What Are You Doing with Your $1 Up & Up Coupon?

The $1 off an Up & Up Item of $3 or More Target Web Coupon x11/5 is back, and it’s a nice coupon that can be used on all sorts of things. I used mine to pick up a 400 sheet ream of printer paper for $2.14 after coupon.

The last time this coupon came around I did a post & asked the question… “What Are You Doing with Your $1 Up & Up Coupon?” and y’all had some good suggestions, some opinions of Up & Up products and more. So I thought it would be nice and helpful to some to list the comments below. Please feel free to share any more ideas or let us know what you will use your coupon on in the comments too!


Please keep in mind prices can vary by region, and these comments are from July, but though may of you had some great ideas that I wanted to share…

stacy g. says: I used the last one for Children’s Motrin and Tylenol (Up & Up brand) for my daughter.

Melissa says: I used mine for the 6 rolls of Up&Up toilet paper. Brought it to $2.79 for 6 rolls at my store. I thought that was a pretty good price!

Brittaney says: I used 1 for printer paper priced 3.29 (?) at my store and I used the other one on the 75 ct cleaning wipes priced 3.99. The wipes broke down to 4 cents a piece so it was cheaper then using the 50 cent off cleaning item on the smaller containers.

Kate says: I used it yesterday to buy the up and up hand soap (56 oz or 64oz can’t remember) refill which is normally $3.69 at my target.

 jill says: i just used two of them on some baby wipes. the target brand is my favorite for wipes.

H.P. says: I like to hold onto them for awhile and hope that hand soap or foil go on sale or price cut. Sixty-four ounces of hand soap for something like $2.85 after coupon is pretty nice.

Jennifer R. says:  Up and Up multivitamins comparable to Centrum or Centrum Silver. $4 at my Target/120 ct. $3 bucks for vitamins!!!

Carly says: I like to use them for bottle liners (similar to the playtex drop-ins) – we go through a ton of them 

Lynn says: Up and Up “tums” antacid – $3.29 at my Target. That’s a good deal with the $1.00 off makes is $2.29 and these tablets seem to work well.

sherry says:  I used one on up & up dinner napkins. I think they’re around $3.29. I used another on epsom salts which were priced around $3.

Danea G says: I used mine on up and up exfoliated body wash (compare to dove)! $3.29

Lindsey Noel says: I used mine on Up & Up disposable plates and kleenex.

Heather says: i used it on the liquid fabric softener!

amber says: I used mine on baby wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, i love it

Anne says: My husband uses lots of hand sanitizer for work, so we buy the Up & Up large bottle.

Staci says: Used mine on copy paper today and another one on 75ct cleaning wipes.

Ilyssa says: I broke my hand mirror in my purse and used the coupon to get a new one. They were $3.29 at my store. I guess I should have used it to buy salt to throw over my shoulder. Hehe!

Katie says: I am planning to buy the Up & Up Hand Sanitizer because it is on our school supply list. Storage bags are also on that list, so I may look at those as well.

Jeanine says: One word: Diapers. Coupled with the debit RedCard, it’s a nice way to save a little bit more $!

Erin says: I use mine on the contact solution. I have been using the stuff for awhile and it works great. I haven’t been able to find a cheaper price anywhere. I love it.

Amy says: “Pull up” undies for my daughter. She needed some and I couldn’t find any deals on the Pamper or Huggies version.

Carol says: I used it on bulk paper towels the last time it came around. We are pretty picky about what paper towels we use and up & up actually cuts it!

Fran R. says: I used it on paper towels and the 25 ct kitchen trash bags.

lorrie says: I used one 20 minutes ago on the Up and Up Dishwasher Soap. 

RS says: I used mine on 60 ct up & up disposable cups and 600 ct paper napkins. They were both priced at 3.49 each.

Dana says: i use mine on the 6 pack of toilet paper ($6.29) and 6 pack of paper towels (5.99). I also like to use those coupons on the three pack of baby wipes refills which are around 3.60.

Amanda says: used it on paper towels and laundry detergent

Lori says: I use it on the trashbags. We like the ones that are comparable to the Glad Force Flex. I pay around $6.50 for a box after the coupon, but it really depends on which style/count you get to know the price.

Janet says: up and up oil blotting facial sheets. 70 ct

Kerry Clemm says: I usually use them on diapers (I LOVE the up and up brand diapers – if you have not tried them I actually prefer them to pampers or huggies. They are AWESOME.), but today I used it to by dishwashing detergent (which I also totally recommend if you have not tried it – it really is as good as the name brands which I have not found with other generics).

kiapita says: I used them on ranitidine (like Zantac).

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  1. I have a question as I used four of these this morning (unfortunately had to use 4 transaction) I bought two large boxes of one gallon storage bags. They were originally marked at $3.00 but went on sale to $2.69. I used my up & up coupon bringing them down to $1.69. Did I make a mistake or can you buy something originally priced at $3 or over and use the coupon even if that product is now on sale for less?????? I also love to use these coupons of the large containers of bleach (182 oz) $2.99 but that kicks in the coupon.

  2. What haven’t I used that q for??? : ) Over the past months, I’ve used it on:DIAPERS! formula, paper towels, printer paper, toilet paper, face wash, kids vitamins, children’s pain reliever, allergy meds, hand soap and hand sanitizer.

  3. Found the 32ct Up & Up detergent packs on clearance for $4.24. Going to use my coupon for those 🙂

  4. Hi, For all of those who are not able to use print out target Coupons. Pls check the bar code lines in your print out. If the lines are staggered , the coupon wont scan. So do a maintenance check in ur printer if it prints out staggerred lines.

  5. Up & Up Cherry Zinc Lozenges are $3.19 less $1.00 coupon = $2.19. These are made by Cold-Eeze and cost a lot less. Great to have on hand for cold season.

  6. I think I am going to use it to by plastic silverware for my halloween party. Too bad it isn’t orange. Oh well!

  7. Great idea for the copy paper! I always need more paper with three kids in school. I am sure the teachers will love it too. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. I use it to buy the up&up anti-dandruff shampoo for my hubby. it’s the ONLY shampoo that clears up his scalp.

  9. for those of you that used it for contact solution, be wary. i used it for a year with no problems, and then had a bad bottle that made me feel like i had dirt in my eyes for a week until i figured out what the problem was. but on the other hand, huge thank you to the coupon fairy in des moines, iowa that left a bunch of coupons for boston solution at the mills civic super target!!!! i’m stocked up for months now! 🙂

  10. Thanks for the responses! My store is kinda of ehhh about fixing stuff like that. I dont want it to be that much of a hassle….i dont know if it is worth it

  11. @Donna:

    Try looking under the “healthcare” tab for the coupon. It showed up for me on page 7 when I viewed ALL coupons, but it is under the healthcare tab and that’s a smaller amount of coupons to sort through. The photo is exactly what Kerry shows in her post (probably a bottle of vitamins).

  12. I used mine of kid’s medicine too. The up and up dishwasher detergent was a Consumer Report best buy, so I might use one on that.

  13. Didn’t even think about paper! I wasn’t going to print it at all, but thanks to you, I will print it now.

  14. I agree with you Dayna! 🙂

    Most of the time though, i’ll use it on the paper because I go through so much with printing coupons, and my kids drawing.:) So much cheaper then construction paper. haha

  15. I have no idea, I always buy something different! I just wanted to say I effing *love* this coupon! I don’t know if I just feel better about Target (as a store, say, vs. Walmart), but buying Target generics does not faze me in the least. I love the Up & Up brand!

  16. @ KATIE:
    You can go to customer service and they should be able to do a refund of that money for you. I had that problem but with the Olay regenerist face wash. My manufacturer coupon came off but when the mobile taget Q was scanned it did not take off the Olay coupon (but it did take off a few others I used that day from the mobile Q’s). I went to customer service and they tried to type in the number and it still did not work so they gave me the refund of the $3.00 for the coupon.

  17. I used mine yesterday on some contact solution and I got ANOTHER $1 off a $3 Up & Up coupon at the register! yay!! i’ll use that on the up & up calcium chews.

  18. Katie take your receipt back to customer service and have them adjust it….my husband and I both had problems with the target mobile coupons coming off our order yesterday (including the m&m candy). Cashier said there was nothing she could do about it, but I insisted on speaking to a manager who manually entered it. I am thinking they might have a glich this month with their mobile coupons.

  19. This is my favorite coupon from Target! I used mine of the disposable cups and paper/foam plates.
    Also use it on sleep aid and vitamins. In the past we have used it on toilet paper, paper towels, and ziploc bags. Please keep sending ideas my way! We love this coupon!!!!

  20. I either use them on Up&Up Diapers or if I don’t need diapers and the coupon is going to expire I use it on Paper Towels or Baby Wipes.

  21. Does anyone know what to do if a mobile coupon doesn’t come off? I bought the pretzel m&m and it didn’t come off…..?

  22. We used it for the acetominophen ibuprofen as well. Teething stinks! I’ve also used it on the ream of paper.

  23. UP & UP diapers here too. It’s a good deal to use on the smaller packages of diapers since usually the Target diaper coupons are only for the boxes. I did use my last coupon to get some of the gummy vitamins for my kids, since they were marked down to $3.19 on the 60 count.

  24. I use mine to stock up on infant’s acetominophen, ibuprofen, and gas relief drops. It is such a money saver! Way cheaper than the name brand products and IMO they work just as well 🙂

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