Update on Kashi B4G1 Deal: Frozen Meals Included

So my sister Kelley has been busy this morning at her Maryland Target getting a couple updates for me. And she did call me with some good news about Kashi! It appears that the B4G1 FREE Deal is also valid on the Frozen Meals. This is nice since it gives you another coupon option with the .75/1 Kashi Frozen at zip 90210.

UPDATE: It appears that this .75/1 coupon has a limit of one coupon per visit. (Thanks Megan!) So a scenario using more than one of these coupons will not be valid, but you can certainly mix and match products and use other coupons listed below to get a great deal.

Kelley also found that some varieties of the Kashi Crackers were only $2.79 for her, which will lower your OOP just a bit if you find the same and choose those. And from reader comments, Kashi Pizza is also included but the new Kashi Pita Crisps are NOT. Here’s the full updated details on this deal..

SPECIAL PURCHASE: B4G1 FREE Kashi Bars, Cookies, Cereals, Crackers Frozen Meals $2.99
*Also Kashi Pizza at $5.26 (prices may Vary) & Pitas seem NOT to be included in this deal
-$2/4 Kashi Frozen Meals, Crackers, Cookies, Cereal or Bars Target Web Coupon x8/9
*(If you are new to Recylebank check out my post to easily earn enough points for $2/1 Kashi MQs)
-Watch for Specially Marked Boxes with 50-point Recyclebank Codes printed inside
$1/1 Kashi Cereal or TLC Snack coupon (no size restriction)
-$2/1 Kashi Product on Recyclebank 125 pts
$1/1 Kashi Cereal or TLC Snack coupon (no size restriction)
.75/1 Kashi Frozen Entree or Pizza Product Zip 90210

-Thanks so much for the update & photo to Kelley!

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  1. This deal worked out better than I thought! The cookies were marked $2.99 on an endcap with the granola bars & crackers. But, where the rest of the organic foods are located, the cookies had a $2.79 sign! Sure enough a price scan verified $2.79. So —
    $2.79 * 5 = $13.95
    – (4) $1/1 Kashi Cookie q’s (I found these in a Kashi booklet a few months back)
    – (1) $2/1 Kashi IP from Recycle Bank
    – (1) $2/4 Target Store IP
    – $2.79 free item
    = $3.16 or .63 per box!!!

    We LOVE the Oatmeal Dark Chocolate. I had to hide them from the kids so they don’t eat through them before school starts!!!

  2. Watch out–the Get One does not always come off as free…I didn’t notice at first and had to go to customer service for my refund…

  3. The Pita Crisps were part of the deal at our Target in Burlington, Iowa. There was no sign next to it, but when I did a scan, it said “special purchase”. Also, at our Target, the fifth item that they ring up is the free item.

  4. I purchased 3 boxes of bars, 1 box of cookies, and 1 frozen meal. The cookies came up at $2.79 by the way. And unfortunately the 5th item was not free. I always have trouble with the registers at Target not automatically taking off the free item. But the cashier was a doll and she actually took off one of the $2.99 items (though the ad specified that the cheapest item is free).

  5. Adriana,

    I was able to use four different $2/1 coupons – I have a recyclebank account and a few friends were nice enough to print some for me. There wasn’t an issue doing this, no beeps or anything, though I wasn’t able to use a .75 coupon for the fifth item (YMMV, my store doesn’t allow it most days). To be honest, there is almost always a problem using coupons at Target (I hate doing it unless there’s a fantastic deal) so I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t try to use the Target $2/4 coupon in addition to those because I didn’t have it with me, but it may have caused an issue as using two on the same item(s) usually does.

    My total was 2.99×5-2.99-2×4=$3.96, or 72 cents each! Could have been 40 cents each had I used the Target coupon!

    Hope that helps!

  6. Mine also didn’t come off automatically and unfortunately I didn’t catch it until I checked my receipt at home! Always hard to keep an eye on those things with a 2 year old in the basket…so I guess I will make a trip back to Target this week to get it fixed. Everything was 2.99 at my store (Texas) but I didn’t check the cereal.

  7. The pita chips were not included at my store in Bend, OR if anyone is wondering- I didn’t personally care though, since I wasn’t planning on getting those. What I did find though, was that the cookies (my favorite!!) were lower priced at $2.79 and were included in the deal. I bought 4 cookies and 1 box of cereal, so this is how it looked:
    -2.79 for freebie
    -2 target Q
    -2 recyclebank Q
    -3 (3) $1/1 Kashi product from their website
    = $4.36 for all 5 items, or 87.2 cents per item (lol…yeah, 87 point 2)

  8. I asked a Target employee to check the pita chips for me (they were next to the crackers, but didn’t have signs up). I wanted to try them and use my coupons too, but they are not included at my store (darn), but as Kerry mentioned, the frozen entrees are. I bought 4 boxes of crackers (2.69 for me) and 1 box of cereal (2.99) and $2.60 was deducted for the 5th (free) item plus I used 2 $2 coupons.

  9. I got the pita chips today. The manager assured me they were included and gave me the $2.79 price and the 5th one FREE!

  10. The .75 off coupon from coupons.com says limit one coupon per visit? Does this mean you can’t use 4 like described in the post?

  11. @ Jes – looking at my receipt, I think the computer groups “like” items together for the free one. I bought five boxes of cereal which were $2.89 (the Heart to Heart is ten cents less) I also bought five frozen meals that were $2.99 each. I see on my receipt that the computer grouped the cereal together and took off one for free – $2.89 and it grouped the frozen meals together – took off $2.99. If it were not grouping, I believe it would have taken off another cereal at $2.89 since it was the cheapest product and the details state that the cheapest product will be free – but instead it took off the price of the higher frozen meal.

    When they had this deal a few months ago, I split up my transaction with Kashi cookies and I think crackers (or maybe TCL bars) I also did not receive my fifth item for free. When I went to Customer Service, they said it was because I didn’t purchase all of the “same” item but they gave me a refund and said that the ad did not state that you could not mix and match (same as the ad for this week) But since I had this happen before, I decided to buy in groups of five of the same item to see if would go through better. It did.

  12. Watch the sizes on the cereal. I only noticed it on the honey sunshine but the old boxes are 12oz and the “new look” boxes are 10.5oz. The 12oz did work for the offer and my free item came off automatically. HTH

  13. At target this morning, the free one was not automatically coming off. I bought 2 boxes of bars @$2.99 each, a box of cereal @$2.99, a box of cookies @$2.99 and a box of crackers @$2.69. After all five items were rung, the $2.69 did not come off for the crackers. I asked the cashier about it and he had to manually take off the $2.69 for the promotion. Keep an eye on your registers for that…

  14. I scanned the pita chips and they came up $3.19. I don’t remember seeing anything on the screen about special purchase. I was hoping somehow they just missed putting the signs up and that the scanner would reveal that this was true.

  15. Hey everyone- just wanted to say thanks so much for filling in the blanks on the Pita Crisps and the Pizza! You guys are the best. Also- was curious if anyone scanned the Pita Chips? was just a long shot- but curious if they just didnt have sale signs and came up as $2.99 and SPecial Purchase on the screen upon a scan? If anyone did- please let me know- it will put my curiosity to rest. 😉 Thanks!

  16. The pita chips were not inclued and not on sale at the store I went to in sicklervile nj. The price for the chips was 3.19

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