B1G1 FREE Philips LED Holiday String Lights = as Low as $4 Each Plus FREE Shipping

Tiffany let me know that is offering a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sale on most of their Philips LED String Lights thru today only. You do not need a code and one will automatically come off as FREE at checkout. Many of them are not even marked as B1G1 FREE or FREE Shipping- BUT… when I added 2 of the $8 ones to my cart- they did come up B1G1 FREE and surprisingly FREE Shipping too. So you may want to check it out if you are in the market for some Christmas Lights.

You can go through ShopAtHome or EBATES to get 3% Cash Back on purchases. Once you are on just do a search for Philips LED to check out the selection. Again- some of them are not marked as B1G1 and really are when you add them to your cart. They range in price starting at $8. 

And if you are new to ShopAtHome you will earn a $5 bonus for signing up and if you are new to EBATES, you get a $10 Gift Card to your choice of Target or other popular stores as a bonus for signing up once you spend $25. If you use your REDcard (credit OR Debit) you will also get an additional 5% Off your purchase.

Thanks so much for the heads up to Tiffany!

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  1. I ordered 10 sets each of Philips LED 60 ct twinkle and Philips LED 60 ct white string. Received the white string ones today. Got 2 backorder notices for the twinkle lights, I approved both, but my order was still cancelled this morning. Hoping you all fare better!!

  2. Has anyone’s lights order shipped yet? My order is not visible on my account page, so I clicked the option to have the order status emailed to me. It still shows “not yet shipped.” I’m hoping to decorate my garage this weekend – and I’m hoping my order doesn’t get mysteriously cancelled!

  3. tried for over two hours yesterday to order these and the site locked up and then they took the deal down. Dead now. Hoping to use some coupons and score some new ones as the ones I have are frustrating me to no end.

  4. The first ones in the pictures aren’t B1G1, unfortunately. And when I tried to go through checkout to see if it would change, I got charged tax, even though I live in Oregon? Uh, okay. No thanks, Target.

    Thanks for posting this deal, though. 🙂

  5. We were just looking at these at the store but didn’t get any. We just moved and didn’t have any for the house so I ordered a bunch. Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks! I knew these were on sale for $8 a set in the store through today and was about to go pick some up! Nice to get two for the (sale) price of one!

  7. Great find!! Cool white LED are impossible to find at Target after Christmas and free shipping –perfect bonus! Thanks Target 🙂

  8. Oh shoot 🙁 The ones I liked were the first ones you have pictured there. Can’t find them on, even though I spelled it just like it is here. Oh well. Thanks for the great deal! 🙂

  9. Thanks for posting this – we needed a few mores strands of lights. This ended up being less
    expensive that waiting for the day after Christmas.

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