New Target Store Coupons on Shopkick App

If you have the Shopkick App on your iPhone or Android, Amy let me know that there are 5 new Target Store Coupons to use. Here are the new ones with a matchup for the Colgate coupon…

.75/1 Up & Up Feminine Care Item Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/5
.50/1 Up & Up Hair Care Item Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/5

.50/1 Up & Up Cleaning Item Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/5
15% Off Any Coleman Camping Item Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/5

.75/1 Colgate Max Toothpaste Shopkick App Target Coupon x8/5
-.75/1 Colgate Total, Max Clean, Max White, Max Fresh Toothpaste 4 oz+ 7-24-11 SS x8/13
-.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 4 oz+ 7-24-11 SS x8/13
-.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 4oz+ 7-10-11 SS x7/30

The .75/1 Up & Up Feminine Care item is a good one right now! Regular price is .89 cents, but several of you report finding them on clearance, and as an added bonus- when you buy one, you may be lucky enough to get an identical Target catalina coupon for another .75/1.

Shopkick is a free downloadable application for iPhone or Androids that automatically recognizes when you go into participating stores, restaurants and more. You earn points called “kickbucks” for anything from entering the store to scanning select bar codes while there that you redeem for different rewards including Target Gift Cards. You will also get scannable Target Coupons like those above which you can redeem at checkout.

You also get a code to share with friends when they sign up and you will both get 50 Kick Bucks. For example, Amy’s code is RABBIT7476, so if you download the ShopKick app and go to the “Me” tab on the app, you can enter that code under “Got A Promo Code?” to get your 50 Kick Bucks. So once you have the app, you can tell other friends about it by sharing your own code, and you both get rewarded. You can learn more about Shopkick by visiting their homepage HERE and feel free to share your own sign up codes in the comments.

-Thanks for the new Shopkick Target Coupons to Amy of StudentSavingBucks!

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  1. R u scanning their barcodes on their scanner or on r phone for certain items to get points? My code is duck8785.

  2. I just started this but honestly have no idea how it works. lol I got this code date8809 How do we enter new codes??? :o( thanks for any help

  3. love totally target!!!..thanx for letting us know about shopkick..great site..if you would like to get rewards add me elephant8673..

  4. I love, love, love Totally Target! And Shopkick is awesome! Please use my promo code mango8742 under the “me” tab and we both get 50 kick bucks! 🙂 Happy saving everyone!

  5. I just downloaded the APP and it says I have 24 hours to enter promos but it only let me enter one– why?

  6. Scans are not working on my phone…is there a way to type in the UPC or something??
    My code is minerva8386 THANKS!!

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