Clearance Alert & Coupon on Gerber Pajamas

Clearance can vary greatly by region, but you may want to keep an eye out for these cute Gerber 2-piece Cotton pajamas in several styles marked down 50% off to $3.48.

There is also coupon for $1/1 Gerber Apparel Item that you can print to get an even better deal at $2.48 for a pair of PJs after clearance and coupon if you find the same. They had a ton at my store in various sizes.  

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  1. For axe, is it cheaper to use the buy 1 get one free coupon with a target coupon, or to use a 1.50 off coupon with the target coupon??????

  2. thanks for letting us know. I can never stay away from the baby aisle and i love 2 piece pajama sets for my 6 month old baby girl. I hope I can find the puppy one you have pictured, its adorable.

  3. Rats. I was just there yesterday, and I didn’t see them. Although I wasn’t looking either. I may have to go back.

  4. @Doreen & Christine- there was a whole endcap full of them for me. I LOVED Gerber when austin was a baby- I hope y’all find them.
    @Dana- since you can only use 1 TQ against the B1G1 MQ- i believe its a better deal to stack TQ with $1.50/1

  5. @Dana (& Kerry) – I disagree. If the Axe is $3.49, using (2) $1/1 TQ and the $1.50 MQ would save $3.50 total. However, the BOGO (-$3.49) and the (1) $1/1 TQ would save $4.49 total.

  6. @Sherry- according to the Target coupon policy you may only use 1 TQ agains the B1G1 manufacturer’s coupon. so ie
    with $1/1 MQ: Axe = PSA $3.49 – $1/1 TQ – $1.50/1 MQ = .99 each
    with B1G1: Axe = PSA $3.49 buy 2 = $6.98 – (1) $1/1 TQ & (1) B1G1 Q = $2.49 or approx $1.25 each.
    hth unless I am misunderstanding what people are asking.

  7. The Gerber coupon beeps, just a heads up. I bought some today. There was a whole endcap with both the pants/shirt and the zip up onesies.

  8. on my way, I hope I find some at my Target (in DFW) My baby girls needs them she is out-growing her clothes ASAP…

  9. Sadly did not find them at my store in Colorado, boo hoo. Oh well did find some things 50% off in the dollar bin and although I did not get any they had alot of jewlery on clearance 30-50% off.

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