New & Revised FREE and Cheap Finds at Target

Here’s a few new & revised cheap finds with the new coupons. (The new coupons are all marked with an asterisk*).  I’ll let you know if any of the ones listed below get any better with new Price Cuts or sales. Please Remember- all insert coupons have the potential to be regional & prices can vary by region too, but here ya go!

V8 Fusion 46 oz Juice $2.99 (Regular Price)
*-$1/2 V8 Juice 46 oz+ Target Web Coupon x8/21
-$1.50/1 V8 V-Fusion Juice 6-26-11 SS x7/31
$1/2 V8 V-Fusion 46 oz or 6 pk 8 oz Cans or HERE

= $1.98 for 2 or .99 cents each after stack

Summer’s Eve Sheer Floral 16 ct Feminine Cleansing Cloths $1.64 (Regular Price)
*-$2/2 Summer’s Eve Products (zip 90210)
= $1.28 for 2 or .64 cents each after coupon

Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pens 10 ct .50 (Sale thru 7/23)
*-$1/2 Bic Stationary Products coupon^
^I suggest printing the Bic coupon along with a second, different Q- it is printing funky alone for me!
= FREE after a coupon (but I hear some ads have the pens for .60)

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 4 ct box $1 (Found in Dollar Spot)
*-.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Gushers 7-17-11 SS x9/10
-.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Rollups on Coupon Network
= .75 cents each after coupon

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock 15 oz $1.87 – $1.99 (Regular Price)
*-$1/1 Country Crock All You Aug 2011 x10/14
=  as low as .87 cents after coupon

Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes 42 ct Tub $1.97 – $2.39 (Regular Price)
-$1.25/2 Cottonelle Wipes 36- or 42-ct. Target Web Coupon
*-.75/2 Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes ETS 7-17-11 SS x8/28
*-$1/2 Cottonelle Fresh Care tubs or refills All You Aug 2011 x10/30
-$1/2 Cottonelle Flushable Wipes Tub or Refill
=as low as $1.69 for 2 or .84 cents each after stack. You can also request  a $1/1 Cottonelle Tub Printable coupon HERE when you fill out the form and share with a friend. Think only print one though.

Nivea Body Wash for Women or Men $3.04 – $3.99 (Regular Price)
*-$1/1 Nivea Bodywash ETS Target Coupon College 2011 Mailer x9/18
-$1/1 Nivea Body Wash ETS Target Coupon Beauty Bag Mailer x7/30
-$1/1 Nivea Skin Care Item Target Coupon Beauty Bag Mailer x7/30

*-$2/1 Nivea Women’s Body Wash All You Aug 2011 x8/31
*-$2/1 Nivea Men’s Body Wash All You Aug 2011 x8/31
-$2/1 Nivea for men body wash (8.4 fl oz- 16.9 fl oz) 6-5-11 RP x7/30

= as low as .04 cents each after a stack

NYC Color Select Cosmetic Products $1.72 ea (Regular Price)*
*Liquid Eyeliner, Brow & Liner Pencils, Waterproof or Lengthening Mascara
-$1/1 NYC New York Color Product ($1.72+) All You July 2011 x7/31
-$1/1 NYC Eye Product ($1.72 +) states “available at Duane Reade” in red but MQ zip 10038
*-$1/1 NYC New York Color item $1.72 or + All You Aug 2011 x8/31

= .72 cents each after coupon

TUMS 3 roll 24 ct $1.92 (Regular Price)
*-$1/1 Tums Digestive Aid Item 12 ct + Target Web Coupon x8/20
-$1/2 Tums 24 ct+ 6-26-11 RP x8/31
-$1/1 Tums 24 ct+ (sign up required)
= FREE after a stack with the TQ and $1/1

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  1. I already printed out the full page coupon for bic and can’t print again! Did any one have luck with this coupon?

  2. Does anyone know if the scotch tape PDF coupon still works at target? I tried it yesterday at one target and they wouldn’t take it. I didn’t feel like arguing.

  3. I do feel for some of you at target stores, the girl that checked me out didnt even look at the coupons she just scanned away. however im not sure if every dollar general has them but the bic pens are 2 for $1 right now, you may want to try there and see.

  4. Could anyone tell me if there’s a way to print JUST the scotch tape coupon from the pdf? My target is doing overage on the tape so I want to print a few more 🙂 Thanks!

  5. My All You coupon for country crock is a $1 off when you buy country crock & lender’s bagels. Was there one for just a $1 off the country crock?

  6. @Jessica.. the Beauty Bag was an offer Target had a couple months ago. It was a little makeup bag filled with free sample sizes of lotion, neutrogena lip balm, and some shampoo. It had a booklet of a bunch of beauty coupons as well. It is no longer available to get anymore. Sorry!

  7. There is a $2 NIVIA Bodywash coupon AND a $2 NIVIA face care printable coupon on the facebook page: NIVIA for Men USA

    ALSO– FYI on college mailer. I have a RedCard credit card, RedCard debit, created a baby registry and wedding registry, signed up for samples and emails through and got my first target mailer (the college one) AT MY MOMS! With my maiden name and old address. All of which is not on my card info or registry info. I have been attending college so i believe the college mailer probably got there address info from a school database. And my nearest Target is 30 miles away…

  8. How do you get the target college 2011 mailer or the beauty bag mailer.Not sure what these are. Please help

  9. @Kayla and Deb,
    When you print the Bic Pen coupon, you must also print another coupon (something else you need or any coupon you pick will do) with it at the same time. Print two coupons on the same page. That will prevent it from looking all funky.

  10. Just got back from Target myself a little while ago. Target has Skinny Girl jeans on clearance for 7.48 and 4.48. Use the 3.00 denim coupon. Pants for as low as 1.48 🙂 Also L’oreal hair coloring was clearanced. I used the 2/1 coupon and got it for 1.48 also. I’ve been getting more than 50% of my groceries at Target. <3 Target 🙂

  11. Just an FYI on my trip to Target today I found some 7-pocket(small) and 5-pocket (large) accordion files in the $1 section. The cashier said they just put them out today.

  12. I just got back from Target and got $37.25 worth of stuff for .75 cents OOP!!! I was able to get the free tape.

  13. Kayla, my bic coupon also printed the same way and the cashier would not take it. Also had trouble with the $1.00 Mfg coupon for Post its, the Target Post it coupon worked but not the mfg.

  14. My store wouldn’t take the Scotch PDF coupon…after talking to my “regular” cashier…apparently the store had a BIG meeting about it. Made a bunch of copies, posted them all over the registers, offices, breakroom, etc. and said that if ANYONE tried to use the coupon on ANY tape other than the one PICTURED could not be allowed to. I told her that not getting my free tape wasn’t a big deal, but that she should let her manager know that the coupon wording says “ANY” and that the ones in the school supply section with the colored dispensers were, in fact, SCOTCH MAGIC TAPE. I don’t mind really, I left with almost 27 dollars worth of stuff for ZERO out of pocket…the first time I have ever done that! They can keep the “free” tape! 🙂

  15. With the Bic pen coupon mine just printed out a full bic page w/ pens on it and a bar code but no cut out or anything. Did anybody elses do that? Will it still work?

  16. ooops, I didn’t notice it says Target Coupon….sorry for the confusion!

    BTW: how do you get the Targe Beauty Bag Mailer???


  17. Hi, I don’t get how Nivea Body Wash comes up to $.04 if coupon is $2/1…

    Nivea Body Wash for Women or Men $3.04 – $3.99 (Regular Price)
    *-$1/1 Nivea Bodywash ETS Target Coupon College 2011 Mailer x9/18
    -$1/1 Nivea Body Wash ETS Target Coupon Beauty Bag Mailer x7/30
    -$1/1 Nivea Skin Care Item Target Coupon Beauty Bag Mailer x7/30
    *-$2/1 Nivea Women’s Body Wash All You Aug 2011 x8/31
    *-$2/1 Nivea Men’s Body Wash All You Aug 2011 x8/31
    -$2/1 Nivea for men body wash (8.4 fl oz- 16.9 fl oz) 6-5-11 RP x7/30
    = as low as .04 cents each after a stack

  18. I just wanted to comment that the V8 fusion juice had another coupon in the 6-26-11 SS that is buy 2 V8 fusions and get a V8 fusion with tea free. So 2 bottles of juice and 1 for juice plus tea was 1.98!!!

  19. Does anyone know if the V8 juice is for he Fusion variety only? Or can I get the V8 Splash and use the coupons? The Splash is much cheaper at my Target in cheyenne.
    Thanks, Heather

  20. in response to store had the same problem. It didnt go through on its own.

  21. I got free paper mate pens. They were in a bin that said 1.02, I price checked (it’s an obsession lol) and they were indeed $1. Free pens! And got some Bic pens too, yay. And tape.

  22. The TUMS coupons made the register “BEEP”, but I dug the TUMS out of the bag (they are not bottles, but little packages similar to what Certs or Lifesavers (rolls) come in) and I showed them that in fact, I DID buy the right items. 🙂 Other than that, I had a GREAT trip to Target today! Cheap juice, pasta, razors, floss and free tape, pens!!! 🙂 YAY! Saved $70.42 and spent $36…not too bad. 🙂 ($26 if you count the two gift cards I got for the razors.;) )

  23. Okay, my ad shows bic pens at 60 not 50 here in Texas. Haven’t made it to the store to check yet to check the actual price.
    I was there yesterday and got 3 Catalinas for college 2011 dorm items. They are different than what was in the college 2011 mailer. Speaking of the mailer, I have 2 college students in the household, a daughter and my spouse who are both attending the same college out of state and are home for the summer. A mailer showed up here addressed to my spouse but nothing for my daughter. Nothing for her up in Kansas either. The Target redcard is in my name not my spouses so how/why did only he get a mailer?

  24. @Joan, the Tums coupon reset and is now for 12 ct+, you may still be seeing the old coupon so just take a look again! hth

  25. Hey all. FYI…if you have an Axe user in your home I saw peelies on Axe body wash today $1/1 Axe deod. Always good when you see these…not many qs for Axe out there. These were at a target in IL

  26. @john, I dont know what zip TotallyTarget uses when we click on the Target coupon to print, but I just printed the tums coupon & it says 12 ct or larger, maybe try another zip? so for me, 2 bottles for free !

  27. Can someone please help me?

    One of my local Target stores has been completely unreasonable with coupons, and I’m really getting frustrated. They would not accept ANY of my $1/2 Bic coupons (I had 4) because the manager said “these pens are on sale, and they cannot be combined with a coupon because the coupon says so.” The same Target location two weeks ago said it would not accept more than one $1/1 Scotch tape coupon at a time because the coupon said “one coupon per purchase.” (It does not say one coupon per visit or transaction though)

    I tried to call customer service, but they said that each store has a different policy. I do not want to be known as the cranky, pain in the butt coupon lady, but it seems as though the management doesn’t completely know how to read coupons and really look down on using them!

  28. Bought 2 Aussie hairsprays for 2.27 each. Used $3.00 off WYB Aussie product and $1.00 any Aussie product. Makes it 27 cents each!!!!

  29. The Tums coupon I see on is for 36 ct. or larger so this would not be free 🙁

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