$1/1 Glad to Go Containers Facebook Coupon

Right now you can get a $1/1 Glad Containers coupon on their Facebook page. Just look under Glad to Go Offers to get yours. Just a note that I was unable to print this coupon in internet explorer. It may have had something to do with pop ups, but if the same happens to you- try Firefox- that worked for me.

I have not noticed the Glad to Go in my store yet, but Glad food storage products are on sale this week for 10% Off thru 10/22. So if you’ve spotted them, please let me know and what price they are starting at.

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  1. @Ami which one in Sunrise has that price? The one in Sawgrass? I ask because I think my North Miami biscayne location is more (and since its by the mall I dont mind travelling!) 😀

  2. Bought these last weekend. Sale price was $2.24 and I used $1/1 coupon MQ from the Sunday paper. It came in a 4pc set (4 bowls, 4 lids and 4 mini-cups). Purchased at Target in Sunrise, FL.

  3. Went to Target tonight and saw that the little ones that come in a 6 or 8 pk costs $2.06. Price ranges from $2.06-$2.49 and my Target in Sacramento, CA.

  4. Had the pop up blocker come up, clicked for it to allow and then it refreshed and said I had already printed it. 🙁 Bummer

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