Quick Giveaway: Win a $50 Sephora Gift Card

UPDATE:  Over now folks, will announce the winner in the a.m.!

If you aren’t familiar with Sephora, they are a popular store that carries a wide variety of cosmetic lines, fragrances, beauty tools, skin care, hair care and more.  These stores are located inside JCPenney stores and in malls and there are lots of locations across the country.  From designer brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, to the Sephora line, there are tons of items in all price ranges to fit any budget.  I thought it would be super nice for one reader to be able to pamper themselves with some great products!  You could also buy some fabulous gifts, and they do carry mens products too!

For this giveaway there will be ONE winner who will receive a $50 Sephora gift card. To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Facebook and email entries will not count, so be sure to leave a comment on this post. One entry per person please. I will pick 1 winner at random when it ends. This giveaway will go until sometime late tonight – not sure when – but as long as the comments are open you can enter! Good Luck Everyone! :)

*Note- this is not a sponsored giveaway. Prize is being provided by TotallyTarget.com

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  1. I was just thinking that I probably need to update some of my make-up! (Who really replaces their mascara every 3 months!?) Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. this is such a great giveaway, you’re so generous!! thanks so much and I really hope to win!!

  3. i need a new foundation and what do you know perfect timing. i would love to win this giftcard

  4. Count me in. I already have a list of items I would like to try from Sephora starting with Marc Jacobs Daisy.

  5. I have terrible acne and have tried everything! I have yet to try Sephora. I’d love to see what they have to offer!

  6. I just found Sephora, and I am so ready to buy some new make-up! Thanks for giving this away!

  7. absolutely love Sephora! its the only brand I trust and use on a daily basis!! thanks for the opportunity!!

  8. Thanks for all of the giveaways! I would love to try some of the Sephora products.

  9. I’ve heard great things, but haven’t tried because of the price. Would LOVE to win the card. 🙂

  10. Hooray for Sephora for making me look pretty, and hooray for totally target for saving me some green!

  11. i am in such need of make up well what girl isn’t this is such a good opportunity.. thanks alot for doing this for all of us!!

  12. What a great idea for a summer pick-me-up! I could stand to restock my makeup bag a little…

  13. I would so love to win this. I want to buy this lip gloss and perfume in there and this would be so awesome if I won this. Was hoping I could get some things from there for my b’day last week but oh well

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways you do! :):)

    Have a blessed day

  14. I always buy Sephora for my niece! She just loves it!. Would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  15. Would love to win! Sephora is my favorite place to purchase skincare and makeup products!
    Love the I-Phone App as well.

  16. So excited!!! I love make-up! and I really want to try the new Jennifer Aniston fragrance!

  17. Ive been into Sephora, but never purchased due to their high prices….. this prize would help me splurge on myself for once. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  18. I Love Sephora & Totally Target !! I Also Would LOVE To Win…I Never Win Anything :/ Im Keeping My Fingers Crossed Though !! =)

  19. Love Sephora, just too expensive for me on a teacher’s budget:( Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  20. Sephora is an awesome store, but I never shop there because it is pretty expensive. I would love to win so I could actually shop there!

  21. Been meaning to check this store out for a while now. Would live to win. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  22. I would love to win this 🙂 Mommy-to-be + college = a whole lot less fun money, haha

  23. such an awesome giveaway! I love Sephora so much. Unfortunately I can’t shop there as often as I used to ever since I had my baby boy in January! But he is a blessing so I don’t mind!

  24. I love Sephora! This is the only place I buy my makeup, since drug store makeup doesn’t work with my skin due to the humidity in Florida. I actually bought the tinted mouisterizer foundation and concealor 2 weeks ago. I would love the opportunity to win!

  25. Another great giveaway! Love Sephora’s samples and a good way to get Bare Minerals! Thanks so much!

  26. How exciting! I love Sephora! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! And love, love your blog!

  27. I would love to win this..be unemployed for awhile, definately cannot afford Sephora right now

  28. OMG, sis’s bday is coming up, and this would help me shop for us both!! Thanks for offering; sooo generous!!

  29. I have never used these products before but my friends rave about them. I would love to see what it’s all about!

  30. Would love to win!! It would give me a great excuse to go splurge at one of my favorite stores at the mall!!

  31. Trust TotallyTarget n YOu for the best and most fabulous giveaways!!!!!! Would love to buy something fancy for myself! 🙂

  32. OMG!! I LOVE Sephora!! This would be so nice, since it’st the only place that sells the mascara I use and it’s crazy expensive!! lol!! thanks for the Giveaway!

  33. I would LOVE to get this! I have never tried their makeup but I have heard great things!

  34. I would to win, I would buy some new lipstick. I think my old one is past it’s expiration date.

  35. Love Sephora! Would love to use this going shopping with my aunt so we can both spoil ourselves a little 🙂 Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  36. Oh pick me! I’m going to Vegas next week where there is a Sephora ( we don’t have one anywhere near me) Love that store!

  37. I would love to have it. It would help so much going back into the work force after being unemployed for 2 years. I love you guys

  38. I love Sephora and all of the makeup they have! Id love to have this giftcard! LOVE MAKEUP and saving money! : )

  39. Oh I have a 15 yr old step-daughter that would love to shop with this great gift card!!!! thanks for an awesome chance to win!!!!

  40. We just got a Sephora here and I’M IN LOVE!! I can’t help myself…I go there almost every week now…Winning a Sephora gift card would be AMAZING!!

  41. I would love to try Sephora. Winning this giveaway would give me a chance to try it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. This is awesome! I never spend money on make-up for myself except mascara! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. This would be awesome to win, I would use it to pick some new colors for fall 🙂 thank you,

  44. Wow, what a great gift card 🙂 Would love to win this! Thanks for all that you do Totally Target.

  45. LOVE your blog , first thing I look at every morning………..and Love Sephora…and all things TARGET! Thanks for all you do!

  46. O my goodness. I am drooling. I love Sephora but never find money left over at the end of the month for anything from their. This would be a Christmas in July for Mommy!

  47. They sell bareminerals, the best make up on earth.. Cant wait to get my hands on more!
    Thanks for theses giveaways

  48. New too your site-been following for about a week-been 2 Target and got some deals! Thought I would make a post and says Thanks!!!!! giftcard would be fun!

  49. I would love to win this and get some Bare Minerals. I ran out a few months ago and haven’t been able to purchase any due to not having a job. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  50. Wow I love/hate sephora their kind of pricey but I love when stuff goes on sale!!! And their free samples with online orders!!!!

  51. I really, really want the Urban Decay Naked palette, but it’s so expensive! This would cover it’s cost!!

  52. Hi! I love your site! Thanks for all of the information 🙂 Please enter me into your giveaway. Thanks!!

  53. My birthday is aug 5th, this would be an awesome bday gift 🙂 thank you for a fun giveaway!

  54. I LOVE Sephora! It is a treat to look at all the fun options and I love the Kat Von D scents! I would feel so pampered if I won this giveaway!

  55. My girlfriends love Sephora. I haven’t gone into the store yet, but this would help me! Ha, ha.

  56. What an awesome giveaway! I could totally use some new makeup for work. It will make my summer vacation ending not be so bad….

  57. Just found you through krazycouponlady’s facebook link- Secrets of couponing pros on
    money.cnn.com. I love that you have a sephora (one of my dirty little addictions) gave away. They have a great sale section 50 to 90 percent off which is awesome!!!!!! making some of these high end cosmetics cheaper than drug ones….and free shipping with order over $50 and you get 3 free samples..there is another way to save as well..they have a points system called “The Beauty Bank” where you get points based on the money you spend that can go toward deluxe samples…and sign up for ebates and get another 4 to 8 percent back..plus you can use coupons codes….

  58. Never been to Sephora or tried there products, but I have always wanted to try them! The store looks fabulous 🙂

  59. i was shocked the first time i went to ur store, that u had everything i bought on qvc and i no longer had to pay shipping,i could just go to the store, which makes me be able to smell things as well, so i always end up buying more stuff!!!! i love it

  60. I would love this…make-up is the only part of my uniform i get to change everyday!

  61. oh mi gosh! puhleeeeeeeeeaze let me win this gift card!!!!!!! I’ve been online searching for new foundation and concealer allllllll week and would love to actually buy some of the stuff I’ve seen. Pretty please 🙂

  62. Thanks for the contest. I spend way to much time on the sephora site dreaming of what I could buy. Love them!

  63. I love sephora!! I have their shopper card and always earn free gifts i shop there so much!

  64. I love Sephora. I can’t usually afford much in there, but I will sometimes pick out a lip gloss for a splurge. It’s kind of fun!

  65. hello 🙂

    I love your blog. I am so grateful for the time you take to bring us these super deals.

    I would love to with this sephora gift card 😉

    love, Anna

  66. LOVE Sephora make-up, and I love it even more when I have gift cards! Thanks for the giveaways!

  67. I appreciate you posting all the Target deals in one easy to find place! Makes my shopping trips that much easier.

  68. Being a young mom and student, I don’t get to do much for myself. This would be an excellent gift.

  69. Oohhhh!! I hope I win! I love Sephora even though it’s priced too high for my budget 😉

  70. I’ve never had the opportunity to try Sephora but I’ve heard so many great things. This would be awesome!!

  71. I would really love to win this one!! I need new make up bad!! Thank you for all your great giveaways!!


  72. I’ve never been to Sephora before…this gift card would be a perfect reason to go! Thank you!!

  73. My wife is in need of nice make-up that won’t make her look like a parrot! This would be great! =)

  74. I’m a fairly new follower and I log your blog. also so excited because a brand new Target opened this week only a couple of miles from my house!

  75. I would love to win this… I’m going to be a new mom and I need ANYTHING to make me feel better! Thanks 🙂

  76. oh please please please 🙂 🙂 i would LOVE to win this!!! i could definitely use some pampering!!! thanks!!!

  77. Wow I just saw this an 811 comments?! I don’t have a chance! Still I wish I would! Sephora just opened up in the mall near me and I became addicted last Christmas!

  78. Im new to this website and the first thing I see when I come here is this awesome deal! Already loving it. I love Sephora and im hoping to win to stock up my fast depleting cosmetics!