Clearance Kids Clothes as low as 28¢

UPDATE: The B1G1 50% Off sale is now over & the $5 code is no longer valid.

UPDATE: is now offering FREE Shipping for ALL REDcard holders! That means Credit OR Debit! So if you use a REDcard at checkout- you will get FREE shipping AND an additional 5% Off!

Holy Moly! So I know this is my 3rd post of the day but I just can’t help it! I just got 2 shirts for Austin for .56 cents shipped plus tax!! See the $5 Off B1G1 Sale TGTF7249 code works on clearance items too! and there sure is quite a bit of clearance to be had- not just in kids either so take a good look around!  Plus you can go through ShopAtHome to get 6% Cash Back (usually 3%) or go through EBATES to get 3% Cash Back on purchases. And if you pay with a Target REDcard you can get FREE shipping on ALL orders at Act fast I am sure the clearance will go QUICK!

For me, the B1G1 50% Off sale wouldn’t work with the $5 Off code for the 2 clearance items I had. It was either get 50% off the second item or get $5 off. Ummmm I chose $5 Off! 😉 I am not sure why- but at .56 cents for both shirts I was not going to complain. The B1G1 50% Off sale SHOULD be stackable with the code – and it DID stack with other items I tried- but maybe you just can’t stack on final clearance). *Note- your cart must total at least $5 to use the $5 Off TGTF7249 code.

But take a good look around today- the sale is B1G1 50% Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ apparel, accessories and shoes. And don’t forget to go through ShopAtHome to get 6% Cash Back today (usually 3%) or go through EBATES to get 3% Cash Back on purchases. And if you don’t want to check out with a REDcard- many items qualify for FREE Shipping if your order is $50 or more.

You can also check the Target Coupon Page for a List of current coupon codes you can use online and some of these seem to be stackable with the sale and the $5 Code! Let me know what you guys find today!

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  1. I am obsessed….how do I stop ordering? I cannot even count how many orders I have already placed. i know at least 25……..OCPD.

  2. This is awesome! I will be able to donate SOO much to poverty-stricken families that live in the school district that I teach in!

  3. I bought socks for my kids too. Wow what a great deal. I’m still ordering. Can’t stop. too good to be true!!
    Tons of pants, activewear. Many orders under 1.00!

  4. @Brigitte, they have stopped taking credit card applications and couldn’t get any help for debit card. With heavy heart I will pass this offer 🙁

  5. @Diana have you tried to call and apply for the credit card?

    I applied in the store for the debit but then had to send in a canceled check so it wasn’t same day for me. Not sure if anyone else has been able to get it same day. I would recommend calling them.

  6. Thank you… I made 5 separate transactions online and got 5 dollars discount each transaction and free shipping using my target credit card…

  7. I’m am SO excited over here shopping like crazy, Im so glad they finally allowed the Debit Card payment option! So far I snagged two shirts and two pairs of undies for 2 bucks! Oh I’m just getting started thanks so much for finding these deals LOVE this site!

  8. I have so far placed 14 orders and spent just under $19. Most of my orders were 2 items but there were a few that were just one like the boys jean jacket for less than $1.

  9. got this great deal two polo shirts for my oldest for .57 cents shipped gotta love the red card (debit version) thanks for posting this great awesome deal!

  10. Thank you so much!!! I got some great deals on shirts and skirts for my daughter, a sweater and tank top for me, water shoes for my son, and shirts for my son…13 items of clothing for $12.51 and water shoes for $3.39!!!

  11. Anyone else having issues with the “Continue Checkout” button? I have had to call customer service, which is not a quick call, to place the two orders after my initial order.

  12. I didn’t know that was an option. Thank you Anna. So after canceling the first order and re-ordering them separately I saved and extra $5. For some of the things it would be much cheaper if I had just ordered them one at a time but I think as a big order I have less of a chance of something going wrong. I don’t seem to have the best of luck when ordering from Target.

  13. You have 30 mins to cancel or change your order. I have thus far spent under $16 and have 14 items on their way to me. I can’t stop buying lol. I am stoked!

  14. Just got done with my 13 orders!

    Here’s what I got-
    Girls Athlectic Shorts x13
    Girls Swimsuits x3
    Juniors Shirts x4
    Girls Shirts x2
    Boys Shirts x2

    For less than $10!
    Great for Christmas (:

  15. Having trouble now… cannot complete the step that takes me to the final page and they can’t help over the phone since their system is not taking debit cards!

  16. Well I feel dumb.. LOL I just got 4 things on one order I didn’t even think about separating the orders. Oh well I guess I can’t win every time.

  17. Silly me! It makes more sense to buy a two $7 fleece hoodies SEPERATELY and use the $5 off on each purchase and not even bother with the BIGI 50%!!

  18. This is great. Does anyone know if it is possible to get my Redcard number by calling someone? I just applied on Friday and have my temp barcode, but it doesn’t have my full card number. I knew I should have got my Redcard months ago!!

  19. For items greater than $5, Target first does $5 and then 50% off.
    For example I bought two $7 fleece hoodies:
    7 + (7 – 5) = 7 + 2 <– took $5 off of one item
    7 + (2*50%) = 7 + 1 <– took 50% off of the lesser price
    Then the 5% red card savings and free shipping are calculated so my final total was $7.60.

    Rachel Z- YES, only order two items at a time. I'm doing my 3rd order right now to maximize the B1G1 50% AND $5 off 🙂

  20. I bought 2 $2.80 boy shirt, minus the $5 so only $.60, plus tax. I placed another order, $5 code still worked, so another 2 shirt for only $.60. Seems like I can just keep buying dirt cheap stuff as long as I buy two at a time with my redcard!

  21. @Rachael, when you get to check out and go to enter cc info, use the dropdown box to choose Target Debit card! hth!

  22. I didn’t think you could use the debit card online?? How does that work? Is there a selection for the red Debit card so it knows to take the 5% and free shipping?

  23. THANKS- I just got my nephews each a shirt for Christmas for 50cents total. My husband works for Target so we get an additional 10% off, plus 5% for using my redcard and FREE shipping for using my redcard. 🙂

  24. I was able to get two pairs of sweat short for my girl for a total of 45 cents!
    I am ordering more, you can use the code/FS however many times you wants 😀

  25. I just got this deal. It was 2 shirts for my son and 1 sweater for me. I used my Redcard Debit Card and i got the free shipping and 5% off! Thanks for letting me know about this! I’m sure i will now be shopping on a lot more:o/ ;o)

    order summary (3 items)
    item subtotal: $15.00
    promotion discounts:-$9.58
    REDcard rewards:-$0.27
    shipping discount:-$8.99
    Estimated Tax $0.26
    your price: $5.41
    you save: More information about promotion discounts $18.84 (78% )

  26. Got two $2.80 long sleeve solid Tshirt (size 4T, went thru clearance>infant>boy) for only $0.60 plus tax. Shipping free when I enter my redcard credit card as payment. OH YES do keep posting 3,4,5 times on these crazy deals!!! I don’t mind!

  27. @Shannon- you may not have to choose- it depends on what you ordered. If they will take both- then better for you! There is no code needed for B1G1 50% Off. just enter the $5 code and see if it will take it too! hth or if I am misunderstanding let me know.

  28. I can’t figure out how to choose the $5.00 off or the 50% off. It is showing both in my cart and not applying the $5.00 off. Am I missing something?? Thanks!

  29. Thanks! I just bought 1 cars2 shirt and 1 hot wheels shirt for my two boys for only $2 and free shipping. Can’t beat that! Thanks for posting this!

  30. There is also a Target Debit Card that has all the perks of the credit card (5% discount in store & free shipping on website) without the credit card downsides. I got mine that the customer service desk. (Bring a blank check when you go.)

    I was able to get two long sleeved shirts for $.56 each.

  31. @Sarah – paying with a REDcard Credit card is what gets you Free shipping. hth
    or- if your order totals $50 or more on qualifying items- just look for FREE shipping when you spend $50

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