1. Great deal, and did anyone get the 1.00 off Ruffies trash bag catilina from target? I GOT A DEAL!! use the 1.00 off then use the 50c off coupon at coupons.com! that will be free or a moneymaker because they are about 1.00 to 1.62! so it will be free or a moneymaker!!!

  2. FYI – I tried this coupon stack at THREE different Targets, and none of them would take the Target coupon…they said that “candles are not considered an air-freshening item”. The coupon is meant for the plug-ins and air freshener sprays, and that kind of stuff. 🙁 I figured that when I saw this coupon, especially since it has a picture of the plug-in on it, and not the candles.

  3. Thanks! my hubby loves these for the fire station and after a stack they were only .50 at my store! No problems with the coupons scanning.

  4. my store also had them for 2.50 which made them .50 cents I could only find 2 scents though
    also I recieved the renuzit cpn for .55 cents off of 3 and at my store they were 6/$5.00 or .83 cents each after using 2 cpns they were .65 each for 6

  5. No problem with stacking the coupons here! They were on sale for $2.50, so came out to 50 cents after coupons!

  6. Stephanie, what the heck do your Target stores think Airwick is? *ALL* Airwick products are air freshening products. They do nothing but scent the air. There is no unscented airwick candle product. Sometimes you have to fight back with logic. I’m sorry your Target stores suck.

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