker, scanned for 3.99! Thanks Totally Target! There was also Cortid itch spray on the clearance rack for 4.24, and there is a 3.00off coupon that expires on 7/31/2011 making it only $1.24.

  9. Does anyone happen to know the size restriction of the Iams coupon that is inside the trial-size pet food bags? 😉

  10. on secret 3 pack deal at 3.99, will they allow $1/2 coupon since its a 3 pack not 2 individual sticks?

  11. @dimiee- you actually need to buy two 3-packs to use the $1/2 Q. There is only 1 barcodee being scannedd so considered 1 product. hth

  12. @Kathy K.- There are no size restriction on the $3.00 off coupon in the trial size bags. I just bought some and used them! =)

  13. I purchased 3 of the green bag of Iams and my coupon was $3 off a bag 13.4lbs or larger that expire on 9/30/12. Hope this helps.

  14. So do some bags have $3 off coupons with restrictions and some bags have cpns with no restrictions?

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