*Commissary Coupon* $5/8 Con Agra Food Products

UPDATE; My apologies guys- this is a Commissary coupon. I will leave it up for those who can shop at a commissary. I got excited and didn’t catch it.

GONE NOW. There’s a couple of new COMMISSARY ONLY coupons on the Ready, Set Eat site- a $1/3 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals, and a super nice coupon to save $5 Off (8) Eligible Con Agra Food Products. (* Eligible Products Include; Wesson Oil, PAM Cooking Spray, Alexia Bread or Potatoes, Reddi-wip, Marie Callender’s Bakes, Marie Callender’s Pies or Crust).

Thanks to Happy for the heads up on this great coupon!

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  1. Do you still have the commissary coupon?If you do not plan on using it I might have something you would like to trade.

  2. I too shop at the commissary (just returned from doing just that, as a matter of fact), so I was excited about this.

    Sadly, no coupons show up at all now, even after I log in to my account with them.

    I hope if any of you printed these and CANNOT use them (with store matching as mentioned above), that you’ll forward them along to a military friend who can!


  3. I am able to shop the commisary, so I have quite a few in my collection, When I asked my Target if they’d accept them, they said as long as it scans they take it. They have all worked so far.

  4. I love my commissary! Though they can’t stack coupons, most of their prices are lower than that of the bigger chains anyway, so with coupons you definitely come out ahead (of course, watch for sales at your other stores all the same but by and large, you’ll save more with coupons at the commissary!) I’m not sure if it’s the same at all commissaries (I would *think* so), but my commissary regularly has their own inserts at the front of the store with commissary/PX specific coupons as well as numerous peelies and pads of coupons with long lasting expiration dates on products! Shopping on base is a nice perk to military life!!

  5. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! THANK YOU KERRY!!! I’m prepping for my big commissary trip tomorrow and this comes up, perfect timing!

  6. My sister in law is able to use commissary coupons at some of her grocery stores… (If you have a store that accepts OTHER store’s coupons, it might work for you. I’m not that lucky, though I do shop at a commissary, lol)

  7. That must be a mistake on their part because I don’t see any mention of anything being commissary only until you look at the coupon.

  8. So sorry guys- this is a commisary only coupon. I missed that- oh boy looks like another one of those days- I may just go back to bed. 🙁

  9. I must be missing something – if you only need to buy 8 items to use the $5/8 Con Agra Q why do you need to buy 2 Pam Spray’s and not just one? This is a total of 9 items vs. 8.

  10. The Con Agra coupon printed as a “Commisary Only Coupon” What does that mean, and will this cause problems if I try to use it?

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