Get a Custom Mug for Just $1 Plus Shipping

If you have not taken advantage of this offer yet, there is still time to get a custom designed mug for just $1 from InkGarden!  You can choose from a large selection of designs or use your own pictures and text to make a personalized gift or even customize a caricature mug. There are plenty of customizable templates too! Just use coupon code DOLLAR at checkout.

Personalized mugs make great gifts for just about any occasion. Shipping is not included but only runs around $5, so a total of around $6 for a great gift! There is a limit of one per household but the deal runs thru 9/30 and you can go HERE to check it out.

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  1. Just bought one.. was $6.49 with shipping to So Cal. Should arrive in 3-5 days, I will report back with how it looks. Thanks!!

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