Great Deal on Scrubbing Bubbles One Step!

UPDATE: While some of you may still find signs for a $5 Gift Card wyb the Starter Kit alone, when I ran in tonight the signs at my store were changed and I was told it was an error. So this deal is definitely meant to be a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb BOTH the Starter Kit and the refill. It is still a great deal in my opinion- and like getting a total of $10 Off these products between coupon and gift card. But I have revised my post so as not to confuse people. This is the correct deal…

 FREE $5 GiftCard wyb Scrubbing Bubbles One Step
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Kit AND Refill

Deal and prices valid thru 10/15.  Deal and prices may be regional.

Buy Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter ($9.99)
& Buy Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Refill ($3.99) =$13.98
$4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Starter Kit or 9-11 SS
-$1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Refill or 9-11 SS
= $8.98 – $5 Gift Card back wyb both
= $3.98 for both after coupons and gift card 

*NOTE* Even though unadvertised Deals can be regional, you can always take the products up to GS or a register to see if your store is participating. You can also take a look if you have the 9-11 SS for a rebate form for a FREE Plush Scrubby toy by mail when you purchase the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step starter kit.

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  1. My store had a big mix-up on the signs. They had the signs under the refills. So, it looked as if you could buy a refill @ $3.99 and receive a $5 gift card. Oops!

  2. I got this deal yesterday as well – just buying the Starter Kit. Great deal! I wasn’t sure how to e-mail you, so I’m putting it here: there were two end caps completely full of Charmin (Ultra Strong and Ultra Soft) on clearance. They are mega rolls with 4 extra rolls. It says now 16 mega (was12) = 64 rolls. They were originally 13.99 on clearance for 11.88. I’ll be watching them to see if they go lower. I did buy one pack with coupons, so if you need a pic (and can tell me how to get it to you), I’ll be happy to take one for you! Oh, and I’m in East TN.

  3. Here’s my review FWIW, this product is horrible–at least I didn’t care for it. I’m sure others will disagree though. The sprayer sprays all over the seat no matter how you adjust it. Every time you put the seat down it pushes on the bracket that holds the sprayer in place so you have to keep readjusting the spray nozzle. Doesn’t really keep the toilet that clean either and it looks really ugly with the hose attached to the toilet rim & canister sitting on the floor. Definitely not stealth. It almost looks like it might be a potty cam, LOL. Yikes!

  4. The box was not marked. I found it when I opened up the package at home. by the way….I just checked out the daily deal on Targets website…great deal on jeans! I bought 4 pairs for $24 and no shipping fees!

  5. My signs def said you had to buy both, so I did because with the BOGO refill coupon from my previous boxes and $4 off coupon it was still a great deal, however when she rang it up it prompted her for the gift card after just the starter kit, so the register is not requiring both to be purchased.

  6. my store had the refills marked buy ONE get 5.00gc! OOPS for them! Money maker for me! I also had 7.00 in q’s so I bought 8 refills @ 3.99 and made 15.00!!! Of course it didnt prompt the card becuase I am sure it was a misprin, but mgmt said they had to honor it and just took 40 off my total purchase! Then they took the signs down 🙁

  7. Mine had the sign for buy one, get the $5 GC. But when she scanned it, there was no prompt for the GC. So, the cashier had to manually add them. Yah.

  8. I have to agree with mary. I got these previously at walgreens with their deal…not a very good product. I thought maybe it was a glitch with the sprayer with the one i put in my front bathroom, but the same thing also happened with the second one I put in the back bathroom…
    not worth the hassle..deeply disappointed in this product

  9. My store was the same way with the messed up signs. After the cashier talked to management and about 5 other people, they said they could not honor it because it was an obvious mistake.

  10. Using zip code 95691 under household I found a Q for a Free Slip-Thru Strap WYB a Timex Weekender Watch (redeem only at Target)

  11. I also had the signs in my store. The register didn’t prompt a gift card so I took it up to guest services. The employee went back and checked the sign and just rang it up as a store coupon so I could use my manufacturer coupon. I only paid $.99 OPP! 🙂

  12. just went and they had the same sign up for mine, except when they rang up the details of the purchase said that you had to buy something at $3.99 to get the gift card, so i brought the sign over to my cashier, she’s cool & knows me and trusted me but since she had to issue two gift cards she just wanted to double check and sure enough i read the sign correctly it says “with purchase of this product” 🙂 so i got two at $0.99 each after gift cards!

  13. Thought i read the little print…which stated you had to buy the kit AND a refill to get the $5GC….cuz i did get excited when i saw the deal, because i had my coupons with me. oh well it looked a little scary to use anyways, something for a toddler to play with i dindt think was a good idea

  14. Target stores in Tulsa, OK have the One Step on sale for $9.99 and the refills on sale for $3.99, but no gift card offer either way. The sale card says ‘new item’ but that’s it. 🙁

  15. Be prepared to have a problem with this one…. The sign on the shelf indicates that if you buy this one item you will receive a $5 gift card.. HOWEVER – in the target computer system it is tagged that you have to buy 2 of the participating items to get the gift card… If you’re willing to have to deal with customer service you can argue a valid point and get the gift card because the sign is misleading.. but if you’re in a hurry skip this deal.

  16. Went to one Target in Rogers, MN and they had the sign up and only 1 box left. Purchased it, register didn’t ring up the GC but cashier overrode since said it worked yesterday for the $5 GC. Went to the Otsego Target and they had tons of them but no sign. Talked to Customer service and they said that they wouldn’t honor the other store (which is like 2 miles away)

    Just got off the phone with the store manager in rogers. Corporate sent an urgent email out to the stores advising that the advertising had been misprinted!!! The $5 gc is only if you purchase the starter kit and the refill. There should be new signage getting put out for this. If you do see the old signage my understanding is that they should honor it but there are some stores that don’t have any signage out for this unadvertised deal! Just thought you should know!!!

  17. FYI, if you use the BOGO Refill coupon found in the kit, it may come up as $9.99 at some/all Targets. I bought 1 kit and 2 refills last night and used the BOGO on the refills. When the cashier scanned the coupon it auto deducted $9.99. She had to manually change it to $3.99. I went and did the same tonight, but did 2 kits and 2 refills, using 2 $4/1 and 1 BOGO. I was paying more attention to my daughter than I was the cashier and when I got out to the car I realized she hadn’t corrected the coupon and took off the $9.99. Being the honest couponer than I am, I went back in to Customer Service to let them know. They told me to consider it a gift. But I just wanted to give a heads up to anybody that uses this coupon. The cashier may or may not catch it and if they don’t Target will be out $5 for every coupon that is used as the coupon clearly states the max value is $3.99. 🙁 Don’t want couponers to get a bad name!

  18. My store had the mix up too!!! I only was able to get 6 refills and 1 starter kit at a $12 profit!! Needless to say they pulled the signage after I completed my sale. The system did not recognize the gift card promo on one item so they had to manual do the gift cards. Hooray ~!!!!!

  19. i was reading everywhere that walmart will have it on sale (in their flyer) for $3.97 Next week (the kit) maybe price match it and make it a GREAT deal

  20. I just price matched today and got them for free at Target!!! The kits that Target sells are exactly the same as Walmarts…..

  21. @ Kristi – My store in S. California also rang up the bogo coupon as -$9.99. I had lots of things in my purchase, so I didn’t really catch it until I got home!

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