Clearance Kids Clothes as low as 28¢

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UPDATE: The B1G1 50% Off sale is now over & the $5 code is no longer valid.

UPDATE: is now offering FREE Shipping for ALL REDcard holders! That means Credit OR Debit! So if you use a REDcard at checkout- you will get FREE shipping AND an additional 5% Off!

Holy Moly! So I know this is my 3rd post of the day but I just can’t help it! I just got 2 shirts for Austin for .56 cents shipped plus tax!! See the $5 Off B1G1 Sale TGTF7249 code works on clearance items too! and there sure is quite a bit of clearance to be had- not just in kids either so take a good look around!  Plus you can go through ShopAtHome to get 6% Cash Back (usually 3%) or go through EBATES to get 3% Cash Back on purchases. And if you pay with a Target REDcard you can get FREE shipping on ALL orders at Act fast I am sure the clearance will go QUICK!

For me, the B1G1 50% Off sale wouldn’t work with the $5 Off code for the 2 clearance items I had. It was either get 50% off the second item or get $5 off. Ummmm I chose $5 Off! 😉 I am not sure why- but at .56 cents for both shirts I was not going to complain. The B1G1 50% Off sale SHOULD be stackable with the code – and it DID stack with other items I tried- but maybe you just can’t stack on final clearance). *Note- your cart must total at least $5 to use the $5 Off TGTF7249 code.

But take a good look around today- the sale is B1G1 50% Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ apparel, accessories and shoes. And don’t forget to go through ShopAtHome to get 6% Cash Back today (usually 3%) or go through EBATES to get 3% Cash Back on purchases. And if you don’t want to check out with a REDcard- many items qualify for FREE Shipping if your order is $50 or more.

You can also check the Target Coupon Page for a List of current coupon codes you can use online and some of these seem to be stackable with the sale and the $5 Code! Let me know what you guys find today!

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  1. I have received a lot of my orders already. I haven’t opened any of the packages yet, but it looks like they shipped everything individually.

  2. I got that denim jacket also! But forgot to buy one for my son at the $5 off :(. I remembered this morning and got the jacket still at the clearance price, not as great but not bad either. I saved at lease $120 in the $5 off coupons with all my orders. I would say it is a win win for me either way!

  3. Yay! Almost all of my orders say shipped. I have 8 and all that is left are my husbands requests .96 basketball shorts and two sets of dress socks which came out to 3.06 for all 6 pair. My most exciting find and note worthy score was the .25 Denim jacket for my little one. 😀 I was glad to see the FB comment about multiple orders it just reassures the thought that they were just trying to clear out clearance leftovers.

  4. Now my orders are back with a lot more showing shipped. Maybe they do something to our accounts to show items as shipped? I looked at the comments on the FB page under the coupon that they posted and their own comment said you could place multiple orders with the coupon, so that made me feel better.

  5. Curious as well. Just noticed all of my orders have disappeared. What gives? Anyone call to check this situation. I only placed 4 orders and fear they may be cancelled due to so many orders.

  6. hmm, I was just on the target site trying to check the status of all my orders and there are no orders showing. Earlier 2 showed as shipped and now when I check those by order number they say not yet shipped. I hope they can’t cancel all my orders now.

  7. I was at my local Target last night and I noticed they were putting up new signs advertising free shipping at for redcard holders. So I guess free shipping from now on?

  8. I made an absolute KILLING with this coupon, I’m only sad that I didn’t realize the coupon was available earlier. I made my last order at 11:58pm and by my next order at 11:59pm, they had closed the code down. I ended up getting 56 items for $30 and some of them have already started shipping!

  9. 2 of my orders are showing as shipped. Both have showed that today and at different times, so I have a feeling the UPS or whoever guy isn’t going to be happy with my delivery of over 20 boxes, lol.

  10. Rachel – I know. I felt kind of bad for placing all of those small orders, like I was taking advantage of something. But the coupon code did say 1 per order, not 1 per account so technically we are following it correctly. But I bet that they did not realize this overlapped the free shipping – which is the only way this makes it an amazing deal! I pretty much bought all of my kids summer clothes for next year.
    I am hoping that Target is streamlined enough to maybe ship some of them together – like Amazon does when I place 2 different orders on the same day. But since they are not a dedicated online retailer probably not. I did have something ship out already so maybe it will all work out. I guess they are big enough to eat their loss on this. And I spend an average of $300 – $400 there monthly – no more Walmart – so Target has gotten there fair share of business from me 🙂

  11. I just had a funny thought ( I get lots of those when I am up too late) could you imagine being one of the warehouse workers right now? Just starting your shift and you walk in to see this MASSIVE amount of 1-2 item orders. I have done warehouse work, picking, packing, and shipping orders that are “one of these, one of those, oh and one of something WAAAY on the other side of the building” LOL. I know not all ordering systems are like that but that is just what I am picturing.

  12. @ Allison- I am really really hoping that it is because they are just trying to clear out the clearance. My husband and I were discussing this very thing. I know that they have had some of the items on clearance online for a couple months now. I was seeing a lot of the same items on clearance today that were on clearance back at the first of August.

    If they come back and say that it was a mistake and they charge more then I will be returning what I got. I am seriously just ecstatic that they are now allowing Red Debit cards for online purchases as well as paypal.

  13. @melody i got some baby shorts and shirts. most of my orders are just cents!i am hoping though that all our orders went through.:-)

  14. So excited spent 57 bucks.
    I got 21 boys shirts, 2 mens shirts, 1 kids beanie, 2 kids sets of gloves, 3 packs of boys underwear, 6 packs of boys socks, 2 slippers and 5 swim trunks. My kids will love their new clothes.

  15. Since Target overcharged me $8 on the last online ‘deal’ after I placed my order and 3 phone calls and 5 emails have not fixed it, I am going to say a big BEWARE that you may end up paying far more than you expect. I will not order from online Target EVER again.

  16. wow, i ended up placing 29 orders – total of 41 items for $40.16! Some of the tax calculations are a bit funky, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Just hoping that we don’t end up with a bunch of disappearing or cancelled orders, and that all the totals are charged to my card correctly so I don’t have to fight with customer service 🙂

  17. code is dead now. At least I got 2 orders 🙂 My little one is going to LOVE her Dora shirt for Christmas!

  18. THIS IS AMAZING. I’ve just placed about 14 orders and only paid just over $10!!! This is my reward for choosing not to shop at Walmart 🙂

  19. Do you think they offered this code on purpose to get rid of all their clearance, or is the online team who didn’t put two and two together going to get fired over this?!?

  20. Whitney – a lot of the clearance is sold out, but there are tons of other cheap items that you can order 1 piece at a time, and the code seems to work on any clothing item.

  21. Yes you can do single pieces as long as they are at least $5. I have had several orders that I just paid tax on.

  22. It stopped letting me use my redcard, but I had some gift cards laying around and it took those.

  23. It cut me off after 37 orders, anyone else get stopped yet? Have my first baby coming in a month and got a nice supply of jammies and onesies!

  24. I have a bad feeling that Target is going to cancel all of these orders once they see what is going on :). But I will keep ordering. $1 for boys socks can’t be beat, not to mention all of the clearance items I got for $0.50. I even ordered girls bathing suits for summer of 2013.

  25. Target Site seems to be getting slower and slower. Guess a lot of us are placing numerous orders!

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