Philadelphia Cooking Creme 49¢ After New Stack

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I will have my list of New & Revised Cheap Finds with all the new coupons up later today, but I did notice this one right off the bat. And… since we are nearing the end of the month when coupons can disappear- I want you to be able to grab this deal while our stack is still available…

Philadelphia Cooking Creme 10 oz Assorted Varieties $2.49 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Philadelphia Cooking Crème 10-oz. Target Web Coupon x12/6
$1/1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme zip 90210
= .49 cents each after a stack! 

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  1. Can’t you use the BOGO coupon printable with this? Using one BOGO and 2 $1/1 Target q’s would make each tub $.25!

  2. Don’t know which coupon you are talking about because I just printed both the Target coupon and the Manuf. coupon both were for $1 each. I used her links and they both worked.

  3. @Beth- if you still have your B1G1 MQ- you can only use 1 TQ with it, so cheaper not to use the B1G1

    @Amanda – there is a .50/2 Philadelphia cream cheese- perhaps that is what you are printing instead of the cooking creme. It’s still there- looks ljust like the one in my picture.

  4. $3.99 at my Target. I have tried two recipes with this stuff – neither was a big hit. Somewhere I read about using the Santa Fe flavor with black beans and chicken breasts in a crockpot. Anyone tried or know of this recipe?

  5. @ Katie – that sounds better! I am trying it tomorrow ……….have done it without the cream cheese – just corn, black beans, seasonings, home made salsa ……..but the creamy version sounds yummy too! Thanks!

  6. @Jenna – It took me a while to find it. It isn’t in cream cheese area. Try looking at the ref. along the wall until you run into it.

  7. I don’t see the mfr $1 coupon. 🙁 I guess I will just use my B1G1 and pay 75 cents each which is a good deal too. I love these cooking creams! My family eats them up. I usually add some milk to make it a bit more creamy. Thanks for all the work you do Kerry!

  8. These are $2.99 at my Target in Utah. I wish they were $2.49! But .99 is good for me! Target seems to be getting wiser on their coupon printing too! Some are only allowing me one print each!

  9. For some reason, i had an allergic reaction to this stuff 🙁 hope someone else can make good use of the q I printed though lol 🙂

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