FREE Sally Hansen Toe Nail Clippers After Stack

I just got an email from Virginia, who didn’t find any Toe Spacers, but did find another great deal- FREE Sally Hansen Toe Nail clippers. πŸ™‚ There are actually 2 varieties she found that were both regularly priced at just $1.99, so FREE after a stack if you find the same at your store… (– Thanks Virginia!)

Sally Hansen Treat Your Toes Clippers $1.99
Sally Hansen Clip ‘n Catch Clippers $1.99
$1/1 Sally Hansen Nail Color or Nail Care ETS Target Web Coupon
-$1/1Β Any Sally Hansen Pedicure Product zip 90210
= FREE after a stack

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  1. My target ran out of these within a day ! and they didnt restock it all week !! Ventured out to another target, couldnt find it anywhere, so i asked an employee and she said yes she had been looking all over for them as well and their target doesnt carry those particular sally hansen products.
    Coupons expire today, Ill check my target one more time and hope they finally restocked :/ bummer
    I did purchase one toe separator from the clearance bin for only .70 cents so it was free

  2. boo! i tried using the 2 coupons for the toe nail clippers and they kept saying that my coupons were worth 2.00 and my products were only 1.99 each so they wouldnt be able to accept because of the penny! i then explained ive bought stuff here before that my coupon exceeded and the computer adjusts to the amount of the product instead of the 2 cents overage but yet they still gave me problems. but they took my orbit gum coupon..which 2 orbits cost 48 cents each which came out to 96 cents and my coupon was for a $1 off and yet it took off .96 cents not 1.00 but yet they still wouldnt allow me to use. so frustrating! =(

  3. If you scored any of the $1/1 Revlon coupons a couple weeks ago, you can pair that with the $1/1 Revlon TQ and get cheap nail clippers as well. I found the Revlon clip and catch nail clippers for $2.24 at my Target so I got them for $.24 after the stack!

  4. I hate when they have bar codes like this… missing the first one. I always have trouble using them or get denied. It’s not worth the effort. πŸ™

  5. Printed the coupons and went to the nearest target… many Sally Hansen products but no toe spacer or toe nail clippers… booo! Will check three other Targets tomorrow.

    @Sarah S – On Target’s coupon site, click “Beauty” and then look for picture with box that says “Salon Effects”. That’s the one, once printed, it will list “nail care” on it.

  6. @sarah s – It’s listed under beauty as “Select Sally Hansen” with a picture of box with animal print fingernails.

    My SuperTarget (Atlanta, GA) had both types of toe nail clippers for $2.99. πŸ™

  7. i dont see the target q for sally hansen. i know i didnt print it and they even are showing mone i already printed saying ”coupon already pinted!’ what am i missing? is this one i should have previously printed in hopes i’d need it? lol thanks!

  8. Yes, mine is also “No Front Bar code.” There is only databar code. Can I use this coupon?

  9. That is trippy. No “front” bar codes on mine either….

    Is this a temporary problem or are they supposed to be that way???

  10. I am looking closer and closer to this coupon and it does look funny… no bar code number that start with a 5…

  11. If u think it’s hard finding toe spacers, try finding the Sally Hansen products ! they arent located in the same spot at every Target, frustrating , & yes its impossible to find anyone to help you that knows where anything is at, because they keep moving things around.

  12. I couldn’t find the toe spacers at my Target today anywhere. No name brands of any kind. I looked for 15 minutes. Has anyone else noticed it is becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone at Target to help you??

  13. They used to have the toe spacers in the clearance section at my Target for $0.70! I bought a few with the $2 and $1 off coupons, making them both “free”.

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