Cardstore: 60% Off, + Free Shipping & Free Stamps is offering a chance to grab 60% Off sitewide today 12/01. Cardstore offers FREE Stamps and FREE Shipping every day! Their cards start at $1.29 – with 60% Off that’s .52 cents minus a first class stamp (.44 cents), is like getting your card for .08 cents after the FREE Postage! 

You can get up to $5 in FREE Postage on your cards with their FREE stamps promotion and even if you choose not to do that- all orders ship FREE, so .52 cents for a custom card shipped.

1. Go to and choose and personalize your card (starting at $1.29)

2. Approve Your design and click on Next

3. To get your FREE stamp, choose either to have it mailed to the Recipient, or choose “Ship it to Me in a Package” and then choose “Print my return address and recipient address and add FREE postage.”

4. Next put in your return address, put in recipients address, and choose select recipient and then choose add to cart.

6. When you get to the billing screen enter the code CSSAVE605 in the promo box

This way you will get your card for as low as .52 cents plus it will have a stamp on it!

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  1. Thanks Kerry! I need to add pictures and a birth announcement to the envelope so I was really hoping they wouldn’t be sealed. This’ll be perfect then 🙂

  2. I got 70% off a few weeks ago and what a deal! The cards arrived just as ordered and very professional looking. I got 25 cards with envelopes with my return address on them for $11 bucks! Awesome deal.

  3. @Bonnie- they have done a few promotions where that option was not available- but it is on this one. i don’t believe it was on black friday. They have been having so many sales lately I am getting a little dizzy lol. but to get your free postage u need to follow the steps above. hth

  4. I just ordered 20 4×8 cards. Total due was $7.92. 20 stamps cost $8.80 so I think I did pretty good. Now I think I’ve got all my cards, between this order and the other free ones I’ve gotten!

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