How to Tell Which are Target Coupons Before Printing

“How do I know which coupons are Target Coupons Before I Print?” is one of the questions I get asked the most, so I thought I would do a post to explain the ways I use to tell the difference. While I really wish & hope one day I will see a little red bulls eye on the coupon images so that we can easily tell the difference, so far it has not happened.

To make things easy for readers I do maintain a list of current available Store coupons along with a matchup on my Target Coupon Page. I do print them all in order to verify specifics, and expiration dates. But if you are interested in checking on your own- here are several ways to do it…


MANUFACTURER COUPONS: Manufacturer coupons always use the wording “when you buy”.

TARGET COUPONS: Target Store coupons always use the phrase “with purchase of”. OR Target coupons use no pre-emptive wording at all. So for example the Sensodyne coupon shown above says neither and is in fact a Target Store coupon.

Another way to tell if it is a Target or Manufacturer’s coupon is to right-click on the image in the center of the coupon (the actual product). I realize different browsers & operating systems will have a slightly different method of obtaining a picture’s properties- but usually when you right click on the image you will get an option of “Picture Properties” or “View Image Info”. Once you click on that it will bring up a small dialog box with the image info.

TARGET COUPONS: Coupons that are Target coupons have images stored in a subdirectory called Target. Images listed in this Target Directory are all store coupons.

MANUFACTURER COUPONS: Coupons that are manufacturer coupons have images stored in a subdirectory called “manufact”. Images listed in this Directory are all manufacturer coupons.

Some printers allow you to put your printer in a print preview mode. If your printer has that ability you can usually find it in your printer properties & settings. Not all printers have this option, but if yours does, this mode forces the printer to bring up a preview before you print, therefore easily telling if it is a Target or a manufacturer coupon.

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  1. I was wondering this exact thing, the other day. Sometimes I have a gazillion of a coupon and would only want the Target store coupon, not another manufacturer. This will definitely save me paper and ink!

  2. thank you! thank you! You usually let us know anyways with your awesome coupon match-ups. Thanks for all you do.

  3. ty so much this is wonderful now i think it will be easy to stack coupons for me :] i know you post he coupons that you can stack together but sometimes if you don’t print what you like they are gone :] so ty

  4. Thank you!!!!! I have been wondering for a while and frustrated when I print thinking I am getting one over the other.

  5. ah! so that’s your trick! 🙂 i always used your website as the reference right before printing but i guess i can check it this way in case your blog is ever down 🙂 thanks!

  6. Thank you for this post! It was extremely helpful! I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while. Now if only you could see the expiration dates!

  7. THANK YOU!!! I was one of the silent people, who always wondered if there was a way to tell the difference, hated printing out and discovering that it was a manufacturer coupon and not from Target, but never managed to ask!!!

  8. I’ve noticed too that if it has the registered trademark mark in the name it is a manufacturer coupon and not a target coupon.

  9. Thank you for this tutorial! I’ve been wondering how to tell for the longest and I just thought there was no way to know as of right now. You have just saved me some ink in the future! 🙂

  10. OMG you’re a genius! I thought I was pretty clever figuring out the inkjet preview thingy, now you have it all figured out for us. BRILLIANT!

  11. Does anyone know what is up with TQ’s printing the same barcode number now? I printed some Plum Organics baby food coupons. Two each from 4 different computers. The dang things all printed with the same number under the barcode, so my store wouldn’t accept them because they said they must be photocopied! I called Target customer service to see if it was a technical issue, and they gave me a hard time… obviously didn’t believe me. I finally got a supervisor after being told I can only use one coupon in the same transaction. He’s sending me $6 in Target coupons to make up for it, and just told me to be on the lookout the a different barcode prints in the future. I tried again this morning, and it’s doing the same thing!!

  12. An even easier way to identify TQs from MQs is to look to see if the trademark symbol is present after the brand name. If so, then it’s an MQ, if not, then it’s a TQ.

  13. Thank you so much! I don’t coupon enough to have caught this myself, and I have printed coupons many times that ended up as manufacturer’s coupons!

    Thank you!!!!

  14. Thank you!!! This is SUCH useful information! I hate it when I print a manu coupon by accident that I already have!

  15. Thanks for the info….always got frustrated when I printed a coupon that I was hoping was a TQ! Thank you so much!!!!!

  16. Wow … thank you so much … you’ve just made my life so much easier and have saved me from having to print things out only to find I can’t use them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  17. You are life(ink) saver!! I hate when I print a coupon of the Target website thinking I will be able to double it with another one and then find out that is manufacturer’s. Thank you!!

  18. @Jeff- I don’t know offhand- but if you are in the market for a new printer- you can always check out the specs or call the retailer (or manufacturer) to ensure it has this option if it is something you definitely want your printer to have. hth

  19. I’m not sure where the most appropriate place to ask this question might be, so here it goes. I just recently was told at my Target that the phrase, “Limit one coupon or offer per guest.” that is now on every coupon printed means that I can only use it ONE time. I’ve seen that phrase before and I haven’t had an issue. I’m just wondering…any help…please?!?

    Thanks TT!!!

  20. Amanda – I think it is up to each store how they deal with that. It would be sad if they made that a policy… Good luck

  21. Thanks so much. That was a big help for me and you are saving everyone’s ink and paper by telling us this. You SO ROCK! 🙂

  22. WARNING: Be very careful with “print preview”. On, once you create the preview it considers the coupons printed. I canceled out of a multi-page preview to delete a coupon from the group before printing, and I lost the chance to actually print any of the coupons.

  23. Amazing! I hate that Target has to make finding this out so darned difficult, but it’s awesome that you have! THANKS A MILLION!

  24. The “when you buy” and “with purchase” of still works for those Qz that say that…

    but now, some of the Qz do not contain either of that verbage, and can be either a MFR Q or T Q … it is not as easy to tell anymore.

    Also reset dates have changed depending on when you print the Q – that is for T Qz also, now.

    T Qz have shown up so far w/ a different date of up to two weeks depending on when you print them – just like the MFR Qz

  25. Is the Target web printable coupons not printing numbers under their bar codes anymore? I thought they used to have a numbers under/over the scanning bar. Without the number over/under the scanning bar, can i still used the Target web printable coupon?

  26. Thank you so much!! I have been wondering this for some time and now I know the answer because of you. Thanks!!

  27. fyi…I was on the Target coupon page today and was able to hover over the dollar value on the top of each coupon, and it showed “Target Coupon” with the expiration date. If it was a manufacturer’s coupon (ie. wording “when you buy..”, it did not say “Target Coupon” but did show an expiration date. I know some people have been able to hover and get this info in other browsers before, but I have not been able to before today. I am using Internet Explorer. Thanks for your explanations above and for all you do to save us money!! I really appreciate all your hard work!!

  28. Wow, what an awesome explanation. This has been bugging me for a while and I never thought about trying to figure out which was which. Thanks!

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