The Knorr Report – My Notes for the Week of 7/24

All referenced sales and deals are valid thru 7/30 only unless otherwise mentioned. Please remember it is possible for sales to vary by region, but here’s what I noticed this week…

There was tons of items included in the Clean & Clear sale this week thru 7/30.  There are products priced as low as $3.50 like the foaming facial cleansers.  There are two printable coupons for $2/1 Clean & Clear Product, any ETS OR $2/1 Clean & Clear Product HERE, so you can use the $2/1 to get products as low as $1.50 after coupon and sale.

Also to note, there is a current unadvertised deal for a free $5 Gift Card wyb a Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge cleanser AND a refill together.  These products are both on sale this week to make this deal even better and there is a $5/1 Morning Burst Surge Cleanser HERE (-Thanks Amy!!) and you can use the $2/1 any product on the refills and pay around $5.44 for both products after coupons, sale & Gift Card. That’s like getting them both for 70% Off.

Some unadvertised Gift Card Deals can be regional, but if you don’t see a sign you can take the products up to GS or a register and have them look them up to see if your store is participating. Sometimes it can just be a missing sign. My store had pulled the sign, but upon checking- the Gift Card was still prompting when purchasing both items together.

I got a big kick out of the Lysol sale this week, especially the wipes and All-Purpose pourable cleaner.  Both products were both on sale at my store and on a new Price Cut as you can see in my picture above, but the price cut was lower than the sale. 🙄 . Um hello?! Fortunately they were both ringing up the lower price, but I get a big chuckle out of their signage sometimes, it just seems so incredibly silly to me. Anyway, lots of Lysol products were included in the sale and or on Price Cut but unfortunately the value of the current Lysol coupons both on Home Solutions & have now been lowered quite a bit. But you can still use a current rebate as well as coupons to get yourself a pretty nice deal if you have interest…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Lysol Wipes ($2.19), buy 1 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Trigger ($1.99) = $6.37
.50/2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes on Lysol Site
-.25/1 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Pourable/Trigger on Lysol Site

= $5.62 – $2.19 ( submit for MIR for FREE Lysol Wipes when you buy 2 Lysol & 1 Wipes HERE x10/31
=$3.43 for 3 Products or $1.15 each after coupons and rebate.

I found a couple of new special purchase deals at my store this week.  Nothing with coupons so not super exciting but I do like to lay them out just in case you might have interest.

SPECIAL PURCHASE: Save $1 on CLR 26 oz Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner ($3.94)
when you by CLR 28 oz Calcium Lime Rust Remover ($4.99)*
Deal and prices valid thru 8/13.  Deal and prices may vary by region.

SPECIAL PURCHASE: Save $3 on C9 Apparel wyb 6 pk Glaceau SmartWater 1 liter ($8.69)*
Deal and prices valid thru 8/20.  Deal and prices may vary by region.
*Valid on any C9 Women’s Apparel excluding socks, shoes, accessories and clearance items.

GI saw a ton of GOrton’s products on a short-term price cut valid thru 7/30 only. Everything from the Grilled Fillets for $2.64 – $2.99 to several of their breaded Fish products for $3.49 – $3.99. Unfortunately the only coupon I can find right now is valid for $1/2 Any Gorton’s Products, but maybe y’all have some better coupons in your arsenal to use if you find this sale too.

-That’s it for the Knorr report this week folks- hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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  1. Kerry — you’ve got mail … I found a link for the Clean & Clear Morning Burst that I sent over.

  2. Glad I could give back – if even a small fraction compared to all of the great deals you help me find, so thank YOU!

  3. there were peelies on the Ortega Taco shells (so you could try fish tacos!) at my Target for $ off of Gordon’s fish…I can’t remember how much because we have all the fresh fish we can eat (thanks to my super fisherman husband)! 🙂 Just a heads up to keep your eyes “peeled” for the peelies! 🙂

  4. Unfortunately my target doesn’t have the Gorton’s on sale, but I did find the peelies, $1/1 any Gorton’s Product, x12/31.

  5. Lysolj wipes are $2 at Staples. A little more savings if you live close to a Staples.

  6. I was just going to post about the Gorton’s coupon. The Ortega taco shells have had these peelies for a long time now, my store didn’t really have any left but Walmart did. So you can keep your eyes open at other stores for them, then use at Target. They are for $1 off any Gorton’s product and don’t expire until 12/31/11. We LOVE their grilled fish, so I stock up on them when I find a nice price. A few months back, they were $1.99 at my store…so it ended up being .99 each after the coupon. Great deal!

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