Nice Deal on HP Color Inkjet Paper at Target thru 7/2

There is a B1G1 FREE Sale going on at Target stores this week for HP Photo Paper, but I was happy to see that regular HP Color Inkjet Paper was included as well. We have a $1/1 HP Paper Coupon available at zip 90210, so if you need color inkjet paper- this works out to be a pretty nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Reams (400 Sheets ea) HP Color Inkjet Paper ($6.79) = $13.58
-$6.79 (one will be FREE with Target B1G1 FREE Deal valid thru 7/2
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Ream Any HP Paper with ColorLok Technology Zip 90210
= $4.79 for 2 reams, or $2.39 each or a savings of almost 70% Off

*Note- using a coupon on a FREE Item at Target may be a YMMV. It is possible for sale inclusions to vary by region, but if you don’t see a sign, you can take the product to a scanner and see if it comes up “special purchase” on the screen. If so, the second ream should prompt as FREE at the register.

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  1. If you don’t care about brand…the Up&Up brand paper is a good deal. I believe for 400 sheets it was $3.19..use the $1 off UP&UP $3 or more…and you get a good price. I bought a few of those.

  2. QUESTION: Does anyone know how to/ have you EVER seen great deals on INK? I am going through a TON printing coupons!!!

  3. Jennifer, I usually stock up on ink when OfficeMax offers those “Everything you can fit into this bag for 20% off” deals. I believe they occur once every 4 months, and they just had one about 3 weeks ago. If you have a Sam’s or Costco, you can purchase great deals on ink there as well. Lastly, if you sign up at for Staples Rewards, you can get coupons in the mail for $25 off your purchase of $100 or more, and you end up pay $75 for tons of ink with free shipping (shipping is free over $50).

  4. You can find some really cheap, refurbished cartridges on Amazon. I got two black and two color for like $23 and they work just as good. Also, you can try dropping your printing quality down to draft to conserve ink.

  5. I don’t know of any great deals but I change the setting on my printer to “fast draft” I was worried that they wouldn’t scan at first but they do!

  6. Jennifer-Target usually has HP ink on sale about every 2-3 months. Typically it is buy a combo pack of ink get a $5-$10 GC. I’ve also seen ink on sale at other places like Office Depot and Office Max.

  7. This may not answer your question directly – but I finally bought a black and white Brothers laser printer ($119 on Amazon) because of how much COLOR ink I was going through for no reason – I could not get my printer to default to B&W. I figure I will make the money back pretty quickly with what I save on ink – and now I just print whatever I want without worrying at all.

    And every once in awhile, there will be a good deal on ink. About 6 months ago Target had BOGO on all HP inkjet so I bought 1 of each color – which I have already run through most of these cartridges, hence the new printer :).

  8. Comment still waiting moderation? =[ lol ok

    Aside from staples, office max and office depot have sales on ink. Also, if you’re a rewards program member you can recycle your old cartridges and get rewards money back. Office depot is $2 a cartridge. That kind of helps.

  9. I am concerned of the stacking on the $1 off coupons due to this being a B1G1 Free sale. I thought that the new policy stated that we cannot use 2 manufacturer coupons on a B1G1 anymore…??

  10. The actual policy states that you can not use a coupon on the FREE item WHEN you are using a B1G1 Coupon. The use of a coupon on an item made FREE in a SALE is not addressed. That is probably why Kerry put this as a YMMV (your mileage may vary) i.e. not sure if it will be allowed or not at your store. Hope this helps!

  11. No luck on either the ink or paper deals at my Target in WI. They had one ink combo pack with a gift card tag on it and no HP paper on sale at all. 🙁

    If you have an HP printer, sign up for their emails. They send coupon codes regularly and shipping is always free on ink. I believe it’s next business day shipping.

  12. We just shopped Target in the Denver Metro-area and the color-lock paper wasn’t marked as a special purchase or on sale, but it was…..we asked the cashier to scan it and it was BOGO. Used two of the mfg coupons and got it for about $2.40 a ream. Be sure to ask, because there wasn’t anything on our shelf to say it was on sale….

  13. Hey Dewana- awesome- yes sometimes I ge sick of hearing myself say scan and check – but truly it happens- sometimes signs just don’t make it onto the items or they et put with the wrong items. Glad you got the deal!

  14. Was this listed in the ad, too? I didn’t see it in my local ad so I wonder if we have it here in South Florida. I went to the store and the associate in that department scanned the shelf tag and it didn’t come upon sale. I wonder if I took it to the register if it would have scanned as BOGO. Was it on any size? I saw reams that were $5.xx, $7.xx, and $13.xx.

  15. I loved this deal! I live near Chicago and it worked for me. Plus I was able to use the 2- $1 coupons! Thanks soooo much! (Use a lot of paper as a student!)

  16. I went to buy this inkjet paper but I could not find it (I was looking in the office supply section instead of the tech department by the TVs) and the workers did not have any idea what I was talking about.I checked the Sunday Target ad paper and the deal was in there so I went back and it was located by the ink cartridges in tech department. I used 2 of the manufacturers coupons and they worked fine. Thanks for posting.

  17. Made a special trip to my Target in Butler, PA and asked a dept. person AND asked the cashier to ring it to see if it was BOGO and it was not. Now noticing that maybe it is in the TECH Dept. so I may need to run back over and see what this may be. It pays to read the posts… literally.

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