Market Pantry Pasta AND Sauce for $1 thru 11/26

We had a new Target Coupon come out yesterday for $1 Off wyb both Market Pantry Pasta and Pasta Sauce together. Perfect timing since I found both on Price Cut for only $1 each which means you can make a Pasta Dinner for just a buck if you find the same :)…

Market Pantry Pasta Assorted Select Varieties $1 (PC thru 11/26)
Market Pantry Pasta Sauce 26 oz $1 (PC thru 11/26)
$1/2 Market Pantry® Pasta Sauce AND Dry Pasta Target Web Coupon x12/3
= $1 for both after coupons and sale

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  1. I am pretty flexible when it comes to sauces for spaghetti but I do have a favorite. The shelves were wiped out the last time my store had this coupon/sale combo…so my question is…how well do you like the sauce? I just stocked up on pasta for .38 with peelies I found at another store, but I could always donate the extra boxes. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the pasta sauce.

  2. I haven’t tried the pasta from the last deal but I have tried the pasta sauce. I was very surprised — it was delicious! I am going to try this deal again!

  3. Yea! I was hoping this deal would happen again. I was impressed with their sauces, the sodium levels weren’t too bad and the flavors were good

  4. The coupon says 26 oz. and the jars available at my store were only 24 oz. I tried it and it went through without any issues at all. I think it may be a misprint.

  5. @Stacy & RObin- yes I am 99.9% sure the oz spec is a typo on the coupon. I am almsot positive too that MP doesnt even have a 26 oz jar of sauce. They do have one huge jar in one variety I believe of 46 oz but thats it. Plus all the signs at my store had typos too- listing 24 oz jars as 26 oz- so i believe it was a little error on their part this week and this coupon is fine to use.

  6. @Tobey Schollmeyer: no high fructose corn syrup in the tomato, basil, and garlic variety. sugar, yes, but no HFCS.

  7. They did have a 26 oz in the traditional flavor at my store yesterday (they were along side of 24 oz in the same flavor.) But I didn’t want that flavor so I got a 24 oz jar of tomato basil garlic and coupon went through fine. Some of my signs at 26 oz some said 23.4 oz and some said 24 oz for $1.

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